5 Tips That Will Keep You Alive In The Twilight Zone

Don't be a jerk. Whatever you do! Don't be mean to others, don't hurt children. Take the man from "Living Doll" for an example. He was mean to a little girl, and he got killed by a doll. Karma is a big thing in The Twilight Zone.

Don't mess with other dimensions! If there's another dimension by your bed, don't roll out of bed. If your loved one is caught in another dimension, don't try to go in and save him/her! Keep calling him/her, get him/her to follow your voice. There's a chance that you might get cut in half.

If aliens come to Earth, don't trust them! Take the episode "To Serve Man" for example. They trusted the aliens, and a bunch of people are destined to be eaten.

Don't trust the captain. Take the episode "The Little People" for example. They come to a planet filled with ant-sized people, and the captain goes mad with power.

Remember that anything can and probably will happen. Monsters, aliens, murderers, other dimensions, you name it! Be prepared and you will survive The Twilight Zone.