The thing about having to be a woman was the constant judgement through your sexual life, and being a Halliwell plus a Charmed One also came with being called a slut.

Hazel stood in front of her vanity mirror and bit the inside of her cheek, she really didn't want to be the 'side chick'. A Royal Lycan shouldn't stoop so low. Giving her reflection another sigh, she turned to gather her things and headed out towards Layla's.

Following the smell of spring, Hazel arrived two houses down and rang the doorbell. How couldn't she notice Layla's scent before? It was sort of weird when she thought about Layla's scent. She had never met with someone who could carry the spark of Magic and the twisting string of Mutation, other than her and she had never known how she smelled. But, something was obvious to Hazel's nose; the spark of Magic for Layla was just a mere flicker.

Layla appeared two seconds after Hazel had rang the doorbell, a hurried look on her pale face.

"Hurry, my mom wants to interrogate you." The redhead rushed to explain as she pushed Hazel out of her front porch. "She hasn't been around Witches in years and the second she heard a Charmed One was our neighbor I could've sworn the house shook."

Hazel threw her head back and laughed as she kept being pushed by Layla. "Is it okay if I come by for dinner sometime? I have no problem talking about witchy things with your mom."

At the suggestion, Layla stopped pushing and looked at the blonde. "Are you sure?"

They had reached the sidewalk and Hazel started walking towards the corner of the street, where the bus stop was supposed to be. "Of course, I like interacting with moms; mine can be sort of intense sometimes."

Layla quickly walked with Hazel, the two teens looking completely normal on that Tuesday morning as they headed to the bus stop.

"Your mom, the Lycan Queen?"

Hazel couldn't help but snicker, "Right now, she's a princess. My grandfather is still Alpha."

"So, you'll get to rule someday? If your mother steps down?" Layla asked enthusiastically.

As they reached the bus stop, Hazel slowed her walk a bit letting Layla take lead. "Oh,I can never rule."

That made the redhead turned to frown at her new friend, "Why not?"

Hazel shrugged a shoulder carelessly and took her place beside Layla on the bus stop. "I'm not a pure Lycan; I'm not Full Mooned. Sure, I can shift, I carry The Wolf inside me, but, I'm a Witch; Royal Lycans can only mate with Lycans if they want their offspring to be eligible to be Alpha. I don't qualify."

Layla looked back and saw Will coming out of his house, her thoughts so far away she didn't notice when he caught up to them, his greeting not making much of a difference to her dazed state.

Hazel and Will looked at the redhead, their brows frowned in slight concern.

The bus arrived and she was still looking far away.

Magic, because of her mom, Layla knew it was every where just like atoms composed everything. Sure, she watched her mother brew things in their kitchen and work according to the phases of the moon, but, she had never thought about what could imply being in both worlds, like Hazel was doing. Layla felt as if she had chosen the easier way to explain things.

Gently, Hazel placed a hand on Layla's arm, snapping the red head out of the rush of thoughts that bombarded her head. 'Will doesn't know about my mom.'

"Let's go, hon." Hazel urged her gently, as Will placed a hand on the small of her back and they both guided her onto the school bus. Her new friend and her boyfriend didn't know she was going through a small existential crisis.

Throughout the whole ride, Layla was inside her head, missing Hazel's face when they had taken off the unfinished road. Layla had never thought things out in the magical perspective. Sure, she mentioned it when she first met Hazel, they fought actual evil while she was training to fight in a costume against other people in costume, what the fuck?

Ten minutes later of honking the first time, Sue finally appeared and by the way she was walking, she was pissed.

"Shit."Warren murmured as he ready himself for the storm.

Sue slammed the door of the black car with more force than Warren anticipated, making him visibly cringe.

"Oh, you're worried I damaged your car? It's nice to know you worry about something. You're actually capable of worrying over things."

Warren looked over her shoulder and spotted her mom from one of the second-floo rwindows of their ridiculously big house. He leaned towards her, aiming for her lips, Sue backed away as much as the cramped cabin of the car let her.

"Do you know how worried I was last night?"

Warren breathed through his nose slowly, "Sue, I told you I was sorry. My shift ranover later than I thought. I'll make it up, I promise."

Sue's eyes were slits behind her glasses. "Your mom said you didn't spend the night, you got to your house right before picking me up."

Warren couldn't help but drag a hand across his face. His mom liked Sue too much. "I stayed over at Will's. I was too tired to drive home and his place is closer tothe Lantern. Can you stop, please? It's too early for this."

With that being grunted out, he made his way down the street.

"You've never done this, Warren!" Sue complained, "Of course I'm going to worry."

He had never seen it like a problem, but now that Warren thought about it, he always texted Sue about everything he was doing. If he couldn't answer under twenty minutes she would explode his phone with messages and calls.

"Babe, my bad, it's just that sometimes I rather just put the phone somewhere and be quiet."

He was waiting for a different response, but, he almost crashed when he heard her sniffle.

"You don't care about me." Warren heard her around her sniffles.

He didn't know what to do, he was bad with crying females. "Sue, stop crying, please."

"You don't give a damn about us, Warren Peace, and you want me to just be okay about it."

"Sue, I never said that. I meant that sometimes you're suffocating." They had talked about this, he was supposed to simmer down when it came to Sue.

The silence came with cold, icy mist. "You're being very mean, Warren." Even her tone was icy.

Risking a glance through the corner of his eye, he caught her blue-eyed haze. He took a deep breath, he just wanted to tell her that he would like to have some time for himself. Sue was constantly planning everything.

Her voice came softer now as they neared the road that prepared his car to take off. "I just want everything to be perfect after high school, Warren. We can be the greatest Power Couple, we can knock out Jetstream and The Commander right out of that title. You wouldn't have to worry of anybody doubting you turning out to be like your dad. But, you just have to let me work everything out."

She was his ticket out of his dad's shadow, he knew that. But, did he want to be a Super? It did mean respect from everybody who sneered at him since he was a boy.

"I'm sorry,babe. I just have a lot of things in my head."

He felt herhand on his bicep, squeezing gently. "Is that why you've been so tense? It'sbeen a while since you've seen me glisten."

Before, theword 'glisten' out of Sue's mouth would get him hot and bothered. In that moment, it just made her think how Hazel melted and molded to his body. Suzy'scold was endearing, but Hazel's warmth was so inviting. His head was filled with the blonde that woke up pressed against him that morning.

Warren had to swallow before answering Sue, he didn't want to bring attention to Hazel under the gaze of Sue. If he could avoid that, he was all in the clear.

He pushed a couple of buttons on the dash, clicked the button for his emergency break three times before pulling it right right when the pavement gave away into a drop neither Super would survive, forget Warren's Durability. In seconds, they were up inthe sky, his rearview mirror turning into a tracker. The big blue dot in one corner showed them were Sky High was located.

Another day in High School.

It had beena while since Hazel had been in an plane, having Whitelighters in the family and all made airplanes nonsense. The whole expirience had left her feeling grateful for having her fit on solid ground- even when solid ground was fake and hovering thousands upon thousands of feet in the air. Even so, she was grateful.

The first thing Hazel had noticed was how the school had a never ending blue halo, and,on that day, it was a beautiful robin blue. Layla still kept quiet the whole ride, only giving Will the correct responses.

"Today's Save the Citizen. You excited about that, Hazel?" Will snapped both girls outof their thoughts as they reached the stairs to the main building.

Hazel scrunched up her face, "Not really."

Will chuckled, "Yeah, the first time is always… uncomfortable."

Finally, Layla got completely out of her head and scoffed playfully, "Says the boy who almost wet his pants the first time."

Will laughed and corrected her sheepishly, "I prefer the term 'growing man', thank you very much."

They wereall laughing when they heard Suzy shout, "Morning, guys!"

Layla sort of chocked mid laugh and Will returned the greeting. When the red head turned to the blonde beside her, she was surprised at how cool as a cucumber Hazel was. Warren, on the other hand, flushed when his eyes met Hazel's. He had to workon that.

"So, what you guys up to?" Suzy pushed the conversation, her eyes roaming everyone until she got to Hazel and just stayed there.

Will was completely oblivious of the hard stare aimed at the newcomer. "We were just talking about Save the Citizen today."

"Oh! I totally forgot that's today!" Suzy exclaimed, pushing her blonde hair back.

Layla and Warren shared a look before Warren stated, "Sue, you organize Save the Citizen you're supposed to remember what day it is."

His girlfriend laughed it off, "It just wasn't on the top of my head, silly!" Followed by a gentle slap on the arm.

That made Crevan's hackles rise.

Will was the only one who laughed with her, Hazel did it to be polite.

"Anything exciting happened last night, Will?" Suzy turned her attention when the silence had started to become awkward.

Warren's eyes suddenly got big, he had forgotten to tell Will to cover for him if Suzy was going to ask. Too late.

The blue,white and red clad student shrugged his shoulders, kind of spooked by the fact that Suzy was asking on her own about his night. "You know, I hanged out with Lay and then played some Xbox after dinner, nothing fancy."

"I hope that Warr- "


The whole group, and other students close by, jumped a bit. From behind them, coming down the stairs, was Coach Boomer in all his short- short glory.

"Yes, sir?" Hazel stuck a finger in her ear as she tried to make the ringing stop. She didn't do well with loud noises.

"Save the Citizen is going to be your Welcoming Evaluation."

Suzy jumped right in, her curiosity sparked, "But, the W.E's are done with the rest of the freshmen and she's a Super already, why didn't Hazel get evaluated then?"

Coach Boomer looked over his sunglasses to squint at Suzy, "It's none of your business, Ms. Freeze. But, since you are the president of the Super Committee, I'll tell you all the stuff that's not classified," Hazel couldn't stop herself from slapping her forehead. So much for discretion. "Ms. Halliwell here comes from… special circumstances. Pyros are rare now-a-days and every time one is born- or in her case, made- none can control their powers. Our new student had two close calls and that is why she's here coursing in our great school; to learn how to control the urges to burn everything to the ground." Everything he had said had come out sarcastic.

Hazel sighed, "Just because I can burn everything to the ground doesn't mean I want to." Getting a chuckle out of Warren.

"This W.E." Continued Boomer. "Is just to classify how much work she needs for learning how to control her powers among all of her other shenanigans."

"I'm literally right here." Hazel even put her hand up in the air, she had never been addressed as if she wasn't

Suzy looked at Hazel from the corner of her eye before asking sweetly, "Other 'shenanigans', sir?"

The smile Boomer let stretch across his face made him look like a shark that had smelled blood in the water. "And that, Ms. Freeze, is classified." At that he turned to Hazel and finally addressed her. "You'd be fighting with Mr. Peace."

Warren's surprise was evident in his face, well, it was evident on everybody's face.

"Sir," Began Suzy, "Isn't it a bit too much on her first try? I mean, Warren's the only other Pyro on campus and I think that won't show much of her… skill." Suzy could blind anybody with her smile as Warren watched as she worked her charm for… what? "How about if I go against her? Fire and Ice always do make a good show."

Everybody stayed silent, Hazel had her eyebrows raised at Suzy before turning to Warren."You really want her to go against me?"

It really made him uncomfortable. "Sue, it's fine. That way the teachers can see where she's lacking. It doesn't have to be a show."

And, there it was; the smell of a female feeling threatened. Hazel didn't have to sniff too much to know that Suzy was vibrating to show Warren something. Did the icy blonde wanted to prove herself to her boyfriend?

Hazel felt Crevan's hackles again, this time, they were rising in excitement, her mouth was watering at the potential Bitch Fight that seemed to be looming on the Halliwell. The young witch had no intention to fight for Warren, unlike Sue. "Sue can be the warm-up, maybe? Then, I can be assessed by Warren, if that's alright." Throwing Boomer one of her politest smiles, the fiery blonde got her way.

Coach Boomer was nodding as he thought Hazel's suggestion over, "Not a bad idea, Halliwell. I'll run it by with Principal Powers. We'll let you know on sixth period."

They were going to let her know right before she started Save the Citizen. Great.

The bell rang and Boomer dispatched them to their lockers.

Sue latched herself onto Warren's arm and dragged him inside, but, Warren looked over his shoulder at Hazel to find her eyes flashing gold. 'The day is going to be shit.' He thought.

Layla put a hand on Hazel's shoulder, "Are you sure? Against Sue and Warren?"

Hazel could only shrug, "Warren was going to start arguing with Sue and I could smell it on her, she didn't want to back down." She shook her head and put a hand on her forehead. "This is going to be shit."

"Oh c'mon,fighting against Sue can't be that bad." Will chuckled but was fast to quiet down when Layla shot him a dark look.

"We'll see about that." Hazel sighed before going with the mass of students into thebuilding. It was bound to be a long day.