The Power of Goodbye

The power of goodbye is irrefutable. To say goodbye is to – almost always – feel sadness at the leaving. There are many levels of the sorrow felt, but the most painful is not the one brought by the death of a loved one. It is, in actuality, the one brought by departure of one who does not know of another's love.

That is the pain she felt when he left for the world of responsibility. She was still a child to him, a student with much to learn about life. And he did not know that she loved him. She did not see him again for many years. She only saw pictures of him on an irregular basis. She believed her love for him to be resolved, and believed herself to have moved on.

When they met once more, they were in the throes of – what they did not know to be – the final battle of a lengthy war. They did not speak a word to each other as they entered the fray. But she knew, from one glimpse, that her love was still there.

And when that battle was over, the evil overthrown, peace seemingly restored, they sat together as they used to in bygone times. Though they were covered in cuts and bruises and non-lethal wounds, they talked of what life had been, and what it now had the potential of becoming. They were surrounded by pain, and had witnessed so much demise, yet they still managed to smile and laugh. He seemed to be realizing what she had noticed long ago. He needed her, as she needed him.

And when they eventually made their final goodbyes, with him leaving life, she no longer felt that same overwhelming melancholy. Now she felt only a touch of misery, almost consumed by contentment. Because, although he was gone, it was a temporary separation, and she could bask in the glory of knowing she would see him again. One day, they would be together always, in love and in bliss. Goodbye no longer had power over her.