Author's Note: Hm, strange, I always thought I'd write a fic about Style first.. But this idea just kinda popped up out of nowhere. Actually, it did last november already, but I didn't have much back then (the most part came today), so I decided to wait. I'm still not finished (therefore 'incomplete', duh^^ ), but I try, I try hard ^^ This be said, enjoy the fic :)

POV: Craig


My name is Craig Tucker.

That line sound familiar? Yeah, didn't think so.

Why should you remember something that happened more than ten years ago?

I did not, to be honest. But recently, I've begun thinking more about my time back then, in South Park. Well shit, this narration is not going the way I wanted. So anyway, let's start this again.

My name is Craig Tucker.

I am 20 years old, and currently attending a not exactly prestigious college in Denver, Colorado.

When I was fifteen, youth welfare took me and put me into another crappy family, right here in Denver, so at least there was enough space to get away from them.

But I'm not here to tell the story of my oh-so-exciting life, I want to tell of the past weeks (and I can perfectly imagine myself yawning to death at having to listen to another person's stories, so it's probably selfish to expect you to, but I am selfish, so deal with it).

Few weeks ago, I attended this semester's first lecture on European History.

I wasn't one of the first to arrive but I still managed to find a decently vacant bench, and sat down. In a matter of seconds, though, I had at least ten other students around me who were happily chattering away with me and each other about all kinds of things.

That was my thing, kinda; surrounded by people whose names I didn't know, talking to me about things that didn't interest me, doing things for me I never asked them to do (like buying me coffee when I had perfectly good money). All this may make me sound full of myself, but it's the way it was. God knows why they like me so much. I never asked for it.

Anyways, while boredly looking around the auditorium, hoping the others would take the hint and not talk to me since I wasn't quite in the mood for talking right now, I saw him. Wasn't that Tweek? Who was I kidding, it was Tweek, no doubt. He wasn't hard to recognize, still having the same hairstyle, not to mention those tell-tale.. outbursts. He was sitting up in the back of the room, so I couldn't hear anything, but I could still make out his twitching and stuff.

Without a word I left my own personal crowd. Sure some of them were my.. friends.. I guess.. but I generally didn't think it was my duty to tell anyone when I was going or where. So I marched up the completely deserted - save for Tweek, that is - back of the lecture hall. He didn't even look at me, just stared ahead, twitching every now and then.

"Hey, Tweeker." I said as I sat down right next to him.

Finally he turned his head to look at me.

"Gah! Hello Craig."

Well, other than the 'Gah!', he seemed pretty cool about seeing me again.

"So... you made it all the way to college, huh?"

"It- nnk! appears I have."


He resumed staring to the front. I tried to figure out what to say when I noticed a thermos flask to his left.

"You still into coffee..?"



Dude, conversation with him was like pulling out splinters.

"You're.. not very talkative, huh?"

"I don't- Hmk! talk unless it's- argh! necessary."

"Gee, I.. wonder why..?" I chuckled quietly, probably trying to be funny.

He stared blankly at me.

Admittedly, being funny is not exactly an innate trait of mine.




"So... I guess I'm going back then?"

"Alr- Tch! Alright, Craig."

"... it's not that I don't want to stay, it's just that all my stuff is down there. Okay?"


"Okay..." I said to myself before getting up and walking down the stairs to my seat. I must admit I was kinda confused about this totally embarrassing display of lacking composure on my side. 'You're cool, behave accordingly.' I thought to myself.

I had hardly sat down when my own personal crowd began pestering me again 'Who is that, Craig?', 'Someone you know, Craig?', 'Can I have your baby, Craig?' - and yes, some did ask that - but I knew how to deal with them. Surprisingly, I wasn't lacking that much composure after all. Strange, kinda.

Yeah, I do think the upcoming chapters are better, so keep walking, Charlie, keep walking ^^