Initially, I had planned on a simple coffee, nothing much, an hour at most. Dinner of course would prolong the whole thing, I knew, but the biggest surprise was that - save for several awkward silences (of which I'm sure they weren't awkward to him) in the beginning - it turned out to actually be a nice time.

I told him about what had happened in South Park after he'd moved away at the age of eleven; which wasn't much, really, but I told him nevertheless. In turn, he told me that he and his family had, in fact, moved to Denver back then (different districts, however).

Tweek even smiled from time to time, something I've almost never seen. Comes from not having to fear that you're going to throw a fit at any time, I guess...

I found that I liked his smile, and found myself purposely trying to be funny, even though I suck at it. I also found myself wondering why I was doing this, why I was behaving like this, so unlike my usual self.

When I looked at my watch, I was shocked to see that it was almost eight.

I'd had an exhausting day and no sleep, so I was already pretty tired.

We made our way back to the campus.

"So, Tweek, where is your dorm?"

"Right across the campus. Bit to the right."

"Hey, that's not far from mine. Should I walk you back?"

"If you want."

Strange thing was that I did. After spending the evening with him, I still wanted to share a few minutes. Usually I was fed up with someone's company after about two hours, at the most. It had been three. This wasn't like me. At all.

I did it, nevertheless.

While we were walking, I could make out his occasional twitching out of the corner of my eye. After he'd taken another sip of coffee from his thermos jug, I spoke up.

"Dude, you really oughta cut down on the coffee, it's not good for your health."

He blinked at me in a puzzled manner, then said

"Oh, no, this is decaffeinated," he pointed at his bottle. "After the doctors told my parents not to give me any more caffein, it turned out I actually do have tics."

"Oh, uh... well, that's not good."

"But the insomnia and paranoia are gone."

"That's good then."

Goddamit what was wrong with me?

I hardly noticed that we'd arrived at his door. Tweek was already turning the doorhandle and said "Goodnight, Craig."

"Hey, -" I began, but halted. What had I been about to say? I thought... I thought I'd been about to ask 'Can I come in?' ...I was terribly tired and wished nothing more than to be back in my dorm, perhaps read a bit before falling asleep in my bed, but I... still wanted to spend time with him..?

".. see you around." I ended lamely.

He nodded curtly before disappearing through the door.

When I walked away, I was frowning. Deep in thought. I now knew what was wrong (hey, so I might have wondered before, but I wasn't stupid).

I had a crush on Tweek.