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Beginning To End

-POV: Blue-

'Blue, the heiress to the Sevii throne, and a charming, witty beauty, although a bit sly.'

That's probably how one of Daddy's famous scholars who was writing a biography on me would've started.

I lived a perfect life. I had everything I wanted – beautiful looks, rich food, glamorous clothing, loving parents, servants to tend to my every need, everything.

At least… that's how it seemed. I hated this pampered, spoiled life, where I wasn't allowed to do anything I wanted.

Let's get something straight. I know I am not exactly 100% perfect in personality. I am highly ambitious and will do ANYTHING to get my way. I can be manipulative, I flirt a lot, and I meddle in the affairs of others.

I know, I know. I'm not really THAT much of an "ideal princess", but still. I never thought I would be forced to lower myself to such standards.

Let's just start. It all happened when my parents decided to get me engaged to my cousin.

Yellow was a pretty and delicate little thing of 19, and personally I think she would have been a very suitable princess. She would have been better than I. But sadly, she had no parents and her poor uncle, a fisherman, did not have enough money to support both of them. So that's how she wound up being my own personal maidservant.

One day, she suddenly came into my room in a frantic rush. "Your Highness! It's terrible! I must get you ready at once!" she squealed, scurrying around the room and rummaging through my closet to find my finest dress.

In a matter of minutes, I was dressed in a soft blue gown, with my diamond tiara on the crown of my hair and a lapis-adorned choker.

"Yellow? What's going on?" I demanded.

"T-the master will tell you," she stuttered timidly.

More maids came, this time to escort me to the throne room where I would meet my mother and father. "Tell me what's going on!" I shouted at them.

They shook their heads and stayed silent, shooting mean looks at Yellow. I turned towards her. "Why won't you just tell me? What's the big fuss about?"

We entered the throne room, the doors closing behind us with a loud thump.

Before me stood my mother and father, all in their glory of being the royal rulers of Sevii.

Next to them stood a pudgy, oily man who I never saw before.

"Blue, darling. Come forward," Mama commanded. She was nicknamed the Red Queen, because she had the loveliest red hair.

I did as she asked.

My father cleared his throat, staring down at me. His eyes bore into my soul. "My daughter, you are now 20. As such, you are a young adult – a woman."

I nodded, unimpressed. "So?"

He looked rather annoyed at my rude behavior. "First, you should learn to behave as one." He bore his eyes into mine, as if trying to convey something dire. "Second, you are to be married."

I stood there in shock. My father continued. "Your fiancée is none other than your cousin, prince of the Kanto kingdom. He is currently off being somewhere in the forest, hunting wild animals and such. But here we have his Ambassador, and as such –"

"Are you kidding me!" I shouted at him, angry. This was unbelievable! "Papa, you can't just MAKE me marry him! He's my COUSIN, for one, and I barely know him!"

My father's eyes were filled with rage. My mother looked frightened. The Ambassador just stood there, shocked. No doubt that he would report to his masters that Blue was a girl of a terrible temper. "You are nothing but a woman! You have no right to talk to a full grown man like that, much less your FATHER!"

"And you have no right to try and control my life like that!" I protested. "I refuse to accept the prince's hand in marriage. Your decisions may be that of my father's, but not even my father's shall change mine."

Yellow stood there, scared of Papa's sudden change of temper and my anger.

"Darling…" Mama said slowly. "Your father has his reasons. We all dream to marry someone we love, and maybe this will actually work out."

"Oh yeah, of course. I marry someone who I've seen once in my life, not including in paintings, who could be a complete jerk to me and ruin my life!" I retorted.

"I have my reasons and you WILL marry him regardless of his disposition!" he could spout intelligent words at me, but no matter what, I wouldn't change my mind. I stood there and glared at him. I wanted to cross my arms, but no doubt that would only inflame his temper, as crossing your arms is a sign of peasants.

"Blue, dear! We're in the middle of a civil war!" my mother pleaded. This took me aback.

"What?" I stood there, stunned. Mama continued with her begs.

"By uniting the Kanto and Sevii kingdom, we can become stronger! Please!" she implored.

"Civil war? What are you talking about? You just told me it was a few uprisings amongst those mafia gangs!" They NEVER told me anything about a civil war, and I couldn't possibly find out because they never let me outside. But then wait! What about those strange, mysterious killings of some of the people who worked in the palace? Why didn't anyone tell me? Why didn't Papa? Why didn't Mama? Why didn't Yellow?

My parents looked uneasy at this. "Well, darling, some citizens are looking to take over the throne of the kingdom. They'll do anything – kill your father, kill me, even kill you. As you can see, we cannot allow this. By uniting ourselves with the Kanto kingdom, we can become stronger. We can stop these rebellions!"

This was just… I turned away. I contemplated how different I was from Papa and Mama. So different, it was as though we weren't even related... "So you're just being selfish." With that, I stormed out of the throne room.

"Ah! Princess Blue!" Yellow scurried after me, despite the angry looks my parents and the rest were probably giving her.

That was the day I threw my "perfect life" away. I didn't care what I had to do anymore. I refused to live like this.

-POV: Yellow-

After that incident, Blue fled to her room. I couldn't really blame her, after all, being engaged to someone you barely even knew, and just for the sake of your parents?

I had nothing more to do for the day, so I decided to take a walk to the woods.

Sevii was a small kingdom near the Kanto kingdom. It was one of the only two kingdoms left that were ruled by a king and queen. The rest of them – Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, etc. – were dominated by groups of 5 people called the Elite Four. It's really 5 though, when you count "The Champion." The Elite Fours ruled over the people by cooperating with Pokemon, the creatures that roamed about the land. But us... we ruled over the land by using Pokemon as slaves. Tools.

As I was pondering this, my pikachu, Chuchu, came out of the woods. Pokemon in Sevii were mainly used as workers, servants, or just fighters... In reality, the king and queen were really harsh, paranoid people who gave its citizens little freedom.

But I knew Blue was different.

I pat Chuchu on the head. "How are you?" I asked.

You might think me silly for asking a Pokemon such a question, but I actually have the ability to communicate with Pokemon.

That was the real reason why I had to move out of the village. I was born in the Kanto forests of Viridian, but after my parents died, my uncle brought me into a small Sevii town. I learned that I could talk to Pokemon, and being Sevii people, they began to fear me. So I had to move here and start anew.

But here, I STILL had to keep my powers a secret. After all, I didn't exactly move out of the kingdom.

I continued to scratch Chuchu's head, when suddenly I heard the cry of a ponyta. It was asking for help!

We have to go help it! Chuchu told me. I nodded, and we started to run towards the direction of the noise.

The ponyta was on the ground along with two other people, dressed in casual traveling clothes. One was unconscious, the other on the ground facing the creature that attacked them. It was a mightyena.

Another pikachu stood in front of the conscious one, sparking electricity, but injured. The mightyena growled down at it. The pikachu was ready to lunge and defeat the mightyena once and for all - but it had no chance, it was too battered and beaten.

"Wait!" I called, right as the two pokemon clashed against one and other. I approached, and the mightyena fled at the sight of me. (I had that effect - if I was about to scold a pokemon for something wrong it did, then they'd know) The pikachu itself was collapsed on the ground, while his owner still looked petrified from fear. I picked up the little thing, Chuchu following with curious interest.

"You poor thing," I told it. I pat its head and concentrated. I started to sing. Just a simple little tune - nothing else. But when I opened my eyes, the pikachu was fully recovered.

Its owner looked at me in shock, apparently recovered from the mightyena attack. His eyes were red, and his hair spiky black. "You- you just-"

I turned towards him, eyes drooping. "W-what?" Whenever I used my powers, I always got sleepy. "M-my name is Amarillo... del Bosque Verde. Please though, just call me... Yellow."

"I'm Red! Nice to meet you -" that was when I passed out.

-POV: ?-

"My lady!" my butler, Sebastian, came running towards me. I had my little piplup in my arms, and was calmly drinking my cup of afternoon tea.

"Is it time?" I asked. He nodded, and I rose, withdrawing my piplup into its pokeball. It was time for tonight's operation - to raid them. To take over the throne.

Would this really be the night?, I asked myself.

I doubted it. Mama and Papa were too eager to take the throne for themselves. They spent all of their time plotting the King and Queen's defeat. They never had time for anything else.

Not even their own little girl.

-POV: ?-

"YE DAMN BASTARD!" I screamed. The crowd watched in awe as I threw the thief up into the air and beat him up. "That'll teach YA to go an' steal from ma dad's store!"

His sack, filled with pokeballs and books, literally exploded in front of everyone.

The police eventually came, pale and shaking for some strange reason or another. I mean, come on, the dude was already toast! Some policemen they were.

"Thank you dear," my father said. "My research was saved once more, thanks to your... uh... merciful—"

"Whatever!" I brushed him off. "I'll be happy to help ya anytime, Papa!"

"Oh my god! THIS is the reason why our supplies were late?" someone shouted frantically. I looked and finally noticed what I wreck I had caused. Items from nearby stands of street vendors were scattered all over the floor. One red carriage hadn't been spared the damage either. There were lots of fabrics, all shredded up and wrecked on the cobblestone road.

"Dear, you better apologize!" my dad whispered as he hopped inside.

Right as I saw those ruby-red eyes, I remembered it all - how I had also met ruby-red eyes before somewhere. I knew from that second that this person and I were both doomed.

-POV: ?-

I had done it again. I neglected the patchwork I was supposed to do. I hadn't cooked the meals. Instead, I had read. I had read and written, taken notes, studied.

Women were not scholars. They could never be. I knew that even though it wasn't illegal to read or write as a woman, I could never, ever fulfill my dream of being someone who was scholar-like.

Then suddenly, they came in. The men, dressed in suits and hats. Their opening the door woke up my chikorita, Mega, from her nap and made her glare relentlessly at the men.

I stood up abruptly, accidentally dropping my pen on the ground. I bent over to pick it up, but someone else had already bent down. I looked up, surprised, and my eyes met with golden ones of a surprisingly young person... a boy with black hair, probably no older than I.

He smirked at me. "You're welcome," he replied and retreated back into the small crowd of men.

A tall guy stepped forward, his hair a shade of blue and a swellow resting on his shoulder. "Miss Elm, niece of Professor Elm of Johto. Your talents are wanted."

-POV: ?-

The soldiers marched solemnly through the town, as if they were war heroes or something.

I watched them from the windows of the family shop. We sold items from necklaces to pens to weapons. We were one of the richer peoples of the town, and perhaps had less of a reason to hate the government so much, but I could never forgive them. They killed people. They killed him.

"Dad," I whispered, as though he could hear me from his desk in the back.

Dad was calmly checking through this month's inventory, as though the march of the soldiers wasn't anything to worry about.

But I knew that wasn't true. I hated the government of Sevii. I hated the officials that tried to run this country.

I hated the royal family.

I hated the King and Queen.

I hated the princess.

-POV: Yellow-

When I awoke, I was in a strange bed. The red-eyed stranger's face was directly over mine. I was immediately embarrassed.

"Eek!" I yelped, abruptly trying to sit up. Bad mistake. My head slammed into his and our noses touched. I could smell his breath for a second - it smelled of mints.

I blushed, and looked away, hoping he wouldn't notice my red face. He was looking in the opposite direction, thankfully.

"Um... well are you okay now?" he asked.


"You passed out in the forest after saving Pika," he informed me, gesturing to the pikachu that I had healed.

"Oh..." I started to remember it all. "Sorry about that!"

"No!" his eyes lit up. "Tell me how you did that! Yellow, right? You have to tell me!"

I took a step back. "I-I don't think that's a good—"

"Why not?" he asked excitedly. "It was a beautiful song."

"I'm sorry," I shook my head again. "I can't."

He looked disappointed, but I could sense he didn't want to make me angry. "O-okay. That's all right." He smiled once more.

"Where is this?"

"This is where I'm staying overnight," the red-eyed stranger informed me. "My, er, accompaniment couldn't find a better place to stay. We were supposed to be closer to the palace, but..."

"Oh my gosh!" I suddenly realized that I should be at the palace, helping out with Blue and such. "Thanks for everything, but I have to go now! Farewell!"

With that, I was gone.


When I arrived back to the palace, I snuck into Blue's room and found... someone entirely different.

I mean, not literally, but Blue had totally undone her hair so she didn't even have a ponytail in. I knew that her parents would hate that, for they believed that all proper young ladies had their hair up for most of the time.

Next, she was wearing a plain, black, sleeveless dress. And finally, she had her ditto and jigglypuff out.

"B-blue!" I squeaked. "What are you doing?"

She turned, her icy eyes boring into my soul. "I can't live like this anymore. My parents, the servants, this life... I just can't. I'm leaving!"

"N-no!" I cried out, fearful. "Your mother won't be able to take it! It will be -"

"Be what?" she demanded, her hands on her hips. "You never tell me anything either! I am SICK of living like this! You don't understand. I HAVE to go!"

I was silent. "I will let you go, but only on one condition. You have to let me go too."

She stood there, stunned. "B-but you'll be—"

"Banished? It doesn't matter. I can't just leave you like this!" I yelled. She finally smiled grudgingly.

"All right. Ditty!" her ditto hopped on her head, covering her whole face and morphing it into a different person. I found a straw hat, and gathered my hair into it. I had already changed out of my maid outfit.

"Are you ready?" she asked me. I nodded. We grabbed on to one of jigglypuff's hands each. With that, we took off out of the window and into the sky.

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