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Princesses I

-POV: Ruby-

Once I'd had a good-night's sleep, I figured that hey, maybe it's just best to let it slide.

When I say 'it', I mean that I somehow knew Sapphire and Professor Birch from before. Morning fuzz had made my mind go blank and I didn't quite remember at the moment, nor did I want to try.

But as I was cooking my breakfast in my small apartment (my job didn't provide me with housing), I recalled some of it.


"Wh-what's the matter? Why are you crying?"

I balled my fists. Though hazy, the memory was strong enough to arouse forgotten pain. If only I knew why.


Before I went to work at the shop, I decided that it would be a good idea to stop at the Birch's.

I was a bit nervous about this at first, but I figured that I needed to help them and I couldn't escape it.

I knocked on the door and no one answered. After waiting for a while, I just turned the knob and stumbled inside. It was dead silent and still a mess, with lab notes and shoes scattered all across the living room floor.

"Oh god. Gross!" I covered my nose when I picked up a huge, muddy boot.

Cleaning time.


I was almost done with the house (or the first floor, anyways. I hoped that there wasn't a second floor). With my Coco, Nana, and Ruru, I was able to finish the tedious task in a considerably fast amount of time.

Now it was time to boil some rice for breakfast. Upon scavenging around the house for the rice cooker, I opened a small closet-like door and was shocked to find stairs.

"Oh god! Please, please make this not be as dirty!" I prayed as I went up the stairs. Perhaps I would find the professor or Sapphire.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I was at first shocked that the approaching room was actually clean! I didn't even know that was a possible feat for a household with a barbaric Neanderthal living in it!

The only thing in the room was a huge bed. It had a huge bump wrapped in blankets in the middle, and I approached the bed.

I tore the covers away, and saw... Sapphire.

There she was, all curled up like a little toddler. She almost looked... harmless. When she breathed, she breathed in her nose and out her mouth. Something was strangely cute about that.

Before I could further contemplate on how she looked when she was sleeping, her eyes shot open with a start and I was startled to meet her bright blue orbs. A pain shot through my skull as I remembered staring at similar blue eyes long ago...

"W-w-w-what are you doing here?" she demanded, drawing the covers towards her chest defensively. (For the record I am NOT a pervert and she WAS wearing a white nightgown!)

Crossing my arms, I said, "I came to make you breakfast." I felt my neck growing hot, but ignored it. My pokemon smiled up at her.

She blinked at them, then glared at me. "We're not stupid, y'know! We can make our own food!"

"Even so," I replied, drawing open the curtains.

"Papa's just not making enough money because of the damned aristocrats! They take it all away with their greedy taxes!" she growled at me. There it was again. Her hatred for the upper-class.

I sighed. "Don't yell first thing in the morning. It isn't good for your voice." She sputtered and blushed at this. "I've already got rice boiled, and you're going to eat it regardless."

"I'm not hungry!" she declared stoutly, angling her body away from me and crossing her arms. Then her stomach rumbled, and across her face spread a warm red hue.

"Get changed, and I'll meet you downstairs," I told her, and walked down the stairs with Nana, Coco, and Ruru following me.


When she came downstairs, she was dressed in...

An actual dress. Without the pants. I just gaped at her.

Her hair, of course, was still a knotted mess, but the dress she wore was a simple sundress that was tearing at the bottom and was plain brown. A little torchic wobbled down the stairs behind her.

She caught me staring at glared. "What?"

"Here's your food," I handed her the rice bowl gruffly, trying not to stare and scowling at the floor.

She took the bowl and scrapped off some of the rice for her torchic, which ate it eagerly.

After eating in silence for some time, she finally spoke up. "Well? Are ya gonna keep starin' at me like that?"

I hadn't even noticed me watching her while eating. "Wh-... I wasn't staring at you! I was just staring at your dress. It's funny how yesterday you were dressed like a barbarian!"

She blushed and put her rice bowl to her face. "The whole point of me wearing this dress was because I wanted to show you I'm not a barbarian..." she mumbled. She then proceeded to down whole bowl of rice in about ten seconds.

I froze, feeling guilty. I let out a chuckle. "Well, uh... it is quite a nice dress! But um... I'd say that it's a bit old. How about you come with me to the shop today and I'll sew you a new one?"

"NO WAY." She got up suddenly, almost knocking over her rice bowl. "T-t-t-that would meant that you would have to take measurements! Pervert!" She covered her chest with her arms.

I probably should have kept my mouth shut, but I said, "Hey! It's not as if you really have anything to measure—"

And immediately I felt her arm wrapped around my neck.

A dangerous aura surrounded her and her voice was filled with deep malice. "Say that again, pretty boy."

"I-I'm not going to measure you!" I choked out, and she let me go. She had a dangerously "innocent" smile on her face.

"Oh yes," Sapphire suddenly said. "My Papa wanted to give you this."

She rummaged around in the pockets of her dress and brought out a pokeball. "It's thanks for your helping us last night."

I stared at the pokemon inside it. It stared back with small, beady eyes.

I let it out of the ball, and it stared at me again. I stared back.

"What is this... this not-beautiful creature?"

It opened it's mouth and said, "Mudkip!"

-POV: Yellow-

How was my first night at Prince Red's house?

Well... to put it in simple terms... it was dreadful!

I-I mean, not to offend him or anything. It wasn't his fault at all! It's just that... the light in Blue's eyes when she suggested that Red and I stayed together... it scared me. She was plotting something. Blue may have been a princess, but she was a cunning princess.

We got to Red's "house" (which, by the way, was really a mansion in the middle of a maze in the middle of a forest). We got lost several times trying to get there, so finally he just gave up and used his aerodactyl to help.

He turned towards me and held out his hand, his pikachu perched on his shoulder and Chuchu perched on mine.

"W-what?" I asked.

"Are- are you coming?"

Chuchu shot a glance at me that reminded me horridly of Blue's eyes that morning.

I stared at his outstretched hand, a thousand wonderful - no, no, horrible possibilities surging through my mind. "I- I - Yeah just - I -"

I cursed my stupidity and shut my mouth, for sure burning up and flushed red in the face.

Then suddenly, he lifted me up on the pokemon's back. "Are you ready?"

"What?" I shrieked. He lifted himself onto aerodactyl's neck. With his pokemon, Red looked almost like... a prince. A prince in the moonlight. Of course... he was. A shudder crawled down my spine at the thought that he - he was supposed to marry Blue.

"Hold on to me," he directed, and despite my brain's frantic commands not to, I latched my arms around his waist as we took off into the air.

My eyes were squeezed shut tightly, but it wasn't because I was afraid of heights or anything. It was because I didn't want to look at Red and increase the weird, wriggling feeling in my heart. It made me feel awkward and uncomfortable... but strangely happy.

I could feel the warmth of Red's body through my skin. I dared to open one eye, and caught a glimpse of him gazing forward with confidence as his aerodactyl swooped over the tall trees and fresh-cut hedges.


So finally we got to his mansion, and Red hopped off of the aerodactyl (whose name was Aero). He did it with such ease that I somehow found myself staring.

But then he stared back, confused. "Aren't you getting off?"

"Oh! Yes! Of course!" I shrieked, embarrassed at my foolishness. But then I further embarrassed myself by clumsily falling off of Aero.


I had expected to land on the cold soil, but instead I was on something warm and soft... I opened my eyes and nearly jumped up if it hadn't been for Red's arms latched around me to break my fall. We were both lying on the ground, with me on top of Red.

My face immediately heated up and I struggled free. "Sorry! I'm so sorry!" I hoped he couldn't see the redness tinting my cheeks.

He got up and brushed the dirt off of his rich clothes like it was no big deal. "It's fine." I couldn't tell because of the shade of the trees and the evening sun melting into the mountains... but was his neck red? No. No! My imagination! Stupid Yellow!

I was still blushing by the time that I re-released Chuchu out of her pokeball and we approached the front door of the mansion.

Greeting us were two maids and a butler, who bowed respectfully to Red. Then, suddenly, I felt bad. Why was I acting like a ditzy, lovey-dovey schoolgirl who has a crush on a guy? On Prince Red of all guys. Blue's future husband. Why was I doing this?

I bowed my head so the servants couldn't glance at me. Chuchu nudged me, wondering what was wrong, and I felt Red's eyes' gaze burn into my head.

I blushed a bit more and waited for him to walk, because he was a prince and I was a mere servant. In fact, here, I wasn't even that. I recalled today's unlucky encounter with Green and the rebels. Here, I wasn't even a servant. I was a prisoner.

But instead, he smiled at me and said, "Ladies first."

I swore I blushed all the way down to my throat as I tottered inside the great hall.


Fast forward a bit.

I'll tell you a bit about dinner. We sat there in silence, with me sitting at one end of a long table and him at the other end. We barely talked except for a few smiles and just general awkwardness.

But the worst part, I suppose, about staying with Prince Red, was when it was time to go to sleep.

Red and a personal maid escorted me to my room. "This is your prisoner's room," the maid said with malice to Red. He turned a pinkish color and tried to explain that I wouldn't be treated as a prisoner, but the maid insisted that I was one of the lowliest of the lowliest beings.

I started to fear that maybe I would be treated as a prisoner under Red's care, but when we approached the "cell," I was shocked.

A fluffy bed with silken sheets and feather-down blankets, a polished mahogany desk that glinted even in the dark of the night, a tall, rectangular window that filtered in the delicate patches of moon and starlight.

I ran my finger along the immaculate desk, expecting to brush up at least some sort of dust.

"Ah-" Red cleared his throat. "This is your... ah, room. I hope you enjoy it."

I noticed the maid was staring at Red with pink cheeks and gooey eyes. I balled my fists, but quickly unclenched them. Why would I do something like that? If she liked him, then it would be fine... Oh, that's right. Because I was looking out for Blue! I-I couldn't let someone like her steal Red away from Blue!

"Thank you," I murmured, not entirely sure that it was audible, but I was too caught up in the strange elegance of the room. I sauntered over to the wardrobe - a beautiful brown wood with intricate carvings all over the doors. I threw it open and saw the inside was filled to the brim with elegant garments. Silk dresses, cotton gowns - you name it, it was in there.

"Well, Master Red, if I may be excused," the maid said through grit, steely teeth, glaring at me.

"Ah, go ahead," Red answered, smiling.

She lumbered off, leaving the two of us to ourselves.

"Ah- um..." I stammered. "P-please. You don't have to give me all of this. After all... I'm just a prisoner."

Red's eyes widened. "Of course you're not. You saved Pika and I! It would be ungrateful if I just was rude to you." His pikachu smiled and murmured a little cry of thanks.

"No... it's fine," I mumbled. How awkward I was. "S-so... you're... with the rebels."

"Yeah," he sat down in a wooden chair and stared up at the ceiling, Pika curled up by his shoe. "It's a long story."

I waited.

He laughed, saying, "You're kind of stubborn, but I like that about you."

"S-sorry," I blushed.

"No, it's fine," he chuckled, and continued. "Well, I don't know. Kanto isn't really a kingdom-type government anymore like Sevii. It's unique in that it's in the process of converting into the Elite Four type of government. The King has daughters and sons, and other chosen warriors and keeps them in the palace and raises them to be battle-oriented. And then, on the day that the eldest turns 21, the chosen warriors and daughters and sons all have a huge pokemon battle.

"I'm a chosen warrior. That means that I had the choice to either become a Gym Leader or travel the world and catch my own pokemon. But there's a catch, of course," he drew a deep breath. "You had to swear absolute loyalty to the King. You would act as a spy if he needed."

I was aghast, not realizing that my own home country was so corrupted.

"But," he added quickly. "The King promised to convert the government to Elite Four afterwards. The final standing warrior of the nation would normally become King, but this year, the winner will become champion and four chosen warriors will become the Elite Four. It's really screwed up."

"S-so it hasn't gone through yet?"

He looked at me with sad eyes. "No."

The clock struck twelve - midnight. I hadn't realized it was so late, and apparently neither had Red, because we both jumped and our eyes met in astonishment.

"Ah, whoops. I missed curfew an hour ago," Red said, scratching the back of his head. "Yellow, you best be going to bed now."

"O-oh, of course," I stuttered, scurrying to find pajamas in the massive wardrobe. As Red was walking out of the room, I spun around and shouted as loud as I could, "Red, thank you!"

He glanced at me and smiled. "Yeah! You're welcome!"

-POV: Blue-

It was Wednesday.

The third day that I'd been staying with Green.

And, sorry to break it to you, but it had been boring!

I mean, all the guy did was read. Apparently, there were no rebel meetings for today (or at least that he knew of, because his Fame Checker was broken and he rarely went outside). So he sat at home and read the newspapers and his old, dusty books.

When he actually went outside, he didn't let me come with him. So for three days, I was stuck at home reading about Snow White and her seven pokemon and how Rapunzel was stuck in a tower with a kecleon because of a gothitelle's owner.

But it kind of gets really boring after three days. I mean, you get shopping deprived and your social skills start to dwindle down.

"Hey Greeeeeeen~!" I would call.

He would look up from the book/newspaper he was reading and stare until I said with an innocent smile, "How about we go shopping?"

"No." And then he would go back to reading.

But today, I was going to go shopping no matter what. "Greeeeeen~!" I called. I found him in the living room, on the sofa with a gigantic encyclopedia.

He didn't answer, just looked at me in that cold way he did whenever I called his name.

"Let's go shopping." I grabbed him by the wrist.

"What? No, pesky woman!" Green tried to say, but I was persistent. "We have a meeting tomorrow, and I have to study up!" (I wondered how he knew that, as only yesterday he had complained he didn't know about anything that was going on amongst the rebels)

"Pleeeeeeeeeeease?" I begged, giving him large puppy dog eyes. He looked away. But I saw that slight shift in his facial expression. Yes! Score~!

"Pesky woman," Green muttered. "I need my jacket."

"Really?" I was suddenly excited and clasped my hands together in a hopeful gesture. "Can we go to Knot Island Tailoring? Mother and Father always bought my clothes from there, but I've never actually been inside!"

From the hallway, I heard a muffled grunt. I assumed that meant yes, and jumped for joy.


We approached the shop. Green stood there, hesitant to enter, but I opened the door with a spontaneous bang to make my arrival known.

Everyone stared, except for two teenagers bickering in the back. I could hear their conversation:

"Ya told me ya wouldn't make me a dress!"

"No I didn't. I said I wouldn't measure you."

"Same thing!"

Immediately I took interest. This was a couple, here, right in front of my eyes. Two people that CLEARLY had feelings for each other, but neither wished to admit it! A beautiful romance story right in the bloom there~!

I approached the boy and girl quarreling in the back, and - go figure - they didn't notice me.

"What have we here? A couple?" I said delightfully. They both froze and stiffened, blushing and red in the face.

"No!" they both shouted at the same time.

"Oh now, now!" I chided. "Don't be in denial. Because if you are, you might make the other person think that hm, maybe they really don't like me and they'll just give up on you!"

"But we don't like each other!" the girl screeched. Suddenly, I recognized her from the meeting. Sapphire was her name, I believe. Ah, right, it was all coming back. She had wanted to beat me to a pulp! So cute~.

"Right!" the red-eyed boy agreed.

Green came walking up behind me, his face clearly disgruntled by my actions. "Blue, weren't you going to... uh, get a dress? How about you leave this poor couple alone?"

"I'm helping them first," I told him, smiling. "Besides, I know him. You're Ruby, right?"

The boy blinked, surprised that I knew his name. He immediately straightened up, causing Sapphire to glare at him. "Yes. I'm a tailor here."

I clapped my hands in delight. "Not just any tailor, either! One of the prodigies!"

Sapphire snorted. She looked at Green, like, Can you believe these two? and his eyes showed silent agreement.

"How about you make me a dress or two? I already have a nice pattern I like," I offered.

"N-no problem!" Ruby said proudly. "We need your measurements, however."

"No problem!" I replied, smiling.

"Um... how about you go over to Kimberly over there?" he pointed to a woman in the corner of the shop, writing stuff on pieces of paper. I complied and disappeared behind a Chinese-style screen, while "Kimberly" followed. Before going in, however, I took a glance at Green.

Green, probably grumbling, curled up in a corner and did his best to ignore the frills and bows that adorned the dresses.

A while later...

"Hey Green!" I said with a dramatic flurry. "How does this look?"

It was a black dress with a pretty sash tied around the waist and a nice choker to match with it. I still had my gloves, too.

He looked away. "I-I-it looks nice."

"Really?" I smiled. "Thank ya! I also bought this, this, this, and this!" I held up four other dresses.

He turned around to look at them and suddenly, his eyes widened in horror. "Blue, how much money did you spend?"

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