Link and Toon Link Enter The Twilight Zone

One day, Link and Toon Link were sent by Kirby to get groceries. Since the two really wanted to have fun, they decided to go see an old movie. They could tell it was an old movie because it had "To Keep From Fainting, Please Repeat: It only a movie...only a movie...only a movie" on the poster. The movie was "Last House On The Left." After the movie was over they both were laughing because it was just so cheesy!

"Wow! It seems like the actors had a lot of fun making the movie!" Link managed to say through his laughing.

"Hey wait a second, why was an old movie showing at a new theater, this isn't the Fox Theater." Toon Link looked up at the ad for the theater, it wasn't Fox Theater.

Rod Serling (the narrator in The Twilight Zone) was standing in the middle of the street.

"Link and Toon Link, two lazy men not doing what they were supposed to do. The movie that they just saw, was the portal to: The Twilight Zone." He went on, nobody seemed to see him.

A car came speeding towards him. Link saw the car and Rod.

"Hey you! Look out! There's a car coming towards you!" Link got Rod out of the street.

After they got out of the street, the car just went on without stopping.

"Are you insane? Just standing in the middle of the street like that! You could have gotten killed! Where's that car? Oh it just sped on without noticing! Jerk!" Link was in total shock.

"H-How did you see me? You saw me, and you saved me." Serling was just as shocked as Link was.

"Oh that doesn't matter! Are you okay?" Link helped him up.

"I'm fine, but I don't think you will be." Serling said as he faded away.

"Okaaaay then, that was...Weird.." Link scratched his head in confusion.

"Hey Link, we should probably head to the store, Kirby'll be mad at us." Toon Link said, somehow getting across the street without Link noticing.

They went to a rather old looking store, so old that nobody was in it. They went inside and there were manikins looking at them. One's arm began to move up and down. Link of course, was scared.

"AAAAAH! KILL IT GRAHAM SPECTOR STYLE!" He yelled, grabbing a wrench and swinging crazily at the manikin.

Toon Link grabbed him so he couldn't do anything weird. "No! Don't kill it Graham Spector style!" He dragged him by his collar to another part of the store.

"But Toon Link! That thing was moving! It could hurt me!" Link was shaking.

They entered the toy section of the store and saw a doll. It was one of those dolls that talked. They laughed and pulled the string on it's back. It began to move it's arms.

"My name is Talking Tina, and I'm going to kill you." She said, still moving her arms.

"Oh no.." They both said in unison.