Title: The Vampire Nobel

Paring: Vamp!ShiroxPriest/Vamp!Ichi

Rating: M for, smut, blood, violence, gore, and heavy language

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach. But I own the story line :D

A/N: About time for chapter two, sorry guys...

Ichigo groaned as he laid there in the bed. As he rolled around feeling the soft silk on his cheeks. He loved the feeling on his face, the pillow and the blanket were so soft. When he noticed the dark room he went into a panic and sat up. Looking around in terror. The black wolf laid on the bed staring at Ichigo. The priest noticed the wolf and didn't react. He wasn't sure how to react seeing the creature. As he slowly sat up he was in different clothes. That did not matter at the moment. He looked around and went to the balcony. He checked if he could probably tie things together to get himself down. But when he saw the molt he gave up on that and rushed to the door and as he reached for the door. The taller male entered, the silver haired vampire.

"You..." Ichigo stared in fear backing up. The pale creature smirked and purred at the figure before him.

"Yes it is me, what is it my bride?"

"Bride? What bride is there to be? I a sure you I am no bride." The orange haired boy shouted and the other shook his head.

"A bride is a human that was fed from by a vampire. You happen to be that bride."

"But a bride is a woman."

"Who cares for the tiny details." The male shook his head and smirked at the boy and held his chin up, "However, I love the view of you. We had to change your clothes and wash them. They were awfully dirty."

"May I have them back? I require them." Ichigo asked holding his hand out to the vampire after stepping back. The cross around his neck rang some and the vampire shook his head smirking.

"Sorry but I have to decline. You see after I fed from you.. You became one of us." He moved Ichigo's gums to expose the small fangs, "You were out for three moons."

"I-I've been out for that long?" Ichigo panicked and rushed out to the hall.

"Do not make haste they think you have fallen." The vampire called to the other. Ichigo froze in his steps. Staring at the deep blue flooring that allowed himself to see his reflection... But didn't vampires have no reflection? His eyes teared up as he watched himself. He fell to the floor to his knees and laid his head back allowing the tears to roll down his face. He than jumped feeling the other's hand. He looked to the pale vampire and jumped again as their lips met. The orange haired boy's eyes widened and he pulled away from the vampire, his mouth covered and his face darkened. The vampire smirked and picked up the orangette.

"What in the lord's name are you doing?" Ichigo cried and the vampire kept walking. He than slammed the door after Zangetsu walked out of the room. He looked up to the male and his smirk turned to a sick grin.

"Wanna know my name?" He asked and Ichigo nodded, "Shirosaki Ogichi. Shiro for short and you better be crying that out while I pound you." Shiro said and removed Ichigo's clothes as the fledgling tried to escape. But the noble vampire kept the boy there and pinned him on his stomach.

"W-What are you doing..?" Ichigo asked terrified. But Shirosaki didn't reply. As he held Ichigo's naked and unbroken body he licked down the fair tan skin. Ichigo trembled and clung to the sheets and felt shame feeling aroused by this action. Feeling his erection press into the sheets he whimpered at this. Shiro noticed his actions and smirked. He held Ichigo's hips up and placed one of the pillow's under him and undid his own pants. His growing erection finally free from it's cage. Shiro rubbed his cock against Ichigo's behind. The priest yelped and his eyes teared up some from the fact that something might go inside of him. And the fear of pain. Shirosaki pushed two fingers into the younger one to test if his self lube was working. It was. He smirked and removed his hand and lubed himself with his precum. And without a warning he thrusted into Ichigo with one quick jerk of his hips.

"A-AHHH! N-NO! I-It hurts! STOP!" Ichigo cried in pain. But of course Shiro ignored and slowly started to move. Ichigo cried as the pain of the thick organ was moving in and out of his body. But it didn't take long for lust to take over. He hid his face into the sheets and moaned of lust and pain. The elder vampire held onto Ichigo's hips and continued to thrust. Ichigo trembled, why was he letting this happen to him? He grasped the sheets and hissed in pain. Biting his tongue.

"Let it out, Ichigo..." Shiro said simply. Ichigo trembled and hesitantly moved his hand to his own throbbing organ. His shaking hand moving up and down the shaft. He felt guilt as he performed this action. His eyes teared up and he whimpered when Shiro forced him to squeeze. That already causing the boy to release. With Ichigo's mussels squeezed Shiro the vampire released his seed within him. Ichigo's body trembled as Shiro removed himself. The creamy liquid rolling down Ichigo's behind and thighs. And with that Shiro left smirking.

"You belong to me Ichigo. I'll turn a cute little pure priest like you into a sinner." And out he went. Ichigo trembled and dressed himself despite the pain already growing in his back. When Day broke over the town Ichigo fled. From what he heared Fledlings can withstand the sun. Till they feed of a human...

Rukia sighed and stared out the hall. Ichigo's been missing for almost a week and she was clearly worried. Renji sat next to her sighing some.

"Have you found brother yet?" Rukia asked.

"No sister... We ha-"

"BROTHER ICHIGO IS BACK!" A priest called. The others looked and watched Ichigo rush. Limping. Clearly he's been tripping and falling the entire time. Renji and Rukia rushed over.

"Brother Ichigo are you alright?"

"W-Where's father Juushiro?" Ichigo asked.

"Inside why?" Renji asked curiously.

"I... I have some confessions..." He walked inside the building using the walls as a support. Rukia covered her mouth in shock.

"Brother Ichigo... Has...?"

Within the church Ichigo sat within a confession box. Seeing through the small window Juushiro sat on the other side. Ichigo sighed shakingly and grasped his clothes.

"F... Forgive me Father... I-I have sinned..."

"What have you done my son?" Juushiro's concerned voice came from the other side. Ichigo teared up and bit his lip.

"I-I performed a sinful act... I have performed one of the deadly sins..."

"Which one...?"

"L-Lust... N-Not just I have performed a sin... I-I broke a commandment!" Ichigo panicked, "A-Am I going to Hell for this!?" Juushiro was quiet. Only Ichigo's panicking voice echoed through the booth. Than, Juushiro finally spoke.

"No my son... You are clearly sorry for what you have done. God will most likely forgive you... Is there anything else...?" Ichigo was the one to go quiet this time. Will he tell the man he trusted his experience? He sighed and nodded.

"Yes... But I'd like to speak out of the house of God..."