This is my first published fanfic! And of course, it's smut - my favorite! :D This is not meant to be serious writing, just some enjoyable Megamind smutty goodness. Feedback is welcome!

RATING NOTE / SMUT SPOILER: This fic contains graphic BDSM smut. While it is entirely consensual, it involves the use of pain, physical force, mind games, and domination. Non-coercion is established in the first chapter - if you skip it, consent might not be evident in the following chapters.

WARNING: Key safety precautions have been glossed over and/or left out of the activities described herein. These activities can be very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Please be well informed before attempting any of this in the real world.

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The three watched the monitor as Metro Man efficiently and rapidly destroyed his way through the hundreds of robot kangaroos Megamind had sent to kill him while he was lost in the decoy labyrinth Megamind had managed to trick him into entering.

Megamind sighed. Minion put a heavy metal hand on his shoulder to express emotional support.

"Well, there's no point now. That plot was a flop." Megamind said, then muttering to himself, "I should've programmed them to attack in small clusters so that he couldn't destroy so many at once.."

Roxanne let out an exasperated sigh. " long before he finishes up there and makes his way out of the maze? He seemed pret-ty lost to me. We could be here for another hour...or two..."

"I'll go make some hot chocolate and s'mores!" chimed Minion, and clomped off, closing the door with a clang behind him.

Megamind smiled wryly, nodding as he watched his precious creations burning to ashes. He had spent hours on the articulation of their movements, not to mention counter-balancing their hop function. Somehow he still admired his nemesis' destruction of them, appreciated the challenge. "Yes, I agree." He remarked.

Roxanne groaned again and rolled her head around in frustration, "Well can you AT LEAST ask Minion to bring out the Pictionary or something? I don't want to watch you flip through the weather station and PBS re-runs again."

Megamind gave up his fixation with the live feed and swirled his chair closer to Roxie. "And how would you most like to pass the time, Miss Ritchie?" He had on his ridiculous "cute" smile (which was sillier than it was cute) and his hands were planted on his thighs propping up his shoulders to accentuate the sarcasm.

Roxanne returned the sarcasm while still trying to make her point by quoting some song lyrics, "You're stuck with me, I'm stuck with you, let's find somethin' to do!" she sang at him with an equally silly expression.

Megamind adored banter and couldn't resist continuing, dramatically rolling his fingertips over his chest for emphasis, "Please excuse me I don't mean to be rude-" this made her chuckle at him.

He loved that song - Minion had introduced him to it - so he decided to finish off the verse quietly to himself, breaking his gaze with Roxie so she wouldn't mistake it for banter, "But tonight I'm loving you." He smiled contentedly. He wouldn't come out and say it, but it was great to be able to spend a little time with her without so much pressure.

Roxanne was looking at him with a humorous smile, " listen to the clean version?"

"What?" he turned to her. His expression was somewhere between disbelief and acting humorously horrified, "Do you mean you listen to the dirty version!"

Her laugh was like a lilting giggle, but not at all shy. "I would've thought someone bad would listen to the dirty version of anything." her face was seductive - something he had long ago learned to interpret as his own reaction to her reporter's charisma rather than any signal from her...but it certainly excited him nonetheless.

"Well, well...maybe the lovely hero's girlfriend isn't the little angel everything thinks her to be." he returned, his face an attempt at being equally sassy and challenging - seductive.

"Tsh! You should talk! God knows what people must think you want to do to me - your leather and spikes, tying me up...pretty kinky!" she teased.

"...are you suggesting...?" he was trying to look prudishly horrified again, but the effort of hiding the small truth behind her accusation showed itself through the nervousness that now tinted his body language.

She laughed again, "Well I'm just saying! You've managed to convince the city that you're a monster - somehow - so who knows what they assume about your private life!" she finished in a mumble to herself, "God knows they assume enough about mine..."

A grin crept onto his face, "Ahhh-HA! So! You're not the little angel they all cringe and cry for when I kidnap you!"

"Nope. Not MetroMan's little angel either." She replied nonchalantly.

It took him a moment to finish thinking about what she'd said. Finally he spoke, " and Metro Man aren't a're into..." He looked to her again, "You're into...what...leather and spikes?" his face was very unsure, almost vulnerable with curiosity.

"Well...a little BDSM can spice things up a bit." she conceded, and again her attitude was sassy and completely un-shy. The woman just had no shame, she was so sure of herself. Maybe that was part of what drew him to her, that self-assured mindset was something he pretended to have and wanted to desperately, but didn't actually possess in reality.

Then he rolled the anagram over in his mind to make sure he was understanding it properly. B-D-S-M. Bondage...Dominance...or was it Discipline...Submission...or was it Sadism...Masochism...or was it Slave and Master? It seemed like all those words came to mind. He vaguely recalled reading somewhere that each letter stood for more than one word. He wondered if he'd remembered them all correctly.

"'re into...leather...maybe whips...maybe bossiness..." he was trying to get used to thinking of Roxanne being as bad as his fantasies of her had been. His cautious mind warned him it was too good to be true.

Her wry smile gloated at him from the chair where she sat watching his mental struggle with great satisfaction. Suddenly it occurred to him. The chair. She was tied to it. And...

"So you get turned on by...being tied up." He emphasized what he was referring to by glancing back and forth a few times between her face and the ropes that bound her. Now it was his turn to watch her reaction. His face was mild but held a hint of the feigned prudishness he had expressed earlier, as if accusing her of some scandalous act he would never take part least not for the same reasons he was accusing her of - oh no, not him!

Her eyes broke contact with his for a second, but she quickly regained her composure, "Yeah, it's nice. You really should try it sometime." she was teasing him again.

He leaned back in his chair, and really began to think the suspicions he was having might actually turn out to be true, despite becoming increasingly too good to be so.

"I've read about such things," he mused, rolling his fingertips together as his gaze wandered, "such people engage in wild sexual fantasies...some quite unorthodox..." he turned to face her again, "like being kidnapped." he was watching her blatantly now.

She straightened herself a bit but seemed to rally her nerves again hurriedly. She leaned in toward him and replied in a sultry voice, "...and like kidnapping." Her stare was as hard as stone.

He leaned back from her, blinking with mouth slightly ajar. What could he say? It was true. It aroused him immensely to have her as his captive. He still wasn't completely sure she was saying it aroused her too, and he was afraid to be too hopeful.

"So...this kind of get up - cape, boots, spiked gloves - this is just the icing on the cake for you, isn't it?" he tried to sound playful and sarcastic again, but his waiting stare showed it was no game for him.

This time she didn't even flinch, "And you always want to hear me scream."

He turned purple. Her wry smile broadened, "Yes, you always insist I scream more. You like to feel in control, don't you?" she was goading him.

His eyes had widened, at first in more embarrassment but then in wonder that she was so perceptive and annoying. And he couldn't resist playing off her, so he mumbled, "You're what they'd call a Smart Ass Sub."

She burst out a "Ha!", which he returned at her, and they repeated this in a battle of laughs at each other, until he stopped to wonder if this meant they were actually both sure the other found their encounters erotic. She was smiling smugly at him, perhaps thinking she'd won the laugh battle. Maybe he should ask her directly.

"Roxanne, do you mean to tell me that all this've taken sexual enjoyment from our - routine?"

Her smile didn't fade a bit, "Do you mean to tell me you haven't?"

He blushed purple again. So now she knew. It was out there. Wow, and she was into it too? He was shaken, it was all a lot to take in...and where to go from here...

He swallowed, still struggling with disbelief, "So...if this is your...fantasy...and yet it's boringto you," now his glance was annoyed. Why didn't she appreciate all the horrible scary things he had built for her? "Then tell me what would make this fantasy exciting...for you..." now he was watching her, obviously pleased with himself for finding something to say back.

She seemed to be thinking for a moment, watching him back. Maybe she was equally surprised at the confessions they'd just given each other. "You could start by doing something "horrible" to me yourself instead just building machines to do it for you."

Now his eyes were darting back and forth between hers, trying to read a meaning behind her words. She hesitated. Now that he knew how she'd been feeling too, there was no need to hide anymore. She sighed, "And sexual fantasies usually lead to some kind of sexual release..."

That got his attention. He rolled closer to her. He kept trying to read her eyes for a moment, then asked, "so you want us to-but you still want to be my captive-at the same time..." her gaze became vulnerable as she waited for his response.

He paused for a moment to mentally thank whatever it was he prayed to for the stroke of miraculous luck he'd just fallen into. Then he looked into her eyes tenderly, somewhat comforted to see her looking sensitive for once, "...Now that I know you want it, I wouldn't hold back. I wouldn't be so would be a side of me I've never shown you..." he was warning her, and his voice was as tender as his face, " would be anything but predicable." He wanted to give her a chance to back down, come to her senses...or for himself to wake up, if this was a dream.

She considered his words. "Now that you know I want it..." she repeated, " if you did something I didn'twant...?"

"Then I hope you'd tell me." he finished. Then he smiled dreamily, "Alternately, if there's something you especially did want...I hope you'd tell me that too."

Now her smug grin became mischievous, "Then have at me, villain!"