Summary: E/O CHALLENGE Drabble word: argue. Extreme Sam angst ahead. Sam Winchester reveals the real reason he left John and Dean. Dark AU. Maybe.

Word Count: 100 on the nose below the line, except for that little -30- symbol.

Whenever Dad and I would argue, I'd have the dreams that night.

The darkness talked to me. It had yellow eyes.

"Papa should respect you, Sam. He doesn't. Do your Dad a favor. Put him out of his misery. Dean too. Why, big brother wouldn't want to live without Daddy. You know that."

I started listening to the voice.

I wanted to hurt my family. I didn't want to hurt my family

That's why I left for Stanford. Never told Dean about the dreams. He thought I left because I wanted normal.

I'm not normal. I just pretended to be.