Inconstant Moon

Summary:What if the horcrux that was a part of Harry could communicate to him throughout his entire life? What if it had seen the similarities to Harry's life and his own and decided to protect him. How would it affect the outcome of the war? How would it affect the Wizarding world when prophesied enemies become lovers?

A/N:This is my first ever story here on fanfiction. I hope you all enjoy and know that criticism will be appreciated.

I wonder if the sun ever despised the moon for its beauty. Though it's rays were other worldly in its own right, the light conveyed by the moon was nothing short of ethereal "It was a pity, a true pity that the full moon was only visible 2 times a month", Harry thought as he gazed out the sole window in the isolated tower he now called home.

He would be turning 11 in a few minutes and didn't know whether or not he was excited or just wary. He could feel it, just taste it in the air that something life altering would happen tonight and yet even though he had no idea whether or not the outcome would be beneficial, he knew he'd welcome it with open arms.

His intuition had yet to fail him after all. He always knew when not to speak and what not to speak to upset uncle Vernon. He always knew how far to run to lose Dudley when he and his fat whale of gang decided to play harry hunting and yet, no matter what he did he could never understand why or what he could have possibly done to deserve such individuals legally known as his family. He sometimes wondered whether or not it was his intuition guiding him or someone separate from himself within him.

Odd as it sounds he never truly felt alone. Despite the life of abuse he'd lived through caused by his so called family it had always seemed as though someone was watching over him. He'd like to think it was his parents however a part of him vehemently refused to listen to such a thing. Apart of him treated it as though it was the enemy and yet another part of him embraced it like second skin. Regardless of his emotions at any particular moment when regarding the spirit-as he preferred to call it- there had never been a moment in which he refused to abide by its guidance. His instinct had always forced him to it had always been right he'd realized shortly after coming into terms with its existence.

That letter was another clue that something was not natural about him. Well not natural to the Dursleys. He couldn't say that the little tidbits of his 'talents' weren't exciting to exercise. The time he'd turned his teacher's hair blue was nothing less than satisfying. She'd deserved it after all. Who was it that had embarrassed him in front of the class, criticizing his clothes? Dudley's hand me downs even though couldn't be categorized as clothes on him was the closest thing he had to it. The spirit had seemed to agree as well. It had sent him gentle pulses of amusement through their bond. Maybe he was over thinking it but he could swear it had been smirking at him. Regardless the only way they seemed to be able to communicate with each other with emotions rather than words. The spirit could not speak to him and yet he felt closer bond tying him to it rather than anyone else whom he'd physically spoken to.

"If my parents were still here would they have dressed me similarly," Harry thought mournfully as a wave of sympathy and comfort washed over him."Aunt Petunia had said that they were drunks and had died because of it but how can I believe her when all she says is lies" Harry whispered forlornly

"I wonder if she ever tires of hearing them. Lies spoken not only to her 'friends 'but also to herself"

Then again she can't contact to gossip with her so called friends anymore. No, they were currently on a secluded island, far away from normal civilization, to get rid of his freakishness once and for all.

"Ring!" The clock had just struck 12 and it was now officially his birthday. Harry only had moments to wish himself happy birthday before the door came flying open.

The oaf that entered the once standing doors was humongous. In his hand he seemed to holding a few things. The man-no oaf as he'd be insulting his own race to categorize such a thing as human-fumbled around for a bit trying get himself together before laying his eyes on harry. Delight and recognition spread throughout his eyes as he exclaimed "Harry! My gods! look at how big you've become"

Harry could only think back on these next few moments and wonder quite honestly to himself what the hell was wrong with him to even think of talking to such a creature let alone agreeing to leave with him. Maybe he was truly insane. Those years that he'd been with the Dursleys for had done nothing but make him cynical. Not to mention the fact that he had a spirit living within him who he now realized was called Marvolo.

He won't ever forget the first time Marvolo spoke to him. Hagrid had led him through the busy streets of diagonally to stop in front of Gringotts. The oaf simply bustled in without a thought to his surroundings and the goblin guard seemed to sneer slightly upon catching sight of the half giant. He stood there for a moment perplexed on whether or not he should follow the oaf or greet the guard. Greeting had seemed to be the polite thing to do but how does one greet a goblin

Suddenly an voice interrupted and answered his train of thoughts

"Bow, Harry" a silky voice instructed and harry found himself doing just that only to rise to see confusion precedence a flash of respect shine throughout the goblins eyes. Feeling slightly more confident he entered the bank and felt his eyes widen at the grandness of the building. Where had that voice come from? It didn't sound like someone spoke to him physically more so like a voice echoed throughout his inner being.

"Hurry up now Harry we have places to go after this. Can't spend all yer time standing there gawking now can you?" The oaf apparently had a lot on his mind and he also had the gall to educate him upon proper behaviour. This world was ridiculously different from the one he had just left. Despite its bizarreness he couldn't help but feel a sense of awe at the pure magic it eluded. The spirit sent a wave of reassurance before responding to him

"Magic will never leave you harry. It's a limb that you need for survival and a 6th sense that you've been deprived of for so long. Love it, embrace it and you'll find yourself amidst of its purest glory. It'll be with you forever just like me"

Those words filled him a sense of acceptance and something else he couldn't begin to identify. It was warm and secure. Was this what it felt like to be accepted by another? Was this what it felt like to be loved? No he couldn't begin to think of such thought. He couldn't bear to image a world without Marvolo. Shaking away that thought to the side he briskly walked towards Hagrid and stared up into the calculating eyes of another goblin.

"Mr. Potter I presume?" came a shrewd voice and harry forced himself not to flinch. Instead he stared up defiantly and spoke in his calmest voice, "Yes sir may I ask whom you are?"The goblin seemed slightly stunned at the question but masked his emotions expertly before responding in a curt tone "Griphook, Mr. Potter. I'll be leading you to your vaults. Please follow me"

Harry and unfortunately the oaf as well followed the goblin wordlessly only to end up staring in awe and confusion at the sight of his vault no correction trust vault as griphook kindly pointed out before informing him he'd be gaining access to his family vaults upon his majority.

"Who has been taking care of all this while I was growing up? If I have this much money, why was I dressed in rags?" Harry asked furiously.

Professor Dumbledore has taken it upon himself to be your magical guardian as your godfather is incriminated while your parents will was sealed by the Chief Warlock who also happens to be professor Dumbledore

"He means well Harry; he left you with a safe home after the war. He had been the one to leave you with the Dursleys. Aren't you happy you lived with them? The oaf interrupted and unknowingly fueled not only harry rage but also Marvolos however there was no point in showing it in front of Hagrid who was obviously and disgracefully loyal to this man.

"Hagrid can you please leave I think I need to finish this discussion alone. Don't worry I'll get the money needed and figure out what to buy on my own."

"But Dumbledore said-"harry interrupted before Hagrid could finish and gave him a pleading look that made the oaf sigh in defeat. "I'll see you at Hogwarts then here's your ticket"

"So let me get this straight this man made sure my godfather was in prison, sealed my parent will so he'd be able to place me where he 's seen fit, and has been in control of all my assets?"

"He became your magical guardian Mr. Potter. He was meant to take care of you that was the only reason why he could access your money."

"Do I look as though I've been taken care of? If he's my guardian then why am I wearing rags? I'm denied my own money by this stranger and you allowed for this? Has he made any transaction in my name?"

"He's made several throughout the past decade, the most recent one a transaction of 1000 galleons for the personal uses of the Weasleys and is recorded to be extracted every month after so."

Rage boiled at the pit of his stomach as he thought of the years of pointless pain and target for bullying. He could barely keep himself standing as all he wanted to do was scream at the injustice that had been done to him."Calm down harry if we are going to get anywhere in this world we're first going to have to rationalize."Marvolo voice cut through his muddled thoughts and anger and forced him to think clearer. He suddenly felt very grateful to have Marvolo with him.

"Is there a way to stop him from accessing my accounts without directly attacking him?"He asked Marvolo

"Ask the goblin to suspend his accessibly to your vaults on account of suspicious behaviour. As the heir to the most Ancient and Noble house of Potter you can take this up to The Lords House. An injustice to a wealthy pureblood family and the saviour of the Wizarding world will rock them on their heels. The case will close swiftly in your preference as well as privately if you so wish."

"Wouldn't I need an attorney to represent me?"

"You would but we'll discuss that later. Just make sure the goblin carries out these commands and you'll have no reason to fear for you financial state"

Harry calmly informed griphook of the idea to which his shrewd eyes lit up in delight. He could only wonder how much of it was towards specifically Dumbledore's suffering or just for another wizard suffering. After getting access to a money pouch he left with a fierce determination to show not just Dumbledore but also the Wizarding world the repercussion of their decisions. Marvolos gentle reassurances were the only thing that kept him calm throughout the day.

Now looking at the mirror in the leaky cauldron harry could only gaze at his features with slight contentment. His height even thought through malnutrition could be passed as slightly below average for his age. Maybe it was his magic that helped him not look emaciated. Food was a rare delicacy in the Dursleys house. Not for the Dursleys of course just for him. Pitch black curly hair seemed to lay tousled on his head with unruly locks that refused to lay flat. His features made him seem somewhat distinct he though compared himself to the other children running through diagonally. High cheekbones and a sharp jaw line gave him a regal if not slightly feminine look.

His glasses were long gone after a quick trip to the eye emporium that was located in diagonally They no longer shadowed his eyes and the world was brighter and clearer. His eyes a piercing emerald green which seemed to be half shrouded in mystery. "Like the moon" he thought to himself in sardonic amusement. However his most striking feature was the scar that ran down his face, from his forehead directly through the eyelids and stopped at his jaw line. Even thought it should have disfigured it face the scar seemed like nothing more than a delicate design. As sadly that was exactly how he seemed overall: Delicate, lithe and short.

His first shop had been madam Malkins robe shop. He spared himself no expense and bought an entire wardrobes filled with casual robes, quidditch robes and even a couple formal robe just in case an occasion popped up. Appearances were important. It was a lesson he learned in the muggle world and he'd rather stand out for being dressed nicely then like a servant. Marvolo agreed with him 100 percent and even helped choose out a few robes for him. Green and silver apparently complimented him according to Marvolo and he strangely found himself flushing with pride knowing Marvolo liked something about him

His major purchase for that entire day however had been books. Not only had he bought what was necessary for the first year curriculum but also the second and third. He ended up shoving a bushy haired girl to the side to grab the last" Hogwarts in History" to which she huffed in irritation and began to lecture him about proper behaviour.

Harry firmly ignored her though. He could tell simply by the way she carried herself she was a muggle born. He refused to have any contact with anyone who had any form of relationship with something as filthy as muggles. He couldn't say that all the muggles out there were like the Dursleys however they were just as if not more worse. He had not only suffered at the hands of the Dursleys but also at the hands of the neighbours, the teacher and the other students who refused to help him in his time of need.

"I don't need them now do i? I'll never need anyone I'll become someone that's needed by others. Of course not that I'd actually help them. I had to help myself throughout my entire life. I'm sure the rest of the world can figure out to do the same"

"Don't let your grudges and bitterness over you past rule your future Harry. I know you've suffered in life. More so than most children however you should use that to propel yourself foreword to help yourself be happy rather than just achieve thing to get revenge on others. I'm not saying you shouldn't take revenge on them one day however that shouldn't' be the focal point in your life" Marvolo's voice sounded as though he was emerging from a painful memory and lesson .Harry couldn't help but feel empathy towards Marvolo who'd by his words suffered in life similarly to him.

He was right Harry realized. He could either make the world suffer for his upbringings and thrive on revenge or gain closure with himself and move on from this part of his life. He could prevent this from occurring again to other children by becoming someone in the ministry powerful enough to pass laws. Laws that would distance them from the muggle world and prevent such abuse from reoccurring. With that in mind he threw in some books about Wizarding laws before going to the counter. Throughout which he failed to recognize the stare of a man with a purple turban hidden behind a bookshelf

"This seems to be interesting" said a raspy voice as the man eyes bled red,