Reoccurring characters:

Ash, aged 18. Misty, aged 19. Drew, aged 18. May, aged 17. Dawn, aged 17.

So this is how it goes;

Ash is new to Sinnoh, nobody knows him except for Misty.

Misty and Ash have been best friends for 8 years.

Drew and May are a couple.

Dawn and Kenny are a couple.

Drew and Dawn are best friends.

May and Misty are best friends.

Misty likes Ash, and Ash has the same feelings.

But all this may change =)

Writing in italics = character thoughts, emphasized words, or flashbacks. You will know the difference.
Bolding = interruption by yours truly. :D [It will
rarely happen in a chapter.]
This story is written completely in 3
rd person point of view.
Please know that the story jumps a bit. It doesn't always stay
focused on the same character(s).
Story is AU, there is no Pokémon (in this story, the characters are in "our world"), but the characters look the same and the places are the same as well.
This is my first fanfiction :), dare I say that I'm proud of myself :D.
DISCLAIMER! DISCLAIMER! I do not own the Pokémon characters, only the storyline. :)

Chapter One: Meet and Greet



"Hey May! It's Misty!"

"Hi Misty, what's up?"

"I have big and great news!"

There was a pause. May expected Misty to elaborate, guess I need to ask.

"…So what's this so called big and great news?"

"Get everyone together at Everly in about two hours?"

"Sure, but Misty… the news?"

"I'll tell you all there!"

*Misty hung up*

Everyone is at the table except for Misty.

"So," started Drew looking around, "where's Misty?"

"I have no idea, she sounded so excited on the phone I can't understand why she's late," said May, taking a sip from her root beer.

Dawn looked outside the window, "there she is!"

Misty stormed into Everly breathless.

"Gee Misty, even when you're running you still manage to be 15 minutes late," May said, flashing a sarcastic smile.

"I'm sorry," Misty said calmly as she took a big sip of water from the water bottle she was carrying.

"So Misty, May dragged us down here because she says you have some big news for us," Kenny said as he lay back in his chair and put his arm around Dawn.

"I do! Do we have room for one more on this table?"

"Sure, why?" asked Dawn.

A young man entered the room.

Misty nodded at him. "Guys, I'd like you to meet my best friend!"

The man had raven coloured hair; it was quite messy and long. He was wearing a white shirt with a black vest. This black vest was sleeveless and had a yellow stripe towards the top. He also wore blue jeans and red shoes. "Hello…" He waved shyly.

"Hi!" said the gang all at once.

"This is Ash, he came here to Sinnoh from Kanto," Misty started, "Ash sit down, I'd like you to meet Drew, May, Dawn, and Kenny."

"Nice to meet you all, Misty has told me a lot about you guys." Ash looked at them all. Drew had green hair, a black long sleeved shirt and a purple vest on top. He also wore aqua-green jeans. May had brown hair and it was put in two pony tails which was the only thing sticking out of her red bandana. She also wore a red shirt with blue biker shorts. Dawn had blue hair, she wore a black V-neck halter top with a pink short skirt. Kenny wore a lot of green, he had a kaki green long sleeve shirt, wore a green t-shirt over it, the t-shirt also has a thick white stripe in the middle, he also wore kaki jeans and he had auburn coloured hair.

"Yes, but Misty never told us that she was hiding such a good looking guy from us. Please, tell us more about you," said May as she flashed a friendly smile at Ash.

Ash blushed lightly at May's comment. Drew though, was not amused, and neither was Misty.

"Oh common May, no need to hit on the new guy. Atleast not when your boyfriend is right beside you." Dawn and May shared a laugh.

"You're right, you're right, I'm sorry Ash."

"No need… it's fine."

"So Ash, where are you staying?" asked Kenny.

"Well I bought my own place, and today I finally get to move in."

"Wait," Dawn paused. "You bought your own place?"


"That's really cool!"

"Well, if you want, you all can visit whenever you like."

"Where exactly do you live?" asked Drew taking a sip of his tea which had finally cooled down enough to drink.

"In Jubilife City."

"You live in the city? Wow, that's so awesome! I've always wanted to live in the city!" May admired him with sparkling eyes.

"Well, where do you live May?"

"Oh me, nowhere special, just past Jubilife City actually. In Floaroma Town. But I'm usually in Jubilife, all the action is there!"

"Where abouts do you guys live anyways?" Ash asked the group.

Misty replied first and quickly too, "I live in—"

"Sandgem Town," Ash finished, "I wasn't asking you Misty, I know where you live, I was asking everyone else."

"Oh…" Misty was taken aback, Ash never really snapped at her. She felt hurt even though he said it quite calmly.

"Well, I live in Sandgem town too, a few blocks away from Misty," replied Drew.

"Mhm, more like on the other side of town," commented Misty.

"Cool! Where do you live Dawn?"

"What? Are you planning to stop by or something?"

Ash gave Kenny weird look. "Uh?"

"Shut up Kenny. Sorry about him. I don't have a problem telling you where I live. I live in Twinleaf Town, Kenny does too." Dawn said looking at Kenny, glaring. What's with him?

"We all live pretty close, that's cool."

"Yeah maybe," started Drew, and then took another sip of his tea, "except it takes me almost an hour to get to May's depending on the traffic in Jubilife."

May looked at Drew, then turned to face Ash, "Oh, hey we should give you our numbers in case of anything, I mean we just met you, but if you're Misty's friend, you're mine too."

"That sounds like a great idea, I consider you my friend also Ash," said Dawn gleefully.

At that they all exchanged numbers, except for Kenny. What the hell, he comes in and thinks he's all big shot. Why would I give him my number, there is no need, if he wants he can contact Dawn since she has to be all friendly to him. In Kenny's mind Dawn was flirting with Ash, and he didn't like it.

"Oh, hey guys it's 5:00 I need to bring May home," said Drew as he got up and May followed after him. "Bye guys!" said Drew and May in unison. "Bye!" said the rest of the gang after them.

"Well," started Dawn getting up from her chair, "I know you guys probably want to spend time together, so we'll leave you to it." She winked at Misty. "I agree," said Kenny, "Come on Dawn, let's go. See you around." He got up and walked out the door.

"Bye and it was nice meeting you Ash, and I'm sorry about Kenny's behaviour, I don't know what has gotten into him." With that she waved goodbye and she left.

"Hey Misty, want to have supper at my place tonight?"

"Of course!" Misty was thrilled that she got to spend some time alone with Ash. Though she was thrilled, she was also very nervous. Ash and I alone at his place... She only dreamed of such things happening. As they left Everly, she thought about all the things that could happen tonight, things can go really well… but… but what if it becomes a disaster and this was all a big mistake.

YES, this chapter has meaning! The phone numbers, where they live, it does, bear with me here. I didn't do it all for nothing :).

Keep reading! It gets better :D