The Simpson's: In Space: Season 2: Episode 6: Vision of Tomorrow: Part 2

(Outpost Y'ohan: 4/15/10: Ninth Star Legion: onboard the FOMNF Halcyon, Admiral Bethany Tanto is in a heated argument with Templar's Stan Tartarus and Ibonek Naw-Ibo)

POV: Bethany Tanto.

"For the last time I am well aware of the risk of having Thrail drones in my Star Legion." I said trying to get the two Templar's off my back. "I don't care! You should have spaced the wretches!" Said Stan, I will never understand what Rhea see's in this idiot. That's right, I heard about their marriage, Catherine told me about it, and she is embarrassed to have that idiot for a brother-in-law. (A bit like Homer's sisters-in-laws but in Tartarus's case it is less obvious at face value)

"You don't understand my fleet's research AI's are working on creating a bioweapon that can destroy the enemies' ships. But the Thrail have the most experience fighting Species 8311, so we need them to develop a weapon that can destroy the organic ships!" I said thinking of the best excuse possible to get these stooges off my back. "Oh really, just the enemy ships, why not just destroy this Species 8311 itself?" That was all Ibonek heard me say? I was about to think of another excuse when… she walked in.

"People… people, who discuss the fate of civilizations, are the happiest people." Ensign Riley, the most annoying person onboard this whole Star Legion, let alone the Halcyon itself, always randomly breaking into song for no other reason than to get attention. "Silence idiot! I must speak with the admiral!" Said Seraph throwing Riley out of the bridge, she was in her Aegis armor for no clear reason. "Oh joy, you two again, still bickering like an old married couple?" She said in sarcastic tone.

"Seraph, did you know that the Admiral has allowed Thrail drones onboard one of the Star Legions ships?" Asked Stan, and still completely unaware that it was Seraph who let the Thrail onboard. "Of course I do, it was I who allowed them to come aboard in the first place." And now they know that she let those drones onboard… what next? You'll tell them that story that I told you about what happened to me and Catherine in college? "No I wasn't I was answering a question." Said Seraph with her teeth clenched together tightly.

"What?! Why would you do something that stupid and reckless?" Asked Stan, no doubt ignoring his own past mistakes in this context, including but not limited to that time on Veskis when he fainted at the sight of a seven foot tall bunny, slipped on a banana peel and fell into that vat of Quetzal urine, Veskis was not a good day for that poor sap... though in retrospect he was just very clumsy that day. Don't ask how I know about that I've never been to Veskis. "Because it serves our purpose here, you think that we can win this war with just one Star Legion and a handful of Confederate ships?"

"Not… really, now that you mention it no, but why even help the Thrail? They are nothing if not pure evil!"

"And as always 'master' you like everyone else see the Thrail as just a plague. Every drone that has ever been assimilated was a person beforehand, and the Thrail have assimilated hundreds of thousands if not more civilizations and species, and you would condemn them all to death simply because you define their slave masters as 'evil'? Even if that term does fit Jezebel to a T, and insane and delusional but that is not my point." Said Seraph, though I have to say I can't remember anyone speaking positively about the Thrail. "That is because they were ignored. As for you Tartarus, I don't entirely understand your irrational hatred of the Thrail, but I will not allow your mindless hate destroy MY plans."

"What plan?" Asked Ibonek finally saying something. "Whether you two stooges understand is irrelevant. Just stay out of my way, or whatever happens to you two will be your own faults, now get back to your quarters and don't come out unless ordered." She said in a commanding tone. "Seraph I was going to tell them to go back into their quarters!"

"And that is relevant to our situation how?" She asked. "Uh… can't really think of any- look, I agree with the Templar's it is a bad idea to keep Thrail drones on one of our ships. But I also understand that we need to deal with Species 8311."

"Good, it is good to see you have your priorities straight Admiral, but I get the feeling you have something else to add." She said. "It's just… I don't feel good about risking the lives of my men just to get your family back!" I said, knowing full well that she wouldn't understand. "What? Getting my family is a critical part to destroying the Thrail!" She said. "So you keep saying, but how?" I asked. "They… might be… located at… important Thrail bases!" She said, sounding as if she were struggling to think of a good excuse. "And the odds of them actually are at any Thrail bases?"

"Pretty likely actually, but the problem is I don't know specifically where they are."

"So you need to… 'absorb' a Thrail, or whatever it is you do now to learn more about them?"

"Yes! That's it exactly! Remember I was only part of the Collective when they were in Karda-Sa'qum, and that was seven years ago." She explained. "Good now that we have settled, go to the Sinbad and keep a close eye on the Thrail."

"Aye, aye." Said Seraph as she did that 'void walk' or whatever it is that lets her go between ships so fast. "Meanwhile I'll see if this Pallantir still works." I said to myself, referring to the black mystical orb that Autarch Catherine gave me before the fateful mission in the depths of the Wilderness Sector that brought my entire Star Legion into the galaxy the Fellowship fleets that also came with us, the Edge of Night. Anyway, I was told that this thing could allow me to talk to Catherine even though we are a vast distance away from the Milky Way.

"Catherine, Admiral Bethany Tanto of the Ninth Star Legion reporting in." I said placing my hands on the Pallantir, I was then in the strange watery realm of the Pallantir, which from what Catherine told me, the Telkines call the Issena.

"Well? How is your little war with the Thrail going?" Asked Catherine. "Well… it has taken something of a weird turn, you see we've met this race of… giant penguins."

"Giant penguins?" She asked, looking somewhere around confused and halfway knowing what is going on. "Giant penguins that have acidic saliva, can breathe fire, and have electric tentacles in their backs… before you say anything else I know how weird that sounds, but Homer and his squad went into one of their ships. Long story short this species that as far as we are aware is called Species 8311 by the Thrail, are pretty much exterminating the Thrail."

"I see, and what do you plan to do about them?" She asked. "Well it was Seraph's idea really. From what little genetic material we got from a disabled S8311 ship, Seraph wants to create a weapon that can destroy the enemy ships." I explained. "Just the enemy ships? Why not just destroy Species 8311 altogether and not just their ships?" Catherine asked. "I don't know, knowing Seraph she probably has a highly risky plan involving these penguins. Speaking of Seraph, have you made any contact with her family?"

"Yes, in fact… the Sinbad is playing host to some Thrail drones, one of which is her sister Uthenera." I said hoping that she would at least understand why there are Thrail drones in the Star Legion. "Good, the bargain we made is actually coming together. But I must ask why where more drones then her brought aboard the Sinbad?" She asked. "From what I could tell they were trying to evacuate their cube before it was destroyed by a S8311 strike fleet."

"Does anyone else no about the Thrail on the Sinbad?" She asked me. "Not the other Captains, but the Templars somehow found out, and they want to space the drones outright." I explained. "Makes sense, the Templar's are always gun-ho about when any threat to them is presented. That usually serves them well, but in this case those drones have to survive until this 'weapon' is complete." She said. "Understood Autarch Oranos, Admiral Tanto out." I said as I left the Issena.

Personally, I really wish I was home, not putting up with all this weirdness, and also pretty much playing the second banana to a deranged Twi'grutan teenager who is willing to sacrifice entire civilizations to get her family back. "When we get back I am taking a vacation." I said to myself, hoping that Seraph was nowhere near here.


(Meanwhile, in the Sinbad's cargo hold, Uthenera and the surviving drones are setting up for an extended stay)

POV: Bart Simpson.

Okay Bart, keep calm, they are just deranged cyborgs. "I'm scarred too Bart." Said Knara, standing beside me, which was good because I didn't trust any of these cyborgs, even though these drones have only been down here for about three minutes they've redone the entire cargo hold into a sort of… bee hive… robot factory… thing. "Mind your mind, these wretches can smell fear," Seth then took a swift smell of his pits, "and I assume my lack of deodorant."

"Seth that's gross, besides I told you to put on deodorant this morning!" Said Lisa, doing a very good impression of mom. "Either way, it will take use some time to develop the weapon that we will need to defeat Species 8311." Said Uthenera, who I am still uncomfortable being around, she just looks... so... creepy, I mean she looks like a ghost, or a vampire, or a zombie, or... a pale monster of some kind! The point is she just looks creepy, and that smile... I do not want to know what she is thinking. Though from my little understanding of hive minds it's the Thrail Collective as a whole that she is thinking, so... yeah, I have good reason to find her scary.

"And how would that be any different from normal?" Said Seraph, who is standing right behind me... wait how long have you been back there? "Long enough to hear your opinions about my sister, and before you cringe in fear your fears of Uthenera are well founded." She said, which a relief was for reasons I won't think while you are here Seraph. "Don't get smug; my mind reading has become involuntary due to overuse. Now Uthenera, I want to make this clear," Seraph said as she shoved me aside, "you and your drones are only here to build the anti-Species 8311 weapon and nothing else! If I catch any drones outside of this cargo hold, I will purge them myself, do I make myself clear?" She said in a threatening tone of voice.

"Crystal, we will not leave this cargo hold under any circumstances." Said Uthenera, we all then left the cargo hold; Seraph had a sort of somber look on her face. "What's wrong? Normally you don't have any other look then anger, or a sarcastic smirk." Asked Lisa. "I just... I just wish me and Uthenera could have met under better circumstances. Not like this, and not when it would be so easy to cast the Thrail into oblivion if we did nothing."

"So, you regret having to help the Thrail?" Asked Lisa, though I think we all know Seraphs answer. "Yes, and I am only doing this so that I can save my family from them. And so far I've only found Uthenera, but as far as I know Narsil and Kitra are on opposite ends of Thrail space!" I will not say anything on this. "Good idea Bart, in any event just make sure that the Thrail do not leave the cargo-hold, under ANY circumstances." She said, but really who would be stupid enough to- "Homer." Seraph could you at least let me finn- "No."


(Later on in the med bay)

POV: Seraph Ashla

"Okay Doc, how far are you with this weapon?" I asked Dr. Bornar as she was rapidly typing into a computer console. "Well Seraph, I'll be honest this is WAY over my head. I've bombarded this sample with modified Thrail nano-probes, but… well let me show you." She then showed me an image of the Species 8311 DNA. "This is the strand before the probes," she said showing me black strands of DNA, even as a picture it reeked of corruption, "and this is the DNA after being probed." She said as she showed the purified S8311 DNA, I did not sense the corruption that I sensed in the first sample. "The strange thing is the intense Atherium readings; no being in the universe should have a reading this high!"

"Then my theory about these penguins was right, they were a Deus'ashan race!" I said. "What? You can't be serious; the legends say that the Deus'ashan races were driven to extinction by the Anathema races!" She exclaimed, and she was right, the Deus'ashan we're hunted down by, as the Fellowship calls them, the Anathema Brood, and were later condemned to serve in Uthenera through a mediocre bureaucratic service. (Don't ask me why, this makes as much sense to me as it probably does to you)

"Perhaps, but what if the Anathema these penguins created were not a race like the others, but a virus?" I said. "Somehow I think those Knights of K-Tan would know about this, I mean they MIGHT have a record of all the Deus'ashan races." Explained Dr. Bornar, and as if on cue, the K-Tan Knight that was assigned to the Cartographer ships came in. He was Paladin Shnatner Eberon, he was a strange-looking alien, and his head had some sort of shell, four eyes, and four noses, (Though when one remembers Telkine and Quetzal physiology it isn't all that weird) and to be honest he looks like a huge beetle of some kind.

"We do, we know each one of the All-Fathers creations that fell to their Hubris." He said, showing us a crystal that displayed holograms of each of the Deus'ashan's. "The Seraphim, Chrono-Titans, Ron'I, Habarg, Hilibians, Cherry-Bubs, Oir-Gish, Macrags, Camalans. All fell to their hubris… but this? What is this?" He asked. "It is a sample of the aliens that are attacking the Thrail, like I was telling the good doctor, I think that they were ounce Deus'ashan, but were infected by a lethal virus."

"Hmm… perhaps, one of the last of the Deus'ashan, instead of creating other races to do their will, at least one tried to help in fighting off the Anathema races. These… abominations must be what are left of them." Said Shnatner grimly. "But that does not mean they can be brought back. These Thrail probes can destroy this infection."

"Really?" Said Shnatner skeptically. "Let me see this." Dr. Bornar then showed him the same results that she had shown me naught but a minute ago, he then went back and forth for about another minute before he said. "This has merit, it would be glorious triumph to purge an Anathema race from the void like the tumor there kind are!" He said triumphantly. "Good… now comes the part that I don't think you will like."

"Would it have anything to do with the Thrail drone's already aboard this ship?" He guessed. "Yes… they are 'helping' in developing a weapon with these modified probes." I explained. "How exactly? Are you milking these drones for more probes?"

"We haven't figured how to do that yet, but they are helping in equipping the Scout Fleet's weapons with the modified probes." I explained. "Hmm, your plan is unconventional, risky, and if it should fail it would be a huge disaster." He said explaining my plan in a nutshell. "So you like it?" I asked, then he placed this three fingered hand on my shoulder. "I think we might become good friends in time." He said, with that most rare of expressions on his face, optimism and happiness.


(Meanwhile, in the cargo hold of the Sinbad, (The same one the Thrail are staying in) inside of Uthenera's mind)

POV: Uthenera Ashla.

After all of my long years in bondage, my freedom is at hand… my sister has found me, and though I am still in bondage to the Thrail, I will hold out hope that she will liberate me, and Garud'ashan, and Mirud'ashan from the grasp of Jezebel. I bet I know what you are thinking, how am I able to think for myself when I cannot control my body? Well it is a sort of technique that I and Seraph learned from Mirud'ashan when we were in the womb… yeah… Twi'gruttan physiology is kind of complicated for that to make sense.

Anyway, I and the Thrail drones from the cube that I was stationed on are in the cargo hold of a human frigate called the Sinbad. Seraph has… formed an alliance with the Collective to develop a weapon to affectively combat Species 8311. I imagine that she is aware that she knows that when this, 'Alliance' comes to a head the Thrail will betray her and the ship's crew… oh no…

"DANGER! DANGER! SPECIES 8311 IS PRESSING THE OFFENSIVE!" GAH! The Voice of the Collective… it is impossible to ignore that damned screeching, by the Collective's will, over ten-thousand world's burn, and their populaces are brought into the fold. "ATTETION! ALL DRONES ONBOURD THE FMNF SINBAD, ASSIMILATE ITS CREW IMMEDIATELY!"

"We understand." I said… or more accurately my body which has been enslaved by the Thrail for over fifteen years said that. So anyway, now that there is an official order from the Voice of the Collective it physically impossible for a drone to disobey… I can only hope that Seraph will find some way to spare me and the others… and if not all of us (as I imagine it will go out) then at least me.


(A few minutes later, in the bridge of the Sinbad)

POV: Homer Simpson.

"So what is the status on that anti-Species 8311 weapon?" I asked Grunchy, hoping that a progress has occurred. "I think it is finished Captain according to Seraph and Dr. Bornar… don't know about the Thrail though." He said, and if the Thrail are anything like the Borg from Star Trek, they are probably trying to take control of this ship as we speak. "Captain Homer! The Thrail are in the main server room!" Said Sheila, sounding panicked. "And that's bad right?" I asked as Grunchy began running towards the turbolift. "It is where my main data storage units are, where we keep our charts, technology, and Star Legion movements. So yes! It is bad that they are in there!"

"WHAT?!" I shouted. "Quick! Is there an airlock from there?" I asked, hoping that her answer was a yes, or if not that, then at least some way to get the Thrail out of the server room. "No… but I can vent the hallways that lead to the server room." She explained. "Good! Now vent them out of this bucket! I ordered "Very well, opening bay doors linking to space, might as well tell Tyler, Jack, R'ash, and Grunchy about it." She said- wait? What was that bit about telling the guys? "What was that about my regular team?" I asked.

"Well, I told Commander Tyler, Colonel Jack, R'ash and Grunchy about the Thrail intrusion and they just ran off." Oh… wait? How would they know that I ordered the data storage thingy? "Don't worry sir, I already told them your order to vent the DSU, and Tyler told me that he had his men get magnetic heels, and rebreather masks, except for Grunchy for obvious reasons. So they should be fine… assuming the Thrail don't catch on TOO quick."


(Meanwhile, in the hallways towards the date storage unit)

POV: Commander Tyler-700.

"And you all said that the magna-boots and masks were unnecessary!" I said as we charged down the hallway towards the DSU room. "I just said that they were overkill, besides how were we to know that Homer would vent them out into the void!" Said Grunchy as the artificial gravity began to dissipate. "That and it occurs to me that the Thrail could counteract weightlessness pretty quickly." He explained… and then I thought of the perfect explanation. "Well it's not like they would voluntarily jump out of an airlock. Besides, Seraph didn't say that we couldn't kill the drones… aside from her sister of course."

"Right… her sister… we are not supposed to kill the scary alien girl's sister. Which one is her sister again?" Asked Jack, who once again did not pay attention during the briefing, and once again I had to explain it to him in the middle of battle. "Uthenera? The one Twi'grutan among those drones?" Jack just gave me a blank silence. "The one alien among those drones, the one with the horn and tentacle thingies on her head, the one with the eyes on her eyelids."

"Oh! Is she the one the keeps telling me to pick up after myself, and then threatens me with that cantaloupe?" He said. "No, that is Ernie-123, our brother, the one with the sniper rifle but can't hit anything unless by accident." I explained… poor Ernie, ever since that tank fiasco in training Ernie has tried to kill Jack. Which, if it weren't for the end results to his botched plans to kill Ernie weren't so funny I would have actually tried to stop him before he did them. "At any rate, WE, meaning, me, and R'ash, and Tyler will do the killing, not you Jack." Said Grunchy, which is probably for the best, he always had a habit to friendly fire, which was discovered in the tank fiasco.

Anyway, we finally got to the DSU room, there were still drones in there despite the venting that was going on… and I will not give Grunchy the pleasure of admitting the little twerp was right. "All right drones, step away from the core, and we MIGHT not have to hurt you." I bluffed, hoping they wouldn't catch on. "Very funny, we know you are under orders not to harm 3 of 8." Said Uthenera… who was standing directly in front of the barrel of my rifle, at point-blank, wonderful, as if my job on this bucket wasn't hard enough to begin with! "Jack, I want you to give this young woman a bear hug."

"YES! BEAR HUGS FOR ALL!" He said excitedly, he always liked giving total strangers hugs. "HERE! YOU GET THE FIRST ONE ALIEN PERSON! IT IS FREE!" He shouted for no clear reason and then dived on top of Uthenera. "OPEN FIRE!" I ordered, me, Grunchy and R'ash opened fire on the remaining Thrail drones in the TSU room. "Captain, stop venting the ship, we have the situation under control."

"So I opened the doors for no good reason?" He asked sounding annoyed. "Sort of," I said as the drone corpses began flying out into space, "but it does however mean we don't have to send a clean-up crew down here." Even if Dr. Bornar actually likes touching dead things, for reasons that I have chosen not to ask under any circumstances. "Anyway, we will take Uthenera down to the brig."

"You will do no such thing commander." What? "Seraph, your sister and her drones tried to cripple the ship!" I said, trying not to be intimidated by her demonic rabbling. "No, she will not go to the brig."She said manifesting behind me. "I will take her to the bridge." She said, taking her sister by the shoulder. "Explain this!" Said Uthenera after being picked up by Seraph in her arms, for… some reason that I doubt she will ever explain. "I know what you and you're… you're 'kin' sought to do. And instead of trying to get my trump card, you will get something else."

"Uh… Captain? I think we may have another situation developing down here." I said into my com unit, hoping beyond hope that Homer was listening. "What? Are the drones gone?" He answered. "Yes… but Seraph is… I think she is taking her sister up to the bridge."

"WHAT?!" OW! He screamed right in my ear! "Look, I don't understand what is happening either! She came onboard right after we killed the drones, and took her sister to, what I can only assume is the bridge." I said as the ringing in my ears stopped. "For what?" Homer asked.

"I don't know… but whatever that girl has planned it had damned well work."


(Meanwhile, onboard the Ya'han's Dream, the Fleet of the Wailing Doom is on the other side of the system)

POV: Rhana Dhandra.

"Can someone explain how you two talked me into after the humans?" I asked the Inquisition agents, as we sat but a few parsecs away from the Knights of K-Tan outpost. "As we explained, the humans may end of being assimilated into the Thrail Collective."

"And that would concern the Watcher how? Near as I can tell it would be a blessing for him." I said. "Well… the Federation got some new technology after the Fall of Soma. Like the Fellowship did," the Twi'grutan agent explained, "which includes teleportation."

"Hmm… in that case it would call for keeping the humans guarded. But surely it would be wiser for them to know about us following them?" I suggested, and they still haven't answered my question, how did they talk me into this, when I should be fighting beside Aon and Andúril against the horrors of the dark gods? "Well look, the humans are bound to foul up out here, even with the help of the Knights their efforts would only bring disaster unto themselves, and unto this whole galaxy!" She raved.

"Look will you two stop dodging my question? How. Did. You. Talk. Me. Into. This. Fal, Deral?!" I said to them. "Well… we don't know either. We just told you to shadow the human fleet and you just went along with it." She explained… which just raised further questions. "Um… Held-Eep what is the status on the human fleet?" I asked my helmsman, hoping to break the awkwardness. "Nothing at the moment, but- wait I'm getting weird readings from one of the ships!"

"Well what is it?!" I asked him. "I can't say for certain, I'm sending in a spy satellite for a visual." He said as a Mithrandir satellite launched past the bridge viewports. "Okay, I have a visual." Said Held-Eep. "It looks like one of the ships is being consumed by… some kind of green… energy." He said, and as he said this a massive green light went off in the middle of the human ships.

"And now the ship has disappeared!" Said Held-Eep.

"Where did it go?"

"I can't say, it could have been an experimental FTL system, or they could have been sucked into anyone of the nodes of the Universal Tree!"


(Meanwhile, in another dimension, that can be only be described as a green jello mold, Homer, and the senior personal of the Sinbad are in the meeting room to discuss what had just happened)

POV: Paladin Shnatner Eberon.

"Can someone please explain how we got here?" I asked Homer, we were on some sort of conference room. Along with the captain, there was his mate Marge, his children Bart and Lisa, Commander Tyler-700, Colonel Jack-214, Grunchy, R'ash… and the two that were responsible for our being in whatever All-Father forsaken dimension this is, Seraph and Uthenera Ashla.

"Well as far as I can remember, Seraph brought that…" Homer then began stammer and moving his lips randomly at random. "That thing my bridge, overpowered the bridge crew, hijacked my ship! And now were here!" Then again, his only bridge staff seemed to have been him, Grunchy, and the Spartan Tyler and they weren't in the bridge when the incident happened. "It is actually very simple," said the Thrail drone which for my survival I will refer to as Uthenera, "this is the dimension where Species 8311 inhabits; this is where the modified nano-probes will be at their most effective against them."

"And you brought us here why?" Asked Marge. "To destroy Species 8311 of course, why else would I have done this?" Said Uthenera, at this point I would have said that I and Seraph think that they are actually a Deus'ashan race that was corrupted by their own Anathema race. "So where are they?" Marge asked disbelievingly, and as if on cue, one of the S8311 ships flew right by the Sinbad with a… a weird sort of gargling and whooshing noise as it flew past.

"And with that in mind," said Homer as he picked up a microphone, "BATTLESTATIONS! SPECIES 8311 SHIP SIGHTED! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!" He shouted, and then we all ran to the bridge.

When we got the bridge, Homer hailed the ship… and after I smacked him over the head and corrected him on what 'hail' meant in this context and he contacted the ship. "Attention, this is Homer Simpson of the FMNF Sinbad. We have a weapon that can destroy your entire race." Or at the very least just their ships if Seraph's plan is correct. "Now either gets out of our galaxy, or we shall destroy your whole civilization."

"You… are a bold one… to think that you can challenge us… for we, are the," the voice that the ship projected into our minds just made these weird slurping and gurgling noises. "Fire the torpedoes!" He ordered, and then the torpedoes fired at the Species 8311 ship, and it disintegrated. "Now, will you all retreat or am I going to have to get… wait what's happening?" Said Homer as he noticed the dimension that we were in began to collapse and fade.

And before we knew it, we were back in our own reality.


Lexicanum Galacticus: The Knights of K-Tan.

The Knights of K-Tan are an order of warriors native to the Edge of Night. The order was founded by the Seraphim of Justice, Lord K-tan to combat the rising the chaos in Pelena'gwa-Heimval as a result from the Fall of the Deus'ashan, at first they were just a collection of scholars, warriors, and even farmers that wanted to make sense of the chaos that was consuming their homes in fire.

Over time, they became so big that the Knights of K-Tan had to be divided up into Chapters to support some sort of cohesion in the order. Now they are the only force in the entire Penena'gwa-Heimval that keeps the remaining pockets of civilization safe from the Anathema Brood, Blood Aberrations, and even the Neo-Somites and Thrail. (Aside from the Archon Militia but that's a whole another entry)

But shortly after the disastrous battle in the Armea Nebulea which crippled a vast part of the Orders Fleet, K-tan himself delivered a prophesy that, when the order was on the brink of extinction, warriors from the Heart of the Void would come, and bring all the enemies of the Archons Moot to justice. And it was also said that at least one of them would be the Twilight Herald, and Fen-Pho'baas, the first would be the first of a new race of deities that would destroy the Blood Lords, and the other would be destined to wield the legendary sword Fen-Pho'baas at Vigils End.

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