The Simpson's: In Space: Season 2: Episode 6: Vision of Tomorrow: Epilogue

(Meanwhile, at an Archon's Militia supply station. Battle Fleet R'hllor is receiving word from Uthlaan Jynha, regarding the mission they and maybe two other Battle Fleets that will be needed for in the next episode)

"So… you wish us to go to Armea?" Asked Lord-Admiral Ta-Krin, after Uthlaan had explained his Battle Fleet's mission in detail. "Yes, it should bring a major blow to the Thrail collective." Uthlaan said, summarizing his briefing of the human. "I see… and what is your basis for this strategy?" He asked with an unmistakable air of pride and arrogance in his vaguely British accented voice. "We have a reliable source from one of the Foretold; I will not mention anything specific but the Foretold in the question said that the Thrail have a major outpost in Armea."

A/N: In case anyone is wondering, Ta-Krin is an expy of Grand Moff Tarkin… who in light of the latest episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars I have come to hate with a burning passion.

"I see… and what is this outpost exactly? A stargate? A supply depot? A com station?" He asked, trying to make up an excuse not to take part in the mission. "I think it was a supply depot, nothing really specific aside from its importance, and of course it's location." Uthlaan explained, knowing all too well the human's reputation for trying to weasel his way out of hard missions. "Admiral what is going on- Chapter Master Jynha? Why are you contacting us?" Asked a giant of a man who had walked into the room, he was bald, wore a trench-coat, and a pair of blade/gun gauntlets.

"Lord-General Stubbins, I was just being informed by the Chapter Master about our next assignment. Though frankly I am skeptical of its sensibility, it will apparently be in the Armea Nebula." Explained Ta-Krin to his longtime friend, (Though a more accurate term would just be co-worker) Stubbins just glared at Ta-Krin's arrogant demeanor. "Whatever you need Battle Fleet R'hllor for; she is at the Knights of K-Tan's disposal." The Lord-General said to the K-Tan Chapter Master. "You cannot be serious Lord-General! We cannot throw this Battle Fleet into the cauldron of war, and besides that, we do not even-" He was then cut off by his throat inexplicably began to constrict.

"I find your lack of faith in me… disturbing." Said Uthlaan as he Essence strangled Ta-Krin over the hologram. "His disregard for the Knights and his general arrogance has caused me no end of aggravation. Honestly, you'd think that after that whole ordeal when my family was all but destroyed after my father and grandfather where accused of Blood Worship he would at least take his position with at least a small measure of humility." Stubbins said nonchalantly as Ta-Krin was being telepathically strangled by Uthlaan.

"With all due respect Chapter Master, as much as I hate him he needs to live, he is after all," he then paused for a moment, swallowing up the gallon of bile that nearly surged out of his throat, "he is the scion of a major Noble Tribe." Ta-Krin then fell to ground gasping for breath. "Fair enough, but his 'noble' birth is the only thing that stays his death."

"I object to this treatment!" Said Ta-Krin had regained his breath. "Listen, I have asked nothing personal of the Archons Militia, in fact this is the first time I have ever directly contacted a Battle Fleet. But… we need to stand by one another as we have always have had to do, especially with the chance to destroy one of the Moot's enemies standing before us." Uthlaan said, trying his best to be diplomatic, but his rustiness with the art was kind of obvious. "The enemy that all but destroyed the Javeden home worlds, AND conquered Ilothan I might add."

"Then we shall make our way to Armea, I will prepare the men for the voyage." Said Stubbins, he then walked out of the coms room. "Very well, as for you Ta-Krin," Uthlaan glarred at Ta-Krin, "I will deal with you at another date." He said his hologram disappeared; Ta-Krin then looked down at a small pendent that was around his neck. It was a red wheel made of barbed infinite signs, the symbol of The Unknown One, The Third Son of Secrets. "Patients, scion of Hquinis," hissed the pendent, in a tone only Ta-Krin could hear, "your Tribe has served The Unknown One well. Though it would behoove you not to go Armea, but your next task awaits you in that place. Play along with them for now." Ta-Krin silently obeyed it, and went down to the hanger bay with the Lord-General.


(Later down in the ships hanger bay)

"Men of Battle Fleet R'hllor! Today we set sail for the Armea Nebula where, with the Foretold we shall strike a crippling blow to the Thrail Collective!" Said Lord-General Stubbins as he stood before a platform, from which his men, the Archon's Militia Militiamen could see him. "I know that many of you are afraid to go into that accursed corner of the void, but no this, as it is in the Tacitus of Valor. 'He, who fights in the name of the All-Father, shall not fight alone.' Look to each other for strength in the battle to come, and may you fall in battle rather than to the Thrail!" He said in triumph, and the Militiamen shouted in agreement.

"We are one in the All-Father! And the Will of K-Tan!" Shouted one Militiaman.

"In the name of the Five, let none survive!" Shouted another Militiaman.

"Were our forefathers failed, let us find victories beyond measure!" Shouted a third.

The gathered Militiamen then began to sing.

A/N: The song they are about to sing is loosely based off of the song in the video in the link leads to: www . youtube watch?v=J_cgg4S5kk4 if for any reason it doesn't show anything, the username is gr3ylock, and the video is called: [HD] Warhammer 40k Tribute -The Emperor and his Main Forces (Space Marines,Imperial Guard,Sororitas).

"Raise thy weapons on this day. Ye shall not die alone. Fight and die, let Banshee's fly, for thee shall take thee home, I promise thee that on this night. Yee shall be by my side. The All-Father waits, with heroes, brothers that have died. For thee we wait, at Uthenera's gates, come join us by our side. Uthenera waits, so choose thy fate. For all of us must DIE!"

A/N: I only included this song for about two reasons. 1, I keep losing track of the video's name that contains the above song. 2, I just love the song in question.

Stubbins shed a tear at this sight, for he was proud to lead these brave men. He didn't have the heart to tell any of them that some of them would not be coming back.


(Meanwhile, back on the Sinbad, Seraph, Uthenera and Daavas are all getting settled into the cargo hold where the Thrail Alcoves are)

"Look Seraph, I appreciate this and all but you and Daavas don't have to bunk with me." Said Uthenera as Seraph and Daavas laid out sleeping bags for each other. "Nonsense, we just want to make sure that you feel comfortable on this ship. You just got disconnected from the Thrail Collective and… well trust me when I say this, but you need to have some kind of contact after being disconnected from the Collective our… well you might become just a little unhinged."

"By that she means you WILL turn into a raving lunatic if you don't get socialized at least a little." Said Daavas bluntly, which resulted in him being punched in the shoulder by Seraph. "Anyway, it's just our way of welcoming you onboard the Sinbad proper, and sorry for the nutcases you encountered." Said Seraph, referring to Uthenera's incident with Mackloras and Marge.

"Well… thank you," said Uthenera as a light yellow blush began to spread across her checks, "I did expect this sort of hospitality at all. "Well we got to get to bed, it's been a long day and whenever we get to Armea will also be a big day, so we might as well get to bed." Seraph said.

"Seraph, I have to ask, do you have any plans for the future?" Uthenera asked. "Well… for one thing, I would do what I can to make our home galaxy a better place to live. One where the social injustices done to all species, whether by humanity or the Fellowship of Andu, don't give me that look, it's a little known fact that they conquer any race that practices slavery and makes them live in slums! It would be a galaxy where nobody would dread tomorrow, where the young will not have to worry, where the corrupt have no authority over the weak! That is my Vision of Tomorrow." Seraph said triumphantly.

"That is a good plan," Uthenera said in admiration, "when will all of this be implemented?"

Seraph and Daavas looked at each other at Uthenera's response. "That's just it Uthenera, that's all that it really is, it's just a vision, an idea, a dream. And… well in this forsaken universe you have to grit everything by the teeth just to survive."

"Then why bother wanting to do such a thing, if you don't plan on following through on it?" Uthenera asked. "I didn't say I wouldn't follow through with it, I'm just saying that the odds of doing it alone are near impossible. But still that is not a reason to at least try." Said Seraph, explaining her skepticism to her twin sister. "Oh… oh I see I am sorry for jumping the gun. But I have to ask, how will recovering our parents and facing down Jezebel factor into this?"

"How do you know about that?" Asked Seraph, not remember sharing her plans in any real detail to Uthenera. "It was an educated guess sister." Uthenera explained. "Ah, well I'll explain it when the time is right." Said Seraph as she laid down in her grey sleeping bag.

"And when will that be?" Asked Uthenera cocking up an eyebrow, Seraph was silent for a moment before saying. "When this is done, you will know."

A/N: And now, with this episode ado. (The curtains rise over the stage) Let me introduce you to a friend of mine, ladies and gentleman… the Ranting Swede!

Ranting Swede: I'll tell you something that drives me to the loony bin that has the mute Indian Chief! CARTOON NETWORK! You see kiddies, back in the olden days, Cartoon Network had quality programing. And by that I mean that it wasn't good, it wasn't bad, but it was watchable. But the trash that's on these days? IT'S JUST MINDLESS NONSENCE! I mean what is so funny about doing the same sight gags, (he begins to clone) over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over.

(Meanwhile in the audience, Darth Sith'ari, Seraph, Bart, and Lisa are discussing the surreal nonsense on the stage)

Seraph: Okay seriously, who is this guy?

Darth Sith'ari: I told you during the casting, this is the Ranting Swede! He used to play on Sheep in the Big City back in 2001.

Seraph: Never heard of it.

Bart: Wait hold it, I think I remember this guy. I think Lisa and I met him during the 2002 Cartoon Meet.

Lisa: What? I don't remember anything like that.

Bart: Well it was over ten years ago, I think he was the guy who got on stage during fun time and started ranting about how the fall of the Soviet Union would cause a massive power vacuum that would drive the world into an age of social degradation, and some kind of civil war… or something like that I don't remember.

Seraph: (Unimpressed) Again where did you find this guy?

Darth Sith'ari: He was on a Russian website why?

Seraph: …just get on with the stupid Lexicanum Galacticus entry?

Darth Sith'ari: (Disgruntled) Fine.

Ranting Swede: (He is no longer a moose in a trench coat) AND THAT IS WHY I HATE LIVERWURST!


Lexicanum Galacticus: The Archons Militia.

The Archons Militia is the main military arm of the Archons Moot. They were formed shortly after the creation of the Knights of K-Tan, the Militia was meant to mainly be a sort of defense force for worlds under the Moot's rule, whereas the Knights would serve in the frontier to protect from Blood Abominations, Neo-Barbarians from the Neo-Somite Theocracy, and Anathema races.

However, because of the disastrous battle in the Armea Nebula the Archons Militia was forced to recruit more soldiers, step up production on ground vehicles and star ships, in short the Militia was forced to take up what the weakened Knights of K-Tan could no longer hold.

By at least the middle of the Age of Twilight the entire Militia was composed almost entirely of humans, descended from the Fleet of The Wailing Doom's human auxiliary forces that were found on Ilothan. By the time of the Age of Judgment, the only presence of aliens in the Militia was elite assassins, commandos, and Essence users, including the Rune Fangs, the Void Titans, and the Adjutants respectively.

The main base of the Archons Militia is the Archons Station itself, the Militia is divided into thousands of Battle Fleets. Each one manned by both a Lord-General, and a Lord-Admiral, obviously the Lord-General handles the ground forces while the Lord-Admiral manages the ships, how these two works together varies from Battle Fleet to Battle Fleet. On some the Lord-Admiral and the Lord-General are openly antagonistic to each other, while on others they are both good friends. Such hostilities are suspected to be a sort of 'clash of classes'. The Lord-Admiral is usually a member of one of the Moot's Noble Tribes, while the Lord-General is usually promoted from among the Militiamen. This is sometimes reversed but it is more common than not.

The Militia mainly uses massive rush attacks, massive amounts of heavy ordinance to win battles. From time to time a Battle Fleet goes rouge and allies with whatever enemy it chooses either the Blood Lords, or the Neo-Theocracy.

But the Militia still stands strong against its enemies, even as the shadows grow.


A/N: Note to self: if continue Ranting Swede segments, think them through better. I mean I felt more confident writing about him ranting about Cartoon Network, but… well I just wanted to pad this out to at least five pages like I do with all the Epilogues… on the plus side, meet Seraph's long lost sister Uthenera! I'm trying to make sort of optimistic Seraph, as weird as that might sound.