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When Iruka woke in the morning it was to a yawn, eyes watery and blurry as they opened. It didn't take long for Iruka to remember last night, and his eyes quickly locked on to Kakashi's naked face.

It was still as Iruka remembered from the night before, sharp jaw, slightly stubbled, and such wonderfully pale skin. Sure, Kakashi had several small scars from this or that battle, but Iruka felt them beautiful. He dared not move, else he wake Kakashi up and he would cover his face. Iruka wasn't sure how long it would be before he would be allowed to see Kakashi again.

Iruka remembered what Kakashi had whispered before he fell asleep. He wasn't sure if it had been part of a dream or not, but Iruka was sure Kakashi's words were from this world. Kakashi had said 'goodnight' right after. It was Iruka's saving grace, it meant Kakashi didn't need a response, at least not right then. He'd given Iruka an out, and Iruka had taken it.

Though it didn't take away from the words. Kakashi loved him. The great Hatake Kakashi, lone wolf, master of one night stands and sneaking from beds undetected, was in love with him. Maybe even wanted to settle down with him… Better not to get to ahead of himself, Kakashi loved him now, and that was enough. Did he love Kakashi?

It shouldn't have been a hard question to answer. Iruka could hear Kakashi's voice in the back of his head from their previous conversation you either like me or you don't it's not that difficult. But it was for Iruka. He wasn't as straightforward and in control of himself as Kakashi was. His emotions ran rampant in his mind and Iruka didn't always know which ones were which.

What did Iruka want from love? He didn't know. He didn't know what love was supposed to be, had hardly an example he could call upon. So he started with ideals he figured his love should have. Trust and honesty… check and check. Able to be serious when needed, and humorous when not… check. They had to be able to deal with his obsessive gardening hobby and compulsive dishwashing and laundry routines. Iruka had a feeling it would take a long time to get Kakashi to follow his laundry routine, but the jounin seemed fine with his dish washing, however much he had been teased. Iruka figured he'd want to wake up next to them every day, for probably his entire life. Did he want all that with Kakashi?

He looked down, taking in Kakashi's features as he slept peacefully. He wondered if they could share some sort of stability while Kakashi was not on missions. Waking up and making breakfast, Kakashi reading Icha Icha while Iruka marked papers, Kakashi taking Iruka to bed at night…

The teacher was startled from his thoughts as Kakashi began to move, arms stretching above his head as he scratched his chin absentmindedly. Then he seemed to really wake up, remembering Iruka and his facial nakedness. His eyes opening wide and darting up to Iruka's searching for some sign of unpleasantness that Iruka was certain he wouldn't find.

"Good morning Kakashi." He whispered quietly, leaning down and planting a chaste kiss on Kakashi's bare lips.

"Mmm, morning." Kakashi grumbled in return.

Iruka smirked down at the grumpy ninja, fingers making gentle circles on the sides of Kakashi's ribs as he watched the older man force a smile.

"Not disgusting? You don't seem to be grimacing at my face in the daylight."

Iruka frowned and wanted to punch the older man for being so cynical, but knew that wouldn't help. Instead he leaned over and planted a kiss over each eyebrow and then on Kakashi's nose. That seemed to be answer enough for the jounin as he stretched once more and then pushed himself into a sitting position.

"You'll be late if you don't go Ruka." He spoke to the ceiling.

"I've got a moment or two. Since I'm so close to the middle of town and all." Iruka sat up as well, wrapping his arms around Kakashi's shoulders and torso, nuzzling his nose into Kakashi's neck. Kakashi grabbed Iruka's hands, rubbing the tops gently as they embraced.

They just wanted to enjoy being together, in such a completely normal and unchanging way. Both were thinking it, but neither was willing to admit such things out loud. So they stayed like that for a little longer.

It was with great regret that Iruka had to let go, blushing as he got out of bed and took his last look at Kakashi's face.

"I'll see you tonight I suppose?" He asked it as a question, not sure what Kakashi had planned for the night.

"Ice cream then my place? It's a Friday, no school tomorrow, you can laze around in your boxers and look at me all you want."

Iruka nodded, chuckling softly. Like Kakashi really had to sell the plan to him. He was convinced at 'ice cream'.

And so Iruka made himself some toast with Kakashi's help, and washed it down with some OJ before rushing out the door to get to the academy on time.

The day seemed longer than usual as Iruka packed up from the Academy and headed to the missions room to get his closing shift over with. He could see Kakashi now, standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for him as soon as the last person left.

Iruka tried the red-bean ice cream today, and although it wasn't as good as the mango he conceded to Kakashi that it was still pretty good. They strolled around the village, stopping at the Yamanaka flower shop. Kakashi bought Iruka a single tiger lily, making Iruka blush profusely and stammer a thank you.

Iruka felt that it was all very cute and romantic as they walked back towards Kakashi's place, only to run into none other than Gai. Iruka was deciding whether it was worth it to teleport home at this very moment or stay and embrace the embarrassment he knew was about to come.

"Gai-sensei!" Kakashi shouted it what must have been the most enthusiastic voice he had ever used around Gai.

"Kakashi-sensei! My eternal rival! What can I do for you this fine evening? Would you like to race me around the outer village? I assure you this time I will win!" He lumbered closer, winking at Kakashi as they stood almost chest to chest.

"Actually Gai, we'll have to take a rain check this time. I was just headed home… with my-oof" Kakashi was cut off as Iruka's elbow made contact with his ribs.

"Iruka-Sensei can come too? If you get tired sensei I can carry you on my back, even with you I could surely still win!"

Kakashi sighed and tried to back track his previous sentence. "Iruka and I were just heading back to my place."

Iruka seemed to relax at this comment, but as Kakashi looked over at Iruka's face the teacher was clearly still in distress.

"Ahh! I see! You two have gotten very close upon late. It's nice to see such wonderful new friendships blooming. Is this why you were so excited to leave the missions room today Iruka?"

Iruka blushed, looking at the ground, but nodded after his eyes flickered up to catch Gai's expectant look.

"Well now everything seems explained, now. There's been rumours around the office that you've found yourself a girlfriend." Gai smirked at Iruka with a thumbs up.

Kakashi's eye flashed at Iruka, those deep orbs asking, practically begging Iruka to let him tell. Iruka's stomach dropped. This was it. If he agreed Gai would know. Iruka and Kakashi's relationship would become infinitely more official and real. It was terrifying, the very idea of letting someone in on something so personal and intimate made his heart race.

But the look in Kakashi's eye made him swallow his fear's for a moment. The need, and hope and a tiny flicker of childish delight shining through just Kakashi's eye had Iruka nodding ever so slightly.

Kakashi smiled under his mask, turning back to Gai as he wrapped his arm around Iruka's waist and pulled the younger man towards him. "Boyfriend… actually." Kakashi corrected.

"Pardon?" Gai asked as his eyebrows furrowed together.

"B-boyfriend." Iruka stuttered out. "He said boyfriend."

Kakashi looked towards Iruka, eye wide in shock at Iruka's bold admission.

"Iruka-sensei?" Gai choked out. "Kakashi?" His eyebrows contorting as he processed the information. "Partners?"

Kakashi nodded squeezing Iruka gently hoping to comfort the chunin.

"How… youthful! It is a rather large shock though, no offense to either of you. I just… it's surprising to… I was honoured enough to be one of the few Kakashi had told… but Iruka-sensei I had no idea you also had the same preferences."

Iruka wished he could shrink in upon himself and disappear. Anything to stop the awkwardness blanketing the three men.

"But I am happy for you both!" Gai smiled, stepping forwards and slapping both men on the shoulder. "I hope your relationships blooms with youthful exuberance!"

Kakashi seemed to be beaming under his mask, his eyes shining with pride as Gai looked from one ninja to the other.

"You are one of the first to know Gai-sensei, but we aren't quite ready for a village wide announcement… If you understand my meaning…" Iruka added nervously. He knew that something told to Gai was something told to anyone with at least one good ear.

"Oh! Yes! If that is your decision I am honoured to keep such a bright and youthful secret!" He gave the two men a big thumbs up before saying something about needing to go touch the top of the tallest building before the next hour and off he went, leaving Iruka and Kakashi to head home.

Kakashi had kept Iruka pulled to his side the entire way home, not letting his arm fall from the chunin's waist even as they ascended the stairs. Kakashi opened the door and toed off his shoes, leaving Iruka to hang his vest on the coat rack.

"So…" Kakashi started. He hadn't actually planned anything for tonight, and he greatly hoped Iruka would have an idea or two. Luckily for him, Iruka had a very specific plan in mind.

Iruka smirked just then, rising his hand and using his index finger to beckon Kakashi to him. And the jounin obeyed, steadily walking to Iruka and wrapping his arms around the younger man's waist, pulling him flush against himself.

Slowly, because Iruka wasn't sure if last night was a onetime thing, he locked his eyes with Kakashi's as his fingers gripped the hem of his mask. He gave no signs of stopping the teacher, so Iruka slowly pulled the mask down, his eyes leaving Kakashi's to gaze once more upon the ninja's hidden face.

It was just as beautiful as it was this morning, his fingers ghosting over Kakashi's face in awe before they trailed to the back of Kakashi's neck, pulling him in for a kiss.

To say Kakashi was surprised would be an understatement. Iruka had never really been the one to initiate anything intimate. From time to time, yes, he'd be the first to move in for the kiss, and he'd told Kakashi he wanted to do more that one night after the movie, but he'd never been this in control. Not that Kakashi was complaining. Their tongues fought for a moment, Iruka's still submitting to Kakashi and letting the older man ravage his mouth.

Iruka was proud of himself, cheering in his mind at his bravery as Kakashi worked his magic. But tonight it was Iruka's turn. Something had changed in him the other night, turning on a switch Iruka didn't know existed. He remembered how he felt, lips moving over Kakashi's most intimate area, the jounin practically wreathing under him; and those noises. The soft whines and low groans as Iruka serviced him. He had never felt that way before, and though he was scared and nervous about his skill, Iruka wanted that again, he wanted Kakashi moaning under him in pleasure. Pleasure that Iruka was bringing him.

Iruka began to push, gently leading the older man to where he knew the bedroom was. Iruka smirked as Kakashi pulled away hand leaving Iruka's waist to touch the light switch.

"On or off?" Kakashi panted.

With a mental high-five Iruka bit gently at Kakashi's ear lobe, empowered by the small hitch of breath. "On. I want to see you."

Kakashi's groan went straight to Iruka's groin, he pushed the albino haired man onto the bed, smirking as Kakashi crawled backwards eye slightly hazed with lust at Iruka's change of personality.

His shirt was the first to go, Iruka tugging the stretchy fabric over Kakashi's head, taking the forehead protector with it and tossing it to the floor. Hands came to Kakashi's chest caressing with gentle but firm strokes, as Iruka pushed Kakashi onto his back.

The teacher was straddling Kakashi at this point, lips descending on Kakashi's neck, kissing and nipping over the soft skin, just as Kakashi had done to him before. He moved lower, only one goal in mind as his tongue slid over Kakashi's chest, flicking over a nipple, Iruka's heart skipping a beat at the pant of breath it caused.

As Iruka moved lower Kakashi opened his other eye, sharingan swirling as it took in Iruka's form. He vaguely wondered what had caused Iruka to do this, but decided it didn't really matter, and thanked Kami instead.

Moving lower, Iruka's mouth seemed to become more erotic, lips pressing into sensitive skin, teeth biting into the skin hard enough to leave marks, and then slick tongue caressing the bite in a sensual apology. Kakashi's hands were in Iruka's hair, fingers threading through the soft tendrils, wanting so badly to pull out the hair tie but knowing better.

Fingers expertly unfastened his pants in a measure of skill Kakashi wasn't aware the teacher had, tugging his pants and boxers off with smooth efficiency. As his pants were tossed to the floor, Kakashi had to bit his tongue not to moan, looking down at Iruka, lips twisted into a lusty smirk as his eyes flickered to Kakashi's length.

Iruka was pleased with himself so far, nerves fluttering in his stomach as he took in Kakashi's erection. Last time he'd been in a state of panic almost, knowing Kakashi needed release. This was entirely different, he wanted to do this for Kakashi, wanted to worship Kakashi with his touch until the older man was unable to think or speak. And so with a deep breath he wasted no time, tongue licking up from the base of Kakashi's shaft all the way up, circling the head and tasting the pre-cum before plunging down, taking all that he could in one go.

The reaction was exactly what Iruka wanted, Kakashi's fingers tightening in his hair as he groaned the teachers name, head falling back onto the pillows as Iruka began to work. He tried his best, not being very practiced at this particular skill, but he'd heard enough to get him by. Cheeks sucked in to create pressure as his head bobbed up and down tongue pressing a prominent vein as he plunged down once more.

Kakashi was panting hard above him, just barely containing his moans as his length disappeared between Iruka's kiss swollen lips.

"You can… use a little… ohh teeth." He tried to speak, taking time to pant and control his voice between words.

Iruka moaned in response, sending jolts of pleasure up Kakashi's spine as the vibrations moved through him. Iruka doubled his efforts, wanting the man writing beneath him. Teeth oh so gently scraping at the base of Kakashi's shaft before his tongue, slick and hot licked up, flicking into the sensitive slit. His hand left the bed to grasp the base of Kakashi's erection, stroking what his mouth couldn't reach in time to the bobs of his head.

He lifted his eyes, sucking gently on the head of Kakashi's cock as they locked eyes, Kakashi's burning with need, Iruka's daring the man to hold on longer.

He couldn't, groaning Iruka's name loudly before he fell over the edge, shooting his seed into Iruka's hot mouth.

He swallowed, releasing Kakashi's length with a pop, licking his lips as he sat up to inspect his work. Eyes sweeping over a blushed, panting Kakashi, limbs splayed in pleasure as he rode out the high.

Iruka smirked to himself as he got up, going to the bathroom to rinse his mouth before returning to Kakashi. He slid into the bed, throwing his arm over Kakashi's torso, snuggling into the older man's side.

"I don't know what prompted this," Kakashi's head turned to the side, smiling at the smaller man. "but I like it." He leaned forwards slightly and kissed Iruka on the forehead before quickly moving Iruka's arm and straddling the teacher.

"My turn." He whispered into Iruka's ear, nibbling at the earlobe there and shivering at Iruka's wanton moan. His shirt was practically torn off, Kakashi throwing it to behind him unceremoniously as his lips descended, biting and licking down Iruka's chest. He went quickly, spending only a moment licking over Iruka's nipples, biting gently at one and chuckling deep in this throat at Iruka's cry of pleasure.

He only wanted one thing right now, and Iruka's pants were in the way, growling with need as he popped off the button and ripped the pants off, those too finding themselves on the floor. A glance up gave Kakashi a wonderful image, Iruka's eyes tightly shut, lip caught between his teeth as he tried not to moan.

That just wouldn't do. So Kakashi licked to Iruka's hipbone, biting gently at the hollow there groaning at Iruka's own moan. Hands found themselves in Kakashi's wild hair, not sure if they wanted to push away or pull closer.

They did neither as Kakashi blew hot air over the tip of Iruka's cock a whine escaping from Iruka's throat at the teasing sensation. Kakashi smirked, opening his mouth, letting the hot air ghost over Iruka's length, watching the man frown and his hands tighten.

"Kashi." Iruka whined when Kakashi didn't move.

"What do you want Iruka?" He couldn't help but tease.

Kakashi watched the blush deepen, spreading down Iruka's neck as his hips jerked up experimentally, Kakashi smirking as he moved out of the way just in time. Iruka whined again.

"Use your words Sensei." Kakashi teased in a low timber, tongue just barely flicking over Iruka's tip.

"Please Kakashi!" He suddenly yelled, hips thrusting up at the brief touch.

"Please what Ruka-kun?" Kakashi moved away again, smirking, pleased with himself at the state he had Iruka in.

Iruka's eyes shot open, glaring at Kakashi. "So help me Kami Kakashi if you don't finish what you started I will make sure this is the last you see of me for a very long time!" Iruka yelped the last part, Kakashi deciding he had teased enough, and had swallowed Iruka in one go, hot mouth engulfing the straining erection.

Iruka practically screamed, the sudden slick heat overwhelming his senses. Nobody had ever done this to him before, and the new pleasure was almost too much.

But then Kakashi's mouth was gone, moving up to Iruka's ear, the jounin panting almost as hard as Iruka.

"Do you trust me?" Kakashi whispered, his hand coming up to stroke Iruka's weeping length.

Iruka nodded, eyes conveying his confusion as Kakashi licked up the shell of his ear.

"I promise it will feel great." And then he was moving down again, tongue laving over Iruka's weeping slit before plunging over the rock hard flesh.

Iruka cried out again, his head swimming in the pleasure of sudden slick heat. And then Kakashi was nudging his legs apart farther, Iruka mindlessly complying. He was too far lost to pleasure and lust as Kakashi's mouth moved over him, sucking and tonguing at all the right places.

Shock and confusion had Iruka's eyes snapping open, locking with Kakashi's as a slick finger teased gentle circles around his puckered hole. Iruka's breathing was shallow, panicking slightly.

Kakashi's eyes were soft, as he looked back at Iruka willing him to calm down as his finger continued it's teasing circles.

"Trust me." Kakashi whispered, mouth leaving Iruka's length momentarily before licking up the shaft and swallowing him once more.

Iruka tried to take deeper breaths. He trusted Kakashi. He said it would feel good, so it would. His breath hitched as Kakashi's mouth dipped lower than before, the tip of his length hitting the back of Kakashi's throat. He gave Kakashi a nod, letting his head fall back on the pillow as he nervously waited.

It was strange at first, as Kakashi's slick finger pressed into him, pushing past the first ring of muscles. Kakashi doubled his efforts working over Iruka's length, moving a little faster and adding suction, hoping to distract the smaller man till he was used to the new sensation.

It didn't take long before Kakashi's finger worked its way into Iruka's passage, slipping in and out almost unhindered as Iruka panted and groaned. Kakashi could tell he was close, moans falling from his mouth more often, one hand fisting the blanket the other holding onto Kakashi like a lifeline.

He started searching, crooking his finger up and pressing as he moved in and out, almost chocking on Iruka's length as the brunet cried out, hips thrusting into Kakashi's mouth unconsciously.

"Kakashi!" Came the second cry, Kakashi making sure press into Iruka the same way each time.

Kakashi groaned softly, sending pleasurable vibrations through the moaning teacher, making sure to hit Iruka's good spot each time. Kakashi's name was like a chant on Iruka's breath as he neared the end, hands tugging on Kakashi's hair insistently as the man took him in all the way to the hilt, nose buried in the wiry brown hair, swallowing around Iruka's head.

And that was it, with another press to Iruka's g-spot and the sudden pressure and heat from Kakashi's mouth had Iruka spilling himself down Kakashi's throat, crying out the man's name.

Kakashi continued to suck, moving his finger within the teacher as he rode out the orgasm, pulling out and wiping his finger on the edge of the bedding as he gave Iruka one last lick.

Iruka was something Kakashi thought he'd only seen in porn, sprawled out on the bed, flushed and sweaty, eyes closed and panting as he recovered. He was beautiful. Kakashi too went to rinse his mouth, returning to see Iruka had no moved.

He bent over and kissed the younger man, moaning in approval as Iruka responded, lips parting and tongue sliding into Kakashi's mouth to explore. The kiss was slow and languid, enjoying the others company and relaxing as they shared in the afterglow.

"That was not what I expected to happen tonight." Kakashi admitted, laying down on the bed and pulling Iruka to him, spooning the teacher.

"Well it doesn't have to happen again…" Iruka teased, laughing as Kakashi growled and pulled him closer.

Neither had enough energy to get up and turn off the lights, so they agreed to sleep like that, knowing they were both worn out enough to sleep in the light.

Kakashi was just on the edge of sleep when Iruka spoke, fingers lacing with Kakashi's.

"I think I love you Kakashi." He spoke it so quietly Kakashi wasn't sure he'd actually heard it.

He placed a few small kisses on the back of Iruka's neck, smiling at the shutter he received. "I hope you don't regret saying that tomorrow when you are recovered from my amazing blowjob." He chuckled briefly before Iruka elbowed him in the gut.

"Goodnight Kakashi."

"Goodnight my Ruka-kun."

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