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"This is your moment of judgment. Which path will you choose?"

"I...I choose..." Dorothy's chest tightened. She closed her eyes tightly, feeling as if she couldn't breathe, then opened them again, a million things whirling through her mind. She couldn't keep her eyes closed, otherwise the pictures would drive her insane.

But she closed them anyway, watching as hundreds of images danced across the back of her eyelids in blurred flashes of colors, faces, and sounds.

She saw Glinda, gracefully stepping out of her bubble to greet her with smile on her face.

She saw Fiyero, up on his pole in the cornfield, then his smiling face as he laughed at his own clumsiness, shoving spilled straw back into his shirt after tripping over his own feet, only to stumble and nearly fall right back down upon getting up.

She saw the giant metal head inside the Wizard's palace, smoke and sparks shooting up out of the floor around it.

She saw Boq, the thirst for vengeance that she had once been blind to now so obvious upon looking back that she wondered how in the world she'd missed it before.

She saw Brr smiling shyly, looking at her from the corners of his eyes as he sat with them around the fire on his first night with the group.

And finally, she saw Elphaba; first at the site of her sister's death, a pained look in her eyes as the angry glare she was directing at Glinda turned to a look of shock upon seeing her sister's shoes on Dorothy. Next, she saw her on the roof of an old shack, broom in hand as she screamed in fury and launched a fireball in the group's direction, narrowly missing Fiyero by just a few inches.

Then she saw her again, this time from above as Chistery carried her to the window of Elphaba's tower room. She saw the way Elphaba had looked while telling Dorothy about the night Glinda had tried to make her popular; tired, but with a smile on her face as she relived the memory.

She also saw the look on her face as she told her about the day she'd fallen head-over-heels in love with Fiyero and all about what an amazing person he was. That had been the first time Dorothy had seen even the faintest glimmer in her eyes. There had been a small spark in her dark, exhausted eyes that drew attention away from the heavy circles underneath them. For the first time since Chistery had taken her to the castle, Dorothy saw the intense emotion in Elphaba's words appear on her face.

Just from her expression, the look in her eyes, she'd been able to tell the green girl had meant everything she said from the very bottom of her heart and she'd seen for herself just how much Fiyero really meant to her.

Looking back, Dorothy realized it must have been in that moment that she truly let all the negative prejudice against Elphaba that she had so far been exposed to melt away and opened her heart completely to the misunderstood woman, inviting her in, ready and willing to listen to everything she had to say.

Wanting to give her a friend.

Dorothy opened her eyes. "I know my path," she said. Elphaba gave her a calm nod, indicating to the girl to go on. She looked her straight in the eye and said without hesitation, "I choose to stay."

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