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A/N: So I decided to try writing a Contestshipping story and this random idea just came to me after I watched the Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never lol. I'm not trying to compare Drew with Justin Bieber lol and I don't hate him or the song or anything so just because I made Misty hate on the song doesn't mean I hate it. It was just for the sake of this story XD Enjoy! The characters may be OOC at times :o

"Never say never." The singing voice echoed throughout the stage as loud, upbeat music started playing. In the center of the stage was a teenage boy with luscious green hair. He had on a black leather jacket with a purple shirt underneath and black pants. His right hand held a microphone, and he put it by his mouth and started singing.

"See I never thought that I could walk through fire. I never thought that I could take the burn."

As he sang, thousands of his fans stood in the crowd, jumping on their feet as they sang along to the song and squealed in excitement. "Drew! Drew! Drew!" they screamed. It was a wild sight. Everyone was throwing their hands up in the air as they tried to get as close to the stage as possible.

"And there's just no turning back, when your heart's under attack," Drew sang as he danced to the beat of the song and ran his hand down his body, making all the girls scream in delight. Some girls were even crying because of his dazzling appearance and others looked like they were just about ready to faint. Everyone was up and on their feet, cheering for their role model. Well… almost everyone.

In the very front of the stage were two teenage girls. One had soft blue hair, tied up in a ponytail by a pink ribbon and wore a short, pink, laced dress. She was dancing to the rhythm and singing along as well, having a blast. The other person had short fiery orange hair pulled into a side ponytail and wore a plain white T-shirt with a light pink frilled mini skirt. Unlike her friend, she was just standing with her arms crossed, looking very annoyed to be there.

"Ugh. Dawn, remind me again why we're here?" asked the orange haired girl in an annoyed tone of voice.

The blue haired girl stopped dancing and turned to look at her friend who was being a total party pooper. "Misty! It's the annual Pokémon Festival! I thought you wanted to come here with me!" Dawn yelled back.

"I did! But I didn't know we were going to be staying here at the stage listening to the worst song in the history of songs!" Misty complained.

Dawn's expression completely changed as she gave Misty an evil glare and clenched her fists.

"You crazy girl! This is the most amazing song ever! And it's sung by Drew Hayden!" she protested.

"That's what makes this song even worse…"

"Fine, Misty. You don't have to be here listening to this song if all you're going to do is talk trash about it. You're ruining my fan girl moment!"

"Great. I'm gonna go then. Meet you at the haunted house event after this song is over," Misty replied as she tried to make her way out of the huge crowd of screaming girls. It was difficult for Misty to make her way out because of all the people who wouldn't move out of her way, making her even more annoyed. She quickly turned around to check on her friend and found her all pumped up again and dancing around in the front row, and she wondered how she and Dawn even made it to the front row in the first place. Well, the only thing that mattered now was making her way out so she didn't have to hear that horrible song anymore. But even as she moved farther away from the stage, she could still hear the music playing. It was incredibly loud, but it was no surprise since it was a huge festival day.

Every year, Lilycove City would hold a Pokémon festival to celebrate the accomplishments of trainers and their Pokémon. The festival was filled with rides, games, food, and of course, music. The music always seemed to attract the most attention. Anyone who wanted to perform could do one song. That was the limit since there were always so many people signing up to perform. Many times, famous singers would come to sing their best song, which would excite everyone in the crowd.

Drew Hayden was among one of the most famous singers in the world, and because everyone heard that he was going to be performing at the Pokémon festival, it was no surprise that the huge crowd of people by the stage only wanted to hear him sing, even though it was just one song.

"I will never say never!" That was the second time Drew sang the chorus, which made Misty run even faster as she cringed at the sound of his voice. She was getting so annoyed by Drew and his stupid song 'Never Say Never'. It made no sense to her whatsoever. (A/N: Heyy that rhymes! XD)

"That's the 19th time he's said the word 'never'! Actually, it's probably more than that. Ugh, what a loser," she said to herself as she tried to block out the music by covering her ears. She finally reached the haunted house and took a seat at an empty table. She couldn't hear the music anymore, and gave a big sigh of relief. Finally… away from all that chaos.

Drew had finished singing his song and gave a final bow to his audience.

"That was Drew Hayden everyone with his amazing and most popular song 'Never Say Never'! Let's give him another round of applause!" The MC announced. The audience roared with screams, claps, and tears as they cheered for their role model, Drew. There were shouts of "Drew!" "I love you!" and ""You're the best" coming from everywhere in the audience.

"Thank you, thank you. You're all too kind," Drew responded back. The crowd continued to scream and cheer for Drew and no matter how many times the police officers tried to keep the audience from going berserk, they just couldn't calm them down.

"Ok now everyone. Please calm down so we can move on to our next performance," the MC tried to explain, but everyone was too excited about Drew. They just didn't want him to leave.

Drew, feeling pleased about the crowd obsessing over him, turned to his fans and gave them an epic flick of his hair, which only made the audience scream even louder. Then, he left the stage and started to head out the back. The officers thought it would be the end of that.

However, all of the fans decided to follow him out the back. And since there weren't enough police officers around to control everyone, almost everyone started chasing after Drew. Drew turned around and was shocked to see that everyone was storming towards him. He couldn't be caught up in that crowd of over-excited fan girls. His only choice was to run: run and hide. So he took off.

He left the festival grounds and ran into the streets of Lilycove City. There was nowhere for him to hide and all his fans were catching up to him. He needed to lose them somehow. As he turned a corner, he spotted a small alleyway and quickly made his way through it. He turned around to see all of his fans running past the small alley, which put a smile to his face. But before he could take even one step, he heard a high pitched shout come from nearby.

"Hey! I see Drew! He went this way!"

Drew jumped as he saw a mob of people pushing their way through the small alley and immediately took off again. The fan girls were crazy; they looked like they were going to attack him, and Drew didn't want to be torn to pieces by a bunch of girls.

He ran on for five more minutes and just as he turned another corner, he saw a walled fence made of bricks. He knew it was his only chance to lose the fan girls. Using the last of his strength, Drew ran into the area and hid behind the stone wall. Now he could finally rest.

After catching his breath, Drew realized that he was inside someone's front yard. There lay a huge house in front of him. Even though it was getting dark out, he could still see the house layout and coloring. In the middle of the yard was a stone in the shape of a circle. It was probably meant for sitting on, and since Drew was very tired, he decided to take a seat there.

He gave a big long sigh... but he had a feeling that he wasn't alone. He slowly turned around to see a girl around his age with a broom in her hand, looking as if she was about to hit him with it.

A/N: Yeah it's a bit too descriptive and such but it's still building up the setting lol I know I should be working on my other stories but it'll all work out somehow. Just deal with me for now :b and sorry this was mostly about Misty and the fangirls; it's to set up the story XD May will enter in the next chapter =D