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Letting out a deep breath, Drew took a seat on a metal chair allowing himself to rest after having given a three hour long concert. He threw his hands up to his forehead in anguish, and then wiped away the sweat that he realized had formed from his tiring performance. It was extremely stressful for him to quickly refer back to his fame world after last week's encounters. Drew vividly remembered the events that had taken place, the memories making him long more and more for her: for May, the girl he unwillingly left behind. He only hoped she was doing all right.

"Taking it rough I see," a low voice came from nearby.

Drew look up expectantly and saw his manager, Mark, cautiously standing a few feet away. "I'm sorry, Mark," he said trying to look like the hardworking singer he was.

"Don't be sorry. You still managed to put on a great performance despite all that's happened."

"It didn't feel so great," Drew grumbled and then threw his hands over his forehead again.

"Drew, your fans were screaming and crying and everything! That means it was a success!" Mark gave Drew a thumbs up, but Drew didn't even bother to move. Disappointed by his reaction, Mark dropped his hand and approached his superstar.

"…go back," Drew mumbled.


The singer threw his head up. "I want to go back to Lilycove!" His manager only stared at him.

"Drew, you made the decision to leave her, so why are you regretting it now? He finally yelled.

"What? You were the one who supported me in the first place! Why are you against me now?" Drew asked, discouraged of his sudden resoluteness.

"I totally do support you! But Drew, this is serious. We're behind schedule. If we keep up in this state, there's going to be some major troubles later!" Mark explained, trying to sound reasonable and make Drew understand the importance of the job. "As much as we love that girl, we're just going to have to believe she's doing fine and keep moving with our job."

"That's how it is, isn't it?" Drew blurted out. Mark flinched at his sudden comment. "We can't bother with the everyday people because it's too much of our time. We always just have to keep moving around as famous singers making people happy and making money! There's no time for ordinary people in our lives!"

"I didn't say that!" Mark recoiled and then sighed. "And you know as well as I do that May is more than just an ordinary person!"

At the sound of her name, Drew blinked ferociously and was taken aback. He kept silent, staring meaninglessly at the floor below. He twitched when he felt a hand press down lightly on his shoulder.

"To us…" he continued and then corrected his wording, "To you… she's a special one."

The room was silent as they calmed down. Finally, Mark gave a soft sigh, turned around and headed to the door. Before he left, he turned his head and said softly, "The next concert's at Rustburo in two and a half weeks. Keep in touch and be back before then."

Drew couldn't help but let out a slight smile. "Mark!"

Mark responded by tilting his head forward, motioning Drew to continue. The singer got to his feet and then approached his manager with his hands in his pockets.

"Thanks," he uttered closing his eyes. "I'll spare you this time."

Mark smiled but then gasped at the intake of Drew's words. "Say what? !" he shouted as he watched Drew skitter past him. "You were totally just going to whack me again like one of those whac-a-moles weren't you? !"

Once Drew reached Lilycove he noted the familiar buildings and sidewalks that he came across not too long ago. Retracing his steps, he felt himself walking as the boy from a week ago, replaying the memories. The area where May stayed at was not hard to forget since he desperately ran for her when he realized she was in danger. Every move was made with a lack of sentient. It all came naturally as his only focus was to see her again.

It wasn't long before Drew was standing once again in front of the towering block of bricks that surrounded the small house. Painful memories flashed through his mind but quickly left him as he approached the house. He climbed the stairs slowly, taking a long, deep intake of air as he did so. The imminent actions gave Drew a sensational feeling, making chills go down his spine as he rang the doorbell. He didn't exactly plan out what he wanted to do; only that he strived to see May again. But then…Drew realized something that he and Mark both failed to remember. May was most likely sent home. What were the chances she was still at the house of her kidnapper?

Drew's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening. To his disappointment, an older woman stood in front of him, her eyes lit up when she realized who he was.

"Drew Hayden. What are you doing here?" asked the woman.

Drew cleared his throat hoping there still might be a chance. "I'm looking for May Maple."

"May Maple…" repeated the woman trying to recollect her thoughts. "She was the poor girl who was kidnapped and brought here, wasn't she?"

"She was," Drew confirmed.

"Such an unfortunate thing to happen. But if you're looking for that girl, May, I'm afraid you just missed her. She was sent home as soon as they discovered who she was."

Drew's eyes widened at this explanation. A burst of distress overtook him and made him lunge forward at the woman. "Where is she? Do you know where they sent her? !" The woman leaned back in shock and then gently rocked away from him.

"I'm sorry Mr. Hayden, but I don't know where they took her. I'm just the landowner of this house trying to get things back in order again."

"You don't have any idea of where she is?" Drew tried again with a desperate look in his eyes. The landowner noticed this and immediately softened her expression.

"If I did, I would've told you by now," she stated bluntly and redirected her attention to a nearby pile of cloths that needed folding. Drew allowed himself to take in the news. To think he had flown back to Lilycove only to be told that May had already gone back to her hometown. Drew almost sank to his knees as he tried to come up with possible ways to somehow be connected to her again.

"Excuse me," the landowner said suddenly, "May I please ask for you to leave since what you came for isn't here. I need to finish up my job. Though I'm truly sorry about your loss."

Drew left without a reply. He wandered around the city aimlessly, remembering the last moment he and May shared together, the moment she looked so frightened, the first time she smiled at him, and their unusual yet sweet meeting. As he treaded through the streets, fans huddled close together, whispering about the famous Drew Hayden walking unguarded in Lilycove. There were many chances when they could've come up to him since he was defenseless, but most of them were too scared or sensed that morose presence Drew seemed to carry around him.

The singer slowed to a stop, feeling the need to after meandering for so long. He tilted his head up to see a decorous sign above him reading "Ice Cream!"

"This is the place May took me that one day," he muttered to himself and then stepped into the store. The place was as colorful as he last remembered it, but it was also a quiet, calm place.

"Can I help you, Mr. Hayden?" said a soft voice from nearby. Drew noticed the person at the cash register, the same one as when he and May were last there. Involuntarily taking a step toward him, Drew glanced up at the menu and stuttered, "Um, I'll have a vanilla cone please." He started reaching for his pocket when he was stopped by the sound of the cashier's voice.

"You don't need to pay me today."

The singer looked up, surprised by the kind statement.

"It looks like you need it," the cashier said, then turned around to quickly fix a large vanilla ice cream cone.

"Thank you," Drew said gratefully taking the cone into his hand. He settled himself at an empty table in a corner of the shop. A large window rested to his right, allowing the warm rays of the sun to shine through and brighten his view.

Drew licked his ice cream, reminded of the happy memory he shared there with May. Minutes passed and Drew finished his cone. With nothing else to do, he reached for his wallet. He didn't expect to pull out something along with it, so when a white piece of paper caught the corner of his eye, he glanced down immediately and realized what he had.

May's piece of paper of which she wrote down original lyrics was neatly folded up in his pocket. Drew almost ripped the piece of paper getting it out of his pocket and bringing it up to his face to examine. Yes, the sheet of lyrics he has taken right before he left May's "home": A tangible memory of May.

Drew slowly opened up the folded piece of paper and let out a light smile when he saw May's handwriting across the page. He read through the entire piece of writing, and then reread it… and reread it again… and again. The melody that May use to repetitively hum came into his mind, and he found himself softly humming that same tune. When he came to the end of the lyrics and the end of the tune, he looked up. A spark of inspiration came to him and in the next moment, he pulled out a pen from pocket and scribbled intently at the paper. Ideas rushed to his mind so fast that his hand couldn't keep up to speed with what his mind wanted to write down.

Shortly after, Drew paused to take a break. His hand was starting to cramp up from writing so quickly that he held his hands together to stop them from shaking. With excitement pumped throughout, Drew slipped out his phone and quickly dialed Mark's number.

"Drew!" came a shout from the other end.

"Mark! I know what new song I'm featuring for the next concert," Drew said hastily, trying to catch his breath.

"What song?"

"May's Song."

The next couple of days became a routine to Drew. He stayed at the same hotel Mark stayed at when they were in Lilycove, but for most of the day, he was at the ice cream shop. Every morning, he would order a vanilla ice cream cone and then seat himself in his little corner. There he would eat his cone and work more on the creation of May's Song. He could imagine hearing the song the way May would have liked it. "In my song I made up, I imagine hearing the piano starting up the song, and then maybe adding in the harp. Oh, it sounds so beautiful in my mind," he remembered May saying the week before.

When it came to meals, there was a restaurant conveniently nearby which Drew went to, but he always returned back to the ice cream shop afterwards. It just had that serene aura to it that motivated Drew to keep working on the song. By the second day in Lilycove, Drew had already established the introduction to the song and the first verse. He discussed the instrumental parts with Mark and his instrumentalists every so often so that by the next concert, everything would be ready to go.

This routine carried on for a week, and within a short matter of time, Drew's fan girls started to notice it. They had figured out where he lingered, where he stayed at night, and where he went for meals. It became such a huge topic that the fan group had grown larger than ever. They continuously whispered to one another while spying on him from afar, giggled while cooing about how hot Drew was. Unfortunately, Drew never noticed this. He was too caught up with his work to have time for fan girls. The girls, however, weren't going to let his new attitude stall them forever. It wasn't long before they finally made their big appearance in front of him.

"Drew!~" a couple of fan girls sang out.

For the first time, Drew looked up from his work at the call of his name, holding a confused expression that would make girls squeal in awe… and that's just what the fan girls did. Drew was taken aback by their approach. He tried to cover up his work by laying his arms on top of the paper, but the girls were not going to let him off easy.

"Hey Drew~" one of the girls called out as she slid into the seat next to him.

"Drewy, what are you doing?" another girl asked as she pulled up a chair across from him.

"Don't forget about me, Drew~" cooed another girl as she reached out for his arm.

A storm of fan girls lunged at Drew trying to steal his attention. They made cute comments and asked questions all too quickly that Drew didn't know what exactly to do. They had him cornered… literally.

And then one of the girls slipped out the piece of paper he was trying to cover up. "What's this, Drew?" Drew's eyes widened in shock and he reached out for the piece of paper.

"T-that's mine!" he stammered. "Give that back!"

The paper only attracted more attention as more girls started to glance over at the sheet.

"May's Song," a girl read aloud amidst all the shouting.

"Who's May?" asked a girl.

"Can you write a song about me too?" asked another girl.

"Stop it!" Drew yelled, but it had no effect.

"Everyone shut up and leave the boy alone!" came a monstrous voice from behind. Everyone whirled around to see the cashier up on a table with a megaphone by his mouth. He swiftly jumped off the table and approached the group.

"Now don't make me repeat myself. Give back that piece of paper and please leave. You're disrupting the place. Don't make me call the police," he said in a quieter voice.

The fan girls merely stared at the worker not wanting to leave Drew Hayden's presence. The cashier held the megaphone up to his mouth again and pressed the button as a warning. That was all it took for the girls to scatter off, setting the paper back in Drew's hands and scurrying out of the ice cream shop. Drew gave the man a look of appreciation, to which the man nodded back and smiled returning to his place at the cash register.

Drew held out the piece of paper in front of him, a bit crumpled but still in good condition. Then he noticed a small figure from the corner of his eyes. When he turned to look, he saw a small girl lying on her bottom with her knees up awkwardly and a hand by her face. She wiped away at her eye in a cute manner. Her attire of a flowing skirt and striped long sleeve was like that of a little kid: light, colorful and bubbly. Her position made her look like she was just trampled over by those crazy fan girls. And that was probably what had happened to her. Then it occurred to Drew; what if she was one of those fan girls? He decided to testify. With a serious face, he cleared his throat. The young girl froze in her place, then slowly tilted her head up to meet Drew's gaze.

"Ah! D-Drew!" the girl remarked in surprise.

"You a fan?" Drew asked sternly.

"No! I mean… yes but I'm not crazily insane like those other girls."

"You probably are then," Drew confirmed and then turned his attention to his piece of paper.

"No! I'm not!" the girl insisted as she jumped to her feet and then slammed the palm of her hands on the table, catching Drew off guard.

"I was already in the shop finishing up my ice cream when I saw that mob of fan girls hurdle over to you, so I decided to come and help but there were too many of them and they were all so tall that I…" the girl cut off mid-sentence, uncertain if Drew would believe her no matter how much explanation she gave. Her whole body started to shake as she stared Drew in the eyes.

Finally Drew nodded his head. "All right, I believe you," he said solemnly.

"Really?" the girl gasped with a big smile.

"Just don't… get too close to me," he replied shrouding his eyes.

"I'll try not to!" she said jubilantly, though this was not assuring to Drew. The girl settled herself on a seat across from Drew, sitting on her knees while propping herself up with her elbows.

"What are you doing?" she asked suddenly.

"Hold on a moment. Let me ask you a question first," Drew stated. "What's your name?

"Anna," she replied with a small smile.

"Anna," Drew repeated. "How old are you?"

"I'm 14!"

Drew chuckled at this.

"What?" Anna inquired at his reaction.

"You just look younger than your age is all."

Anna made a pouty face, but it just turned out to be a cute frown. Her round face was framed so well that it made her look like an eight year old. And Drew couldn't resist her expressions. With a sigh, he glanced up and took in the sight of Anna's face in front of him. Her bright green hair was neatly cut, barely touching her shoulders. This surprised Drew, for they had the same hair color, and it was not often that Drew met someone else who had green hair. Anna's light pink headband pulled her hair back but allowed the longer pieces in the back to fall forward as she concentrated on Drew.

"Watcha working on?" she asked breaking the silence.

"A new song," Drew answered bluntly.

"Ah I see! More techno?"

The singer smirked as he thought of his reply. He wondered how a fan would react to his sudden change in style, especially since the song was May's idea in the first place. Would she still like his music? Here was his chance to find out one of his fan's opinion.

"No, this one is a completely new style," he said angling one side of his head toward her.

"A new style?" Anna echoed in excitement. "How so?"

"Well, instead of being upbeat and having the use of electronic sounds, this song is going to be slower with more of a melodic tone with the instrumentations."

Anna stared blankly as she tried to comprehend his advanced musical terms. With a blink, she asked, "Can I hear a sample?"

Drew hesitated before finally answering, "I guess so." He pulled out his phone, then connected earphones into it and held out an ear bud to Anna. She took it gently and watched as Drew pressed the play button. The music just took her by surprise. She was not expecting such a soft and graceful song, but Drew was right. This style was extremely different to the ones he usually came up with. The way he composed it really impressed Anna. Sure she was always a fan of his, but hearing his process of work proved to her how much effort he actually put forth. The sweet melody played on and Anna had closed her eyes, envisioning herself in a peaceful world. When the music abruptly cut off, her eyes shot wide open; she nearly flung herself at Drew.

"That's all you have done?" she said with a puppy face.

"Mhm," Drew nodded with a smirk on his face from her reaction. "What do you think?"

Anna sat back in her chair putting on a professional look; however it was hard to consider that with her childish face. "I really loved it! But personally I think you could have done octaves with the entire piano part in the beginning. That way it brings out the melody more when the harp is added in."

"You looked so blank before and now you're talking about octaves?" Drew teased.

"I play piano. But I'm not professional," Anna said cheerfully with a smile.

"All right then. I'll take your consideration."

"I also think you could have more of a dramatic build up before you go into the first verse."

"Why's that?"

"I just think it'll sound prettier."

"So now you're going to help me create the song?" Drew asked raising an eyebrow.

"Can I?" Anna exclaimed in excitement.

The singer sighed, and then realized he wanted to make the best out of the song since it was for May. Though he did not want another person telling him what to add and remove, Anna's opinion did sound like they would greatly enhance the song. Drew decided to give her a chance. If it also the sake of his fans, he would allow her to help.

"All right. But I get the final decision of what's to stay and what's to go," Drew firmly remarked.


Drew let out a small groan wondering if he made a mistake to let the young girl assist him with writing out his song.

"What is the song called?"

This question stunned Drew, for he was still a bit embarrassed for what he named the song; but it was for his personal reasons and the dedication of May to be made out to the world. That way, hopefully, she would one day hear his song, knowing it was for her.

"May's Song," Drew answered shyly avoiding eye contact.

"That's a pretty title," Anna commented and then added, "Is it the same May who was kidnapped and just brought home a week ago?"


Then Drew realized something. "Anna, how did you know about her?"

"A bit was shown on TV but they wouldn't reveal too much information for fear of having May to be in danger again," she answered. "Luckily I was there at the questioning to find out more! It was a very touching moment."

"Do you… do you know where they took her back to?"

Anna smiled as if she knew something and then hopped off her seat. She quickly circled around to Drew's side of the table, climbing in the seat next to him and leaning toward his ear. At her close distance, Drew also leaned back but froze when he heard Anna whisper, "Petalburg City." Her light voice sent shivers down his spine, and as he heard those two words, he felt a spring of hope become resuscitated within him once again.

Petalburg City: That's where May was.

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