Well, here it is, my second Klaine fanfiction. This story is set in the same universe (which is basically future!Klaine canon) as Que Sera Sera, but isn't necessarily a sequel. This story stands on its own apart from QSS. We pick up in August with Blaine and Kurt, college drop-outs, moving into their apartment in New York City. I don't promise this ride will be free of bumps, but there shall be a lot more fluffy moments! Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Kurt Hummel hated his life.

He had on basketball shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers.

His skin stuck to the vinyl surface of the second-hand green car, his hair was plastered to his forehead from the dry-August heat, and he was sick of singing the same songs from the Top 40 radio station. "Are we there yet?" He shot a look over to his boyfriend Blaine, "We've been driving for years."

Blaine laughed, brushing a soggy curl out of his eyes, "Almost. Another ten minutes, traffic depending."

To say that Blaine and Kurt were in a completely different place then they'd been in a year ago would be an understatement.

Less than a year ago, they were heading to college, two kids wide-eyed and ready to start the next chapter in their lives.

Now, college dropouts, they headed to New York City to achieve their dreams of becoming a Broadway actor (Kurt) and a musician (Blaine). Some said they were stupid, others said they were far too naïve, and should get back to college where they belong. Blaine's parents in particular said they should grow up, take responsibility, and think about their futures.

So they did.

Both boys sold their pricey cars in favor of purchasing one second-hand, somewhat beat up car that they shared. They had summer jobs that paid minimum wage, and both saved the money.

Kurt hadn't bought clothes in two months.

Blaine needed new guitar strings in the worst way, and a haircut. Which Kurt argued was a necessity and he could have gotten, but Blaine believed saving money should be the first priority.

The car behind them held Blaine's parents and grandparents, who were helping the boys move into their crappy apartment. The moving truck behind them held Burt and Finn.

Two weeks prior the boys made the same trip to look at apartments that they could afford and to look for jobs. Kurt, used to the exaggerated sense of New York real-estate on television, almost cried when he saw the apartments they could realistically afford. Now they had an apartment in the East Village, and though it was on the third floor, and they would be eating Ramen Noodles for the next fifteen years, Kurt was happy that he and Blaine could finally live together and start working on their dreams.

But they were going to do this, and they were going to do it together, because that is what they promised to each other.

"And home sweet home," Blaine chirped as he attempted to parallel park, maneuvering the car up onto the sidewalk. "Well shit."

"Maybe I should park the car? I don't think it can handle hitting anything," Kurt said gently.

"No, no. I've got this. See?" The car sat crooked in the parking spot, but Kurt smiled and agreed that Blaine did a fine job of parking.

Their landlord, a short, chubby, balding man of about 60 stood on the sidewalk grimacing at the boys. He didn't exactly approve of their lifestyle, but he "assumed they would keep the place clean and neat because that is what their kind do."

"Good morning Mr. Stells!" Blaine said cheerfully, reaching his hand out to the man.

"Good morning Mr. Anderson, Mr. Hummel," the man gave a nod towards Kurt, who, because of his nature, Mr. Stells liked less than Blaine. "You boys ready to move into your first place?"

They nodded, "Yes we are! My parents and grandparents, and his dad and brother are here to help us move everything," Blaine handed the envelope to the landlord, "that's the first month's rent and the security deposit."

The man quickly counted the money, making sure everything was there, "Alright. Now you know the rules, correct? No smoking inside, no pets except for fish, no painting or hanging things from the walls with nails, and absolutely no renovations. Any questions?"

The boys shook their heads quickly, they both wanted to just start the process. The man threw the keys towards Blaine, "Welcome home, kids. I expect we won't have any problems." With that, he got in his car and drove away.

"He could have at least offered to help," Kurt commented, crossing his arms.

"Welcome to New York City, honey, no one is going to help us now."

Burt and Finn quickly pulled the truck into that parking spot; both men jumped out and stretched their legs, looking a little worn. "This is a nice place you've got for yourselves, boys, " Burt remarked, smirking at them. He still wasn't too keen on them moving. He wanted Kurt back in school or at least living in Ohio.

"Dad, it's what we can afford for now," Kurt reminded him, "We'll move once we can."

Blaine and Finn pulled the back of the truck up, revealing their mostly secondhand furniture. By the time the boys got around to buying furniture, dishes, and household amenities their bank accounts were paltry, so they decided secondhand was the best way to go.

They had spent many Saturdays at yard sales to gather basic necessities. The only thing they had new was a bed frame and mattress that Kurt got from Burt and Carole as a birthday present. Nevertheless, the stuff was in good condition, and Kurt made sure everything had been soaked in bleach and disinfected.

Blaine's parents walked up the sidewalk followed a somewhat short distance behind by his grandparents. It still shocked Kurt to see them dressed down like normal people. His father wore khaki pants and a red polo, which was dressed down for him. His mother wore a white tennis skirt and a pink polo. Both had white sneakers on, and appeared to be worried about the looks of the neighborhood. "Blaine, honey, couldn't you find anything better?" his mother cooed when she saw the façade of the apartment building. His father simply made a face. "We should have helped them," she whispered to Jack Jr.

"Catherine, I've told you a million times. He decided to not go back to school, he decided he was adult enough to make his own decisions which means he's old enough to pay his own rent." Blaine's father had no approved of Blaine quitting Ardmore College. He wanted him to stay and get an old-fashioned college education. However, he also knew forcing Blaine to stay would have been the wrong decision and a waste of time. Still, he was adamant about not using the family fortune to help Blaine and Kurt get off their feet.

"So this is the East Village," Blaine grandfather, Jack Sr., commented, "not too shabby if you ask me. Your grandmother and I started in a worse place." Jack Sr. was the patriarch of the Anderson family, and current owner of the New York state football team, the New York Giants. He too agreed with his son that the boys should work their way up in life and not use the Anderson family money, but was paying Blaine to clean and do odd jobs around his multi-million dollar apartment in SoHo, and he will be paying Blaine quite well. Kurt thought that was because of Angela's, Blaine's grandmother, soft spot for her grandson.

In Kurt's opinion, seeing Jack Sr. dressed down was even odder than seeing Jack Jr. and Catherine dressed down. He wore a Giants t-shirt and a pair of black cotton shorts. Angela, true to form, was in her Chanel suit with kitten heels and a pearl necklace. Kurt hoped that no one on the street would see the necklace, or she may lose it.

"Well folk, we have a lot of stuff to move up for floors, so I suggest we get started," Burt chimed in, surveying the back of the truck.

When they packed the truck, they had every intention of keeping it organized. By the end however, everything was haphazardly thrown inside and some things already started shifting.

Kurt decided to let his father, brother, and Blaine take care of bringing the sofa up the three winding flights of steps. He grabbed a box labeled "kitchen" and handed it to Catherine. He grabbed another and handed it to Jack Sr., Angela was already walking up the three flights, and Kurt thought perhaps that would be her one and only trip up those steps, so he mentally made a list of things for her to do while there.

Kurt grabbed a box labeled "cleaning supplies" and nodded towards Blaine, "We'll need to do this first."

Blaine groaned, "I suppose." He walked towards the building, grumbling the entire time.

Burt and Finn followed with more boxes of stuff for the kitchen. When Kurt reached the third floor he was slightly out of breath, but grinned, "At least we'll be in shape in a few weeks."

The apartment itself was small and somewhat dark, but Kurt and Blaine instantly loved it because it was home. When walking in, there is a somewhat small walkway with a closet to the right and the living room directly to the left. The living room is small, but has a large window with a view of the street and a door to a small balcony. Off the living room is a small kitchen that houses an old stove, a refrigerator, and a bar-style table. Two barstools, one of which held Angela, sit in front of the table.

In the opposite direction are the bathroom and bedroom. The bathroom is tiled white and has a claw foot tub-shower and a decent sized vanity with well-lit mirrors.

The bedroom was the selling point for the boys. It is larger than the living room, with wooden floors and a decent sized closet. Two small windows frame the space for the bed.

All of the walls were white and with the exception of the bathroom and kitchen, had wooden floors. The kitchen and bathroom had slate tiles floors.

Kurt assigned orders to everyone willing to work: Blaine and his grandparents cleaned the kitchen, Burt and Finn cleaned the living room, Catherine and Jack Jr. cleaned the bedroom, and Kurt tackled the bathroom.

It took forty-five minutes, but the entire apartment was cleaned, including a proper wipe-down of the walls.

Kurt assigned Jack Sr. and Angela to organize the plates, cups, and utensils in the kitchen while he helped Burt, Finn, and Blaine carry the sofa up the stairs.

"This isn't going to work," Burt bellowed after fifteen minutes of attempting to turn the corner on the first flight of steps.

"Finn, can you life it a little more?" Kurt tried, standing at the bottom.

"If your hobbit of a boyfriend could life higher, I could too," Finn complained, shooting Blaine a disgusted look.

"Hey now! My arms still hurt when I move them too much from the attack," Blaine reasoned.

Finn shut up instantly. He wasn't around when Blaine was attacked and put into the hospital for months, but he remembered how torn up the family was. "Okay man, okay." Finn pushed harder, and finally freed the sofa to go up the next flight, only to meet the same problem there.

"When you two idiots move out, we're burning this up there," Burt warned.

It took an hour, but eventually the sofa made it safely into the apartment. Finn had scrapes on his knees and Blaine complained about having to ice his shoulders that night, but Kurt was just happy the thing fit.

Everything else moved much more quickly and before they knew it, the apartment was completely filled with boxes. "I think we have too much stuff," Blaine commented as he tried to figure out a way to the kitchen.

"And this doesn't even include my wardrobe, which is still in our car," Kurt mumbled.

"Which we'll get tomorrow, because right now we need to focus on unpacking all of this shit," Blaine said earning a glare from his grandmother.

"Blaine Alexander Anderson, language." Both his mother and grandmother remarked at the same time.

"Sorry," Blaine mumbled, digging through a box, "Kurt, this is going to take forever."

It doesn't, of course.

Kurt and Blaine turned down the opportunity to have dinner with their families and instead want to spend the evening together in their home. After they bid goodbye to their parents, Finn, and Blaine's grandparents, they walked hand in hand back up the three flights of steps.

Blaine paused at the door, and smiled at Kurt, "You know what would be awesome?"

"What? Going into the apartment and setting some things up so we don't live like a bunch of hoarders? Because that's what I think would be awesome," Kurt raised an eyebrow.

As he rolled his eyes Blaine bent and scooped Kurt into his arms bridal style, "If you let me carry you into our new home."

"Put me down you insufferable oompa loompa! You're going to get a hernia!" Kurt's laughter ruined his attempts at anger.

Blaine leaned in and kissed Kurt in an attempt to silence his arguments, and it worked. As he walked through the doorway, he deepened the kiss and moaned softly in the back of his throat, because he knew Kurt wasn't going to let them waste the night away.

"We have to stop," Kurt's voice was husky and deep, "We have adult things to do."

"I think what I want to do is pretty adult."

Kurt blushed to his ears but smirked, "After we have the apartment set up, we can be adult any time you want."

Blaine stomped his feet through the boxes, "But I wanna be an adult now! Now now now!"

Kurt's bemused smile became a huge grin, "Just start unpacking. Then we can have an adult dinner of peanut butter and jelly and then maybe we can be more adult," he looked down at a box, "and unpack the bedroom."

It took the boys two hours to unpack and decorate the 10x10 living room, mostly because they argued every five minutes. Kurt had a very well planned feng-shui idea, and Blaine idea of decorating was throwing something where he could reach.

The living room had an overstuffed black leather couch that Kurt hated, but it matched the sleeker leather chairs they picked up at a yard sale. A coffee table sat in the middle of the room with small white candles that Blaine hated and thought got in the way, but knew they'd precursor romantic evenings in the future. The table was also the perfect height for the boys to sit on the floor and eat dinner.

They had a TV which they mounted (with permission) on the wall. It was the television from Blaine's room at his parent's house, which was lucky because they thought they were going to go without cable for awhile. The decorations were really sparse, with a few pictures on the mantle to the (not working) fireplace and some floor lamps to brighten up the space. Kurt added a few throw pillows to the sofa and some on the floor for sitting, and thought it didn't look too bad.

Not what he had dreamed of, but not as bad as it could have been.

Blaine found the box entitled "food" rather quickly and was practically drooling over the jars of peanut butter, jelly, and Nutella he found. "Have I earned the right to eat now, sir?" he teased Kurt over the island table.

"Put the spoon down. Why don't you go hang the shower curtain and put the toiletries in there while I make you dinner?" Kurt handed Blaine a box and gently pushed him down the hall towards the bathroom.

Blaine set to work hanging up the shower curtain, pretty proud of himself. He picked a shower curtain that was clear, but had a map of the world on it so it wasn't see through. Kurt wasn't too thrilled with the choice at first, but accepted it because Blaine obviously loved it. Blaine grimaced as he put away all of Kurt's face cleansers and shampoo. He was glad he thought to pick up from Suave from Wal-Mart before he left, that was far closer to his style.

Blaine was worried about the future. He knew Kurt wasn't used to living from paycheck to paycheck, and he certainly wasn't either. But they were in a safe apartment, they both had jobs, and were really going to make their lives on their own, even if it was hard.

Blaine walked to the kitchen in time to see Kurt sitting on the floor in the living room, a candle on, and two sandwiches a plate for Blaine and a sandwich on a plate for Kurt. "I thought we'd have our romantic, adult dinner in here tonight," he smiled up at Blaine, cheeks rosy.

Blaine sat next to his boyfriend, wrapping an arm around his shoulders, and just looked into his eyes, "I love you," was all he could say.

Kurt watched lovingly as Blaine dug into his Nutella peanut butter, and jelly sandwich with the crusts cut off. He at the sandwich in four bites and downed the glass of milk in under a minute. He grinned at Kurt, who laughed and reached over to wipe his milk mustache off, and kissed his lips again.

"Aren't you going to eat?" Blaine asked, already picking up his second.

Kurt nodded, grabbing half of his peanut butter on whole-wheat sandwich, "It was more fun to watch you demolish that sandwich though."

"I do what I can," Blaine remarked, purposely taking the smallest bite of his sandwich, "I was just born to entertain."

Kurt snorted into his own milk, "That you were."

They spent the rest of evening re-organizing the kitchen. Kurt decided that when they did move again, Angela would not be helping with the placement of anything.

Blaine put the food into the cabinets, and grinned at his selections, "Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, and Twinkies, the food of champions."

Kurt grimaced, "The food of cellulite in five years, thank god I thought to get whole wheat pasta and vegetables or we'd be living like frat boys for the next ten years."

"I resent that comment," Blaine argued, "You'd love me if I was lumpy, dumpy, or frumpy."

"I'd love you if you had a peg leg and a beak, but that's beside the point." Kurt remarked, "Besides, you can't live off of cereal."

The argument continued for some time, with Kurt challenging Blaine to live off of cereal for the next week. If Blaine ate anything else, he'd treat Kurt for dinner when the two got their first paychecks. If Blaine successfully ate cereal for a week, Kurt would treat. Kurt was positive he would win.

The boys soon decided that they needed to head to bed because they both had their first days of work in the morning.

Blaine had a job as a waiter during the week at Ellen's Stardust Diner, a diner in the theater district where the waiters sang, danced, and also delivered the food. On weekends he had a job as a bartender at the newest club in town, Paparazzi.

Kurt used some references from his brief stay in college to get a job at a boutique on Fifth Avenue that specialized in women's cocktail dresses. On weekends, he (to his great pleasure) got a job ushering at the Gershwin Theater.

Unfortunately, the bedroom was the only room they hadn't started. The mattress was still wrapped and the bed frame needed to be put together. "I guess we're sleeping on the sofa?" Blaine asked Kurt.

"Looks like it," Kurt responded, pulling pajama pants on.

Blaine folded his jeans and took off his shirt, "Well, I'm ready for bed."

"Blaine, you can't sleep like that. Our friends will sit on that couch," Kurt reminded him gently as he buttoned up his shirt.

"This is my house, and I'm not sleeping like I'm Amish," Blaine laid on the sofa, opening his arms to Kurt.

Rolling his eyes, Kurt fell gently into his boyfriend's arms, "We're adults you know."

Blaine kissed Kurt's head, "I know," he whispered as the boys fell asleep watching reruns of The Rugrats.

The future looked rough and trying, but they were adults, and for now, all they needed was each other.

We were way too young a couple of crazy kids

They said it was a fairy-tale land we were livin' in

Lookin' back you know we were pretty green

But aren't you glad we were smart enough to be that naive

Steppin' out on the limb

Just think if we had listened to them

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