If things were different

Hey readers, my first fanfic~ I hope you all like it.

He just lied in the soft grass looking up at the stars that were dotted across the sky wondering where his brother was. Itachi had wanted Sasuke to try and kill him, and for the longest time Sasuke did take his brother up on his offer.

What had changed in him? Well nearly dying from exhaustion of training, having nightmares every single Goddamn night wasn't enough. Those actions only fueled what his revenge addiction needed. What had happened to him? He closed his eyes seeing his sibling chanting something...but it wasn't Itachi, no...it was her. Hikaru. He had cast her out of his memories for so long...he couldn't even remember her face. The memory slid from his grasp and he let it.

The light glinted off a kunai that he held up to the light. His devotion….the only thing that gave him purpose. If he looked at it just right he could see himself, the grim expression of hiding his emotions and training to the bone. The pale skin inherited through each generation of Uchiha. Life had been so full of hate for him, and now he felt empty. Sasuke's grip tightened on the knife. Why had he changed his direction of pursuit?

Then the blond entered his mind. With his stupid grin and false reality of attempting to become "The best Hokage" The raven haired boy sat up and looked around the medow he sat in. The tree's on the outside swayed in the breeze that carried the soft voices of the hidden leaf village. Sasuke spun the kunai on his index finger. Placing his other hand under his chin.

That's when Naruto came. The emptiness he felt was quickly filled with the annoying atmosphere. The dobe was all sweaty and looked exhausted from training. The poor excuse for a boy fell on his face groaning beside him and Sasuke crinkled his nose in disgust at the foul smell.

"Dobe….How long have gone without a shower?" Saskue glared at him, and Naruto didn't respond. Exasperated, Sasuke sighed and punched Nauto's head that made the fellow orphaned boy yelp and sit up straight holding his injured head. "OI, TEME! I was sleeping!" His voice was low in volume and the blue eyes, given to him by one of his parents, glowed with agitation.

Sasuke glared back at him with his coal black eyes, a gift from both of his parents. "You need a shower first."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and began to whine. "Can't I just take a shower tomorrow? I'm ssooo tired." He slumped back to a face plant, but Sasuke wouldn't let him by holding his hair.

"You said that last time." The tone was calm and cold his expression blank as he tightened his grip on the blond locks.

"Ow!" Naruto slapped his hand away. "Stop doing that!" Sasuke smirked and just shrugged standing up dusting himself off. The breeze picked up and Sasuke looked to the distance looking for dark clouds, but saw none. He turned to Naruto and kicked him to where he was lying on his stomach and Naruto grunted. "Come on Usuratonkachi, we better get going." Naruto got up grumbling. Fine fine whatever you want….

Sasuke walked to his home with his hands in his pockets as Naruto trailed behind him with his hands behind his head letting his man stink go about where it wished.

Sasuke tried to ignore it, but the wind decided not to be in his favor and so it brought Naruto's sweat into his nostrils.

"Dobe, put your freaking arms down! The whole village can smell you like that!" He didn't want to act too irritated, but still yelled, but simply turned his head to the side to let Naruto hear him. This boy knew he was acting like a germaphobe, but if you could smell something that was a mix of sweat, rotten eggs and ramen gone bad you would being doing the exact same thing.

Naruto only laughed and said, "Embrace the man stink Teme, You've gone to the dark side of air fresheners and deodorant!"

"Knowing you, you spend all you earnings on ramen instead of leisure's of the new invention called soap." Naruto looked at Sasuke in confusion.

"Soap? What's that?" Sasuke shook his head and they continued on.

The worst happened and it began to rain; not just rain…it was pouring, a little cliché and a bit predictable. By the time they had reached Sasuke's house they both were soaked to their skin. Sasuke's clothes stuck to him, and felt a little slimy.

"Great….you stay there….I'll go get you a towel…" Sasuke left to go get the towel, and when he came back he saw clothes in the shoe area and a shirtless Naruto. The blond was wringing out his shirt in the shoe area and Sasuke could have sworn a vein popped out of his head. "Hey Usuratonkachi, I prefer to have my shoes DRY." Naruto stopped his actions and turned around.

"Oh Sasuke…sorry about that….." Sasuke sighed and handed him the towel. "Just dry off as much as you can… I'll go make something for us to eat." He turned around and went to the kitchen sensing Naruto following. "So whatcha goanna make Saskuke?"

"A curry."

"What kinda curry?"

"You'll see." He took out the ingredients and started the stove.

"I wanna know what kind of curry it is..." The mumbling oaf placed his head on the table and thunder roared outside.

"If you stop whining I might just tell you." Sasuke put a pot full of water on the stove and he turned to look at Naruto. The expression Sasuke wore never changed, but the words he spoke was enough to tell. "A true ninja and seeker of being Hokage would never complain about such minor things anyway." That sentence made Naruto shoot a butter knife glare that looked and pertain to more of a pout. "You need to work on your glare Dobe."

"Teme..." Naruto looked out the window. "It was raining that day to...when you almost killed me." Naruto was blunt and emotionless for once in his life. Sasuke couldn't remember much. He doesn't even know why he went back to the village. Sasuke closed his eyes trying to will back the memory. Sasuke remembered looming over his friend and rival.

Sasuke opened his eyes to see the sea blue ones catching his glance. His voice was slow and expression serious. "You.. don't remember what happened...do you?" Naruto was very visably sad...something in his chest ached. Ached? No...Sasuke brushed that feeling off and turned around to see the water boiling. He turned down the heat and placed the ingredients in along with the rice. "No, I don't."

The seriousness faded in Naruto. "Well I certainly do! I was in the hospital for months." Being the blond he was Naruto just laughed at his pathetically ridiculous condition. "I was truly a living mummy because of you!" Out of the corner of his eye he saw Naruto waving his arms up and down like a mummy...or zombie, he couldn't tell. Naruto stopped and he sighed again the very un-Naruto like seriousness returning to his voice. His voice was of false humor that made his stomach tighten. "If it wasn't for Hikaru...you wouldn't even be here." The mention of that name made Sasuke stiffen even more than he already was. Long ago he had, had a family and he didn't want to hear it. Let alone about someone he didn't even remember the face of.

"Knock it off Dobe, you're being stupid." He smirked with his eyes closed at the whining he was hearing behind him. As long as things stayed like things life would be a peaceful war between the two.

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