Chapter 18: Fear Breeds Fear

Shikamaru read word after word. Sentence after sentence. He couldn't believe his eyes! Everything inside these pages were so in depth, so cruel, and utterly disgusting, he wanted to throw the book right out the door, and into a fireplace so it could burn.

This justu, so complicated that you had to cross-reference to at least three different sources, was made to split the psyche. It soul purpose was to create a permanent clone with its own chakra, personality, and soul. There were even suggestions on how to make the body from scratch to make your own child, or simply make a look for look clone.

The teqnique was used in wars as double agents. When you made the clone you could set it in enemy territory without them even knowing it was a different person. Once you had what you wanted you had three choices. Destroy the clone and blame the original. Kill the original and keep the clone, or let them both live and wreak havoc on everything.

Without removing the second personality it was just like having an alternate personality and completely harmless. That wasn't the case with what that man was doing.

Shikamaru slammed the book shut. The alternate personality known as 'Kurai' was actually a part of Hikaru, but an incomplete clone. Hikaru had been tortured, neglected, and broken so that the jutsu would work in the same way an ACTUAL alternante personality was made. If that tactic hadn't of work...Hikaru might not be there today.

That man...the man who took an innocent child to do such a cruel thing was trying to protect people? No...that wasn't right. He was aiming for that, but once the seduction of power overtook him he turned out to be nothing more than another version of Orochimaru. There was nothing good in his intentions any longer, and he needed to be stopped.

Standing up, his back made a pop and he began to put his books away. New questions were buzzing in his mind. There was more to the puzzle; he just needed to have a word with Kakashi before he tried to find anymore answers.

When he began to leave the librarian bid him a good day, and he grunted back. His mind was reeling ten hundred miles a minute, different scenarios playing in his mind, but he debunked every one of them, about the situation at hand. One thing was for sure, they had to keep a closer eye on Hikaru.

With Hikaru:

She smiled and laughed, dragging Obito behind her through the trees. Going to the old shrine was the perfect get away until it got dark. It was her little world where she could be alone..well, as alone as you CAN be when you're dragging a boy behind you, but still, alone.

"HEY! Hikaru! You're going to tear my arm off!" This only made her laugh more, but didn't go much slower, and only loosened her grip, and called over her shoulder. "Then run faster!"

Obito laughed, and did so, this time taking the lead. Maybe with him around she wouldn't be lonely. That certainly would be a good thing…

"So, where are we headed?" Obito called out, and the blur of the forest passed them.

"Just keep going straight!" Hikaru answered. "You'll see it soon enough." And so they did continue, light conversation and all, as they ran. Hikaru would take the lead sometimes, and their hands still laced together, dragging each other. Obito stumbled once, and Hikaru nearly fell over, but all in all, it was good exercise, and a fun experience to know they could count on each other to not fall down.

It was moments like these that Hikaru was grateful for. It was almost as though she had never been in the clutches...of that man. Hikaru squashed the thoughts and memories from her present thought, and focused on the here and now.

She knew they were close, and there was a break in the tree's the light shining brightly and she slowed to a stop.

"We're here Obito!"

Obito looked around her secret hide-away. The place not even Ikuto knew of.

"It isn't much. It IS the ruins of a shrine after all, but it's a good place to sit back and relax. Ya know?" She giggled and skipped to the front steps of the shrine. She turned around to the fellow Uchiha. "So whaddya think?"

"Oh..I think it's lovely." The new voice sliced through the air, causing a shiver to go down Hikaru's spine. it couldn't be. It was just a bit of her imagination. Obito had spoken to her and it only sounded

"Hikaru, do turn around, I haven't got all day." It was a third voice. It was him. No..NO! Shaking, Hikaru pivoted to where she did indeed see the two figures that haunted her nightmares.


Hikaru looked frightened, her body visibly shaking. He quickly stepped forward and in front of her using himself as a body shield as a sign of protection. His hand easily fished out a kunai and he crouched in a defense stance. What could he do in a situation like this? Fighting them wasn't an option since he didn't know their strengths, or weaknesses.

He couldn't run because that would mean him dragging Hikaru behind him and the enemy getting the perfect opening, there was also no way Hikaru was going to fight with him. She was emotionally compromised by just looking at the male and female.

"Well, well, well..." The girl cooed. "If it isn't Obito Uchiha how's the right side of your body? You seem to be getting the hang of it." The girl grinned, a sadistic gleam in her eyes, and she man put a hand on her shoulder giving her a hard look, his brown hair falling into his eyes, so Obito couldn't see what color they were. The man was lean, and looked strong. Somewhere along the short time of this Obtio's Sharingan had activated and he could see the man had large chakra reserves, not good.

"Hikaru..." Obito said slowly, and moved his head to throw his voice behind him, while still training his eyes ahead of his at the two imposing figures. "I need you to take calming breaths, train your eyes on me, not them. I'll protect you." The words were soft, out of his peripheral vision he saw Hikaru shedding silent tears as she tore her gaze away, and looked at the back of his head. Obito sighed. "Good. Now I need you to back up slowly. I'll follow you." Hikaru was shaking worse as she backed up little by little, with Obito following her, still being her shield.

The man laughed and shook his head. "Where do you think you're going. We aren't here for a conversation." He brushed his fingers through his hair and his eyes were hard like steal. "We want the scroll Hikaru, give it to us, and no one will be hurt." He gave a false smile. "You don't want the table again do you? Cause if you're not good, that's where you'll have to go, and you don't want that now do you?" His voice was soft, as though scolding a small child.

Obito bumped into Hikaru, and he looked behind him to see her eyes small with fear, trained yet again on that man. Her body was shaking worse. "Hikaru." Obito persisted. "Hikaru look at me." Obtio risked looking only at Hikaru for a few moments. He placed a hand on her shoulder and she reeled back from it and tripped backwards falling onto the ground as she backed up more, crying harder her body shaking almost uncontrollably.

"No...NO...I don't wanna go hurts please no..." She sobbed and Obtio felt something break in his heart. These people had done this to her. These people had hurt this kind girl.

The girl laughed loudly. "Oh this is just GREAT!" She took out her weapon and looked to the man who nodded. He murmured something to her and she frowned and shrugged; Then lunged herself at Obito, blade in hand. Sparks flew as metal met metal. Obito threw her off and looked to the man who was standing back and watching. Obito quickly went through a sequence of hand signals, and breathed in and blew out a ball of fire, which the girl quickly ran out of range.

"Woooow!" She said with an air of smugness, and mock appreciation. "That would've killed me if I had stayed where I was! Good thing I have legs to move with." She laughed and the battle continued.

Throughout the battle she would whisper something that Obtio didn't understand, and he just tried to fight her off, and away from him and Hikaru. He didn't know what she was planning, but he was willing to stop he, whatever the costs. She would stake a slice at his right side of his body, the cuts weren't deep, but they were bleeding fairly smoothly with no sign of stopping.

Obito truthfully hadn't actually HIT her with any of his attacks; it was almost like she knew what he was going to do BEFORE he did it!

The girl jumped back to look at her handi work. "Wooow. Father, you're jutsu is superb! He doesn't even remember." The man frowned with annoyance at the girl.

"He doesn't remember for a reason, and was there any doubt to my abilities in my justu you stupid girl? Now stop hurting him, before the wounds get worse. For now we make our retreat." Obito widened his eyes in astonishment. This was some sort of test? For what?

"What are you two blabbering on about?" He called. The man looked Obito in the eyes with a heavy stare.

"All in good time Obito, soon you will know where your loyalties lie." He looked to Hikaru with false care.

"I'll get that scroll Hikaru, and it'll be sooner than you think." He disappeared along with the girl and Obito clenched his teeth together, refraining himself from screaming out his frustration. He didn't need to scare Hikaru any more than she already was.

He turned to the shaking sobbing girl, when just a short hour ago she was smiling and happy. Obito slowly went to her and knelt down in front of Hikaru, and she tried to back away more shaking her head frantically intelligible words coming from her mouth.

"Hikaru...I won't let them take you away, they're gone now, so I need you to look at me. I promise I will protect you." Obito felt himself on the verge of tears. He knew he could help Hikaru; she just needed to know that she wasn't alone, that those people were no longer here, and that he wouldn't harm her. Slowly, Obito reached out to her. "Hikaru...look at me. I'm here. You're not alone." She flinched, but he ignored it and placed a hand softly on Hikaru's cheek, wiping away her tears with his thumb.

"There now...see? I'm not hurting you. Now take deep breaths Hikaru...slow ones. Don't hyperventilate. Breath with me." He breathed slowly for her to match with him, and this went on until she finally stopped shaking, till she was hiccuping.

"" She question, recognition finally sparking in her eyes. They still lookedso scared…so childlike it was uncanny, but he couldn't worry about that at the moment.

With a sigh of relief he nodded. "Yes, it's me, and you're safe." Hikaru threw herself at Obito and her sobs began a new, but they were different he knew. She was so much like a child in every way. Obtio lifted her up and held her against him, and he walked through the forest towards the village.

"Hey kid! Don't take her to that stingy village, un." A new voice called from behind. Obito whirled around to see two figures; one blond, the other with hair the color of blood. Each wore a cloak with clouds, also the color of blood with white outlines. The blonde had his hair done up in a sort of high half ponytail, and a big strip of hair hanging over his left eye, not allowing you to see what was underneath. Meanwhile the other's was somewhat sort, but long enough for it to sway in the breeze.

"Who are you?" Obito said defensively. Hikaru had become silent, and as she clutched onto him she looked up from his shoulder like a shy child, and whispered. "Deidara...Sasori...?"

The blond one grinned. "Hey kiddo, Itachi told us you needed some help, un. So let's get out of here so you get better, un! You look like you need it, un!" He grinned. Obito looked at the other one whose expression was void of any feeling. He was still wary of them, and he trained his glance on the blond one. He wasn't sure if he was Deidara or Sasori.

"Won't her family worry?" Obito insisted, he didn't trust these people not a bit.

"You don't have to worry about that." This voice, he knew. Obito looked to the shadows when Ikuto came out of them. "They'll take good care of her. She needs this. If she went back now...I don't know what will happen. I'll cover for you so don't worry. The only people who I think I'll have the hardest understanding this situation are the Konaha team members. You should get going." Obito stood there stunned, and nodded dumbly looking to the two new people.

"So...where are we going?"

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