My first Doctor Who fic… It's not as strong as I had hoped it would be, but I did my best. This is what I think would have happened if Doc10 and Rose's reunion wasn't ruined by that Dalek.


When Parallel Lines Collide

At Donna's words, the Doctor whirled around, unsure of what she meant. In his line of sight, was a scene that made both of his hearts skip a beat. Her blonde hair was shimmering in the light of the street lamp, her eyes widening upon meeting his. The smile that graced her lips was so infectious it could make the angels stop weeping.

It was her.

In all of his travels he had never seen anything more beautiful than the way she looked right now. She started running towards him and he matched her pace, longing for the touch of his lost Rose.

In the middle of the road, they met, throwing their arms around each other. Their lips crashed, like the brackish tide on a stormy day, wet from tears of joy. Behind their eyes, stars exploded, memories became a blur, and senses failed. They were together again.

"You were gone." He frowned, but kept holding on.

"I came back."

"But you weren't supposed to be able to! They're called parallel universes for a reason! They aren't supposed to meet."

"You've always told me I was special."

"You are. You're so, so special."

"They want us to be together."

"Who does?"

"The universe. Both of them."

He laughed at her logic and held on tighter. They would have to fight soon, but for now he just wanted to hold her.

He had lost her. He had her, and then he lost her. He couldn't let anything like that ever happen again. He shouldn't be with her; he would only hurt her…

"I know what you're thinking about. I love you, remember? You aren't getting rid of me. Not even the idea of ripping massive holes in the universe can keep me from coming back to you."

He thought it was impossible, but she had managed to come back to him. His hearts swelled, almost to bursting point, as he shed some tears of sadness and some of joy. His legs ached as he stood there, holding on to his beautiful flower.

Parallel lines had collided that night, and they had given him a gift.

As he held her, her heart sang. She had never seen him run faster, than when he ran to her. The floodgates broke, and tears of happiness ran down her cheeks. She had been so hollow without him, but now she felt complete once more.

She had her Space Man, her adventurer, her Doctor.