It was mid day in the neighborhood as the Backyardigans were heading inside for dinner Austin put his hand over Uniqua's shoulder.

"That was a really fun game Uniqua"

Austin said holding her hand back to her house as she looked at him smiling

"Well Don Austin you know the Masked Retriever always gets her books back"

Uniqua said still in character walking inside her house waving at Austin closing the door.

"Man Uniqua is so adventurous it's no wonder she helped me break my shyness she is a really great friend"

Austin thought to himself as he went to his house inside Uniqua's house she was writing in her diary.

"Dear Diary: today another great adventure I was really happy to be playing with my friends I was by myself and I won against Pablo, Tyrone and Austin he was very stubborn in giving me my book back but I got it, I wonder what we are going to play tomorrow."

Uniqua wrote in her Diary as she slipped it under her pillow and went downstairs to eat dinner.

After dinner she went to take a bath as she grabbed a pair of socks, a pair of undies and a her pajamas layed them on her bed as she ran the bath water rubbing body wash on her