Austin replied as Uniqua looked at him

"I was joking"

She said laying on him as he kissed her on the lips with both of them really enjoyed as Austin started rubbing her back as he felt her inserting her tongue in his mouthas she rubbed the back of his neck this was something both of them wanted to do for the longest time as they stopped they looked at each other

"Austin that was so romantic of you"

Uniqua said blushing at him

"I'm glad you liked it you're the best girlfriend anyone could ever have"

As said as she continued blushing

"I'm so sorry I snapped at you I will never do it again" she said getting off the bed

"Hey Austin you want something to eat I'm hungry"

Uniqua said as Austin looked at her

"Sure I could be and by the way what happened in your room stays in your room"

He replied

"I'll agree to that"

She said as they went downstairs holding hands

"Uniqua I love you"

Austin said as she responded

"I love you too Austin"

The end