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Emmett McCarty motioned for me to have a seat. "I really need you to do a favor for me, Edward. It's my wife's birthday tonight. She was supposed to be away with her girlfriends over night, but her plans have changed. Since she's home tonight, I need to take her to dinner or else I'm in big trouble. You know Rosalie, so you know I speak the truth! However, because of that, I need you to fill in for me at this dinner meeting I already had set up with Jasper Whitlock for this evening."

"Wait! What?" I spluttered out. I was Emmett's assistant, not an account rep, but Emmett ignored me and continued on.

"Here's the advertising proposal we've been discussing. Let him look it over and then answer his questions the best that you can. Anything you can't answer, make a note of and I'll call him tomorrow on it. Okay?"

Giving my boss a dubious look, I thought for a moment. Jasper Whitlock was the president of Whitlock Sports, the largest ski equipment supplier west of the Rockies and their biggest client. My boss expected him to present their advertising proposal?

"Mr. McCarty, I don't know if that is such a good idea, I mean, McCarty and Newton, Inc. has been waiting a long time to land this account. I'd hate to be responsible for us losing him so soon after he signed with us."

Emmett McCarty shook his head. "First of all, I keep telling you to call me Emmett. Second of all, don't worry, Edward, I have complete confidence in you. You have worked just as hard on this project as everyone else has and you know the proposal inside and out. Just let him review it and answer any questions you can. Now here's everything." He handed me a big portfolio.

"You have to meet him at La Barca at 8:00 p.m. I called to let him know that you would be meeting with him in my place. Pick up the tab and we'll do an expense report for you tomorrow. Any questions?" he asked packing up his briefcase.

Standing up, I walked towards Mr. McCarty's desk. After putting the portfolio down, I looked up at him. "I think you should have his account rep, Scott Meyers, take him out in your absence. It's really not proper business protocol to have me handle it."

"You have no choice," Emmett said as he gathered up his belongings. "Everyone else is already gone for the day, and I trust your judgment. Have fun."

With that, he walked out the door and to the elevator bank leaving me in shock. Emmett really couldn't be serious about having me, an executive assistant, make a presentation to Jasper Whitlock, one of the most successful men in Colorado. Not only was he the president of his company at the age of 34, but he was also one of the handsomest men Edward had ever seen. Glancing down at my black pants and white shirt, I decided to go home to change. Maybe a more sophisticated look would help cover up my inexperience. My last thought as I left was that Emmett had better know what he was doing.

I looked anxiously around the restaurant. Due to a bad traffic accident, I was 15 minutes late and I knew from Scott that Jasper Whitlock was a stickler for punctuality. Looking around again, I saw him sitting at a corner table looking at his watch.

'Damn, he's even more handsome in person!' I thought, 'How am I ever going to concentrate on this proposal when eyes as blue as his are staring back at me? Well, it's now or never'.

Entering the dining area, I weaved my way through the tables managing not to hit anyone with the portfolio I was carrying. As I neared the table, I could see how the blue of Jasper's shirt matched his eyes perfectly. His navy blue pinstriped suit was obviously tailor made, and his tie was definitely not like the ties I bought my dad for Christmas or Birthdays. It probably cost more than my whole outfit. I had changed into a pale green shirt to go with my charcoal grey suit and my eyes, but I paled in comparison to Jasper. Coming out of my reverie, I realized Jasper Whitlock had stood up.

"Mr. Cullen," he drawled out, "How nice of you to finally show up."

Blushing, I tried to explain, "Mr. Whitlock, I really must apologize for being late. There was a terrible traffic accident and….."

"First of all, call me Jasper, and second of all, my time is limited so can we get down to business?"

My stomach began to churn. This wasn't go to be easy. Mr. Whitlock, Jasper, was probably resentful that a lowly assistant was sent to meet with him instead of the department head.

'Certainly, Mr.…er, Jasper." I mumbled smiling as best as I could with his baby blues boring into me. "Would you like to order first?"

"I don't mean to be presumptuous, Mr. Cullen, but I took the liberty of ordering for us both while I was waiting."

Well, a man who likes to take charge, I liked that. "That's fine, and please, call me Edward. I'm sure Mr. McCarty explained to you why he was unable to make the meeting this evening. But, I have the proposal here and I am sure I can answer any questions you may have."

Jasper reached across the table. "May I see the proposal, please?" Handing it over to him, our hands brushed and I felt of shock of electricity between them. I was sure Jasper could see my hand trembling, and I couldn't even meet his eyes. When I did look up, it was to see that Jasper was studying me intently. Then, he looked away and began to examine the proposal. Every so often he'd look up at me and then made a note on his pad. I was so relieved when the waiter arrived with our appetizer and drinks. Jasper had ordered fresh clams on the half shell and a wonderful white wine, which was just what the doctor ordered.

Sipping my wine, I ate a few clams while Jasper continued working. Finally, Jasper put his pen down and took a sip of wine. Not being able to stand the suspense any longer, I blurted out, "What did you think of the proposal?"

"I like it, and I especially like the idea of using regular people as spokespersons as opposed to celebrities. Consumers feel more comfortable seeing one of their own endorse a product. Where do you propose to shoot the commercials and do the print ands?" Jasper inquired.

This I could handle, so I began to relax. "Mr. Newton owns a cabin in Aspen. He is going to let us use it for the indoor shots. We can use the land surrounding it for the outdoor shots. We feel it is important to project a more romantic atmosphere indoors for those who view ski weekends as a way to meet someone or just cozy up with a few friends. The outdoor shots will be for the serious skier who's interested in having the best equipment."

Jasper looked impressed. "Well done. Sounds like it covers our target market pretty well. I want professions only involved in the stunts for the outdoor shots as I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt."

"Don't worry," I assured him, "Everyone who auditions has to pass a test prepared by the ski instructors at the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge."

At this point, the waiter cleared away the dishes and served us our dinner. Jasper had ordered us both steaks, medium rare, with baked potatoes and salad. I was in heaven and dug right into my meal.

"I'm glad to see you are happy with what I ordered. Are you always so easy to please? Jasper asked.

"Not always," I laughed. "But I do happen to love a good steak!"

Jasper smiled and took a moment to put his notes away and then turned back to me. "It seems like we covered all the basics. There are a few things I would like to discuss with Emmett, some of the finer details, but I can do that tomorrow. How about we put business aside for just a moment, if that's okay with you?"

"If you're sure I can't answer any other questions for you, then yes, that works for me," I responded.

Jasper sipped his wine and refilled my glass. "I'm curious, what part do you play at McCarty & Newton?"

Swallowing my wine, I answered, "I work with Mr. McCarty, Emmett. Guess you could say I'm his right hand man."

"You're kind of young to hold such a position, aren't you? I mean, how old are you anyway?" Jasper interrupted.

Contemplating the question, I thought about it. I was kind of young to be an assistant to a President/CEO like Emmett, but I was a hard worker and I definitely deserved my position. "I'm 25, and, yes, I might be a little young but I went to work for him right after college graduation, and kind of worked my way up. Emmett, er, Mr. McCarty, has been very helpful to me, and very encouraging."

"I'm sure he has been," Jasper agreed. "Are you two very close?"

"Oh, yes!" I exclaimed. "We work very closely together. He really is wonderful and he's taught me so much about the business."

Jasper sat back in his chair and gave me a searching look. The waiter came and cleared away the dinner dishes.

"Would you like dessert, Edward? I don't have time myself, but if you'd like something?" Jasper motion dot the dessert menu that the waiter was holding.

Sensing Jasper's impatience, I declined. "I have to run myself, thanks anyway though," I said smiling.

Jasper gave me another curious look. "I see you are all dressed up. Do you have a date?"

Thinking quickly, I figured two could play this game. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have a date later this evening." Turning to the waiter, I motioned to him. "We'll take the check." The waiter put the check in front of Jasper, so I reached for it. "I'll take care of that."

"No, Edward, I'll pick it up," Jasper stated.

"Oh, no," I insisted. "Emmett told me to be sure I picked up the tab. It's our pleasure." Taking care of the bill, we made our way out of the restaurant.

While we were waiting for a taxi, Jasper turned to me and said, "So, you have an expense account?"

"No, I don't," I explained. "Emmett will put it through on his account like he always does for me."

"Very cozy, Mr. Cullen," Jasper sneered.

Flinching at the hostile tone in Jasper's voice, I tried to think of how to respond. Before I could say anything, a taxi pulled up and Jasper motioned for me to get inside. "Good evening, Mr. Cullen. It was a pleasure working with you. Please tell Emmett I will call him tomorrow to discuss the some working points of the proposal. Oh, and enjoy your date."

With that, he slammed the door of the taxi and I was on my way. 'What the heck just happened?' I thought, 'One minute he was so friendly, and the next so contemptuous. At least he liked the proposal, that's one consolation. That, and the fact that I got to stare into those blue eyes all evening.'

When the taxi dropped me off at home, I couldn't wait to strip out of my suit and wrap my hand around my cock. Thinking about Jasper on the cab ride home riled me up and made me hard as a rock. Heading into the shower, I enjoyed the feel of the warm water cascading down my body as I stroked myself to thoughts of Jasper Whitlock.

The man was dangerously handsome. He was the ultimate ski boy with curly blond hair, sky blue eyes, and a fit body to die for. The thought of his big masculine hands working my body was bringing closer and closer to the edge. Continuing to stroke myself, I slid my other hand between my legs to cup my balls and tug on them.

My thoughts turned back to Jasper's hands, and how they would feel as he unzipped my jeans and slipped his hand inside, caressing my cock, swiping a finger over the head gathering the precum there. Visualizing him sucking his finger into his mouth and tasting me was all I needed to push my body over the edge. My orgasm rocked through me as my cock shot out stream after stream of my hot cum all over my hand and the shower wall. Bracing myself against the wall with one hand, I caught my breath and smiled. If this was any indication of how things were going to go, I was going to be very happy boy if I had to continue working with Jasper Whitlock.

Emmett was waiting by my desk when I walked in the next morning.

"Well," he boomed, "how did it go?"

"Much better than I expected." I relayed the details of the dinner. "I think he was very pleased with the proposal, and he said he was going to call you today to discuss some details."

"I told you not to worry, Edward. My confidence in you has been proven time and time again. As a matter of fact, I have something to speak with you about. Come into my office when you are settled." Emmett smiled and headed into his office.

When Emmett was gone, my thoughts turned back to Jasper Whitlock. He was so handsome it was criminal and I was hoping that I could control my body's reaction to him if I ended up working closely with him. 'Who am I kidding? Why would a guy like him, who could have any woman he wanted, want me? I don't even know if he's gay! Granted, at 6'1", with reddish brown hair and green eyes, I was no slouch, but he's still way out of my league.'

Heading into Emmett's office, he motioned me to sit. "One of the account representative positions will be open soon and I'm recommending you for it. I feel you are ready to handle the added responsibility and your creativity on the Whitlock Account proves that you are the ideal choice. That's why I let you take over the meeting last evening. Your first account will be the Whitlock Account. "

"That's wonderful, Emmett! Thank you so much for your confidence in me, but who's leaving?" I inquired.

"Scott Meyers. The details behind his termination are not for public knowledge. We'll be telling everyone that Scott received an offer elsewhere, but in actuality, he was selling our advertising proposals to a competitor looking to steal accounts from us. He was being paid very nicely for his information. Someone in the other firm found out about it and went to the company's president. Once he found out that one of his employees was paying Scott for inside information, he fired his employee and called me right away. We realize these things happen, and we are happy it's resolved. However, we need someone to take Scott's place and you are the logical choice. Any questions?" Emmett finished.

Shaking my head, I tried to absorb everything Emmett just told me. Scott was so lucky the company wasn't going to press charges. His loss was my gain.

"Okay, good," Emmett said gathering up some papers. "Would you mind going through the Farrell file for me to make sure all the proper releases are in there for the shoot tomorrow? It's on my desk."

"Sure, Emmett, no problem. I'll just work on it in your office and I'll handle the phones from here."

Not long after Emmett left, I was deeply involved in the Farrell file, so involved that I didn't hear the knock on the door or realize I had company until Patty said, "There's this gorgeous hunk outside waiting to see you. I think he said his name is Jasper Whitlock. He asked for Emmett, but when I explained he was in a meeting so he asked for you."

"Oh shit!" I exclaimed. "Why did he have to show up now? Okay, well, I guess send him in."

"You lucky devil!" Patty smirked. "He's a hunk. I wouldn't mind being stuck with him."

Patty ushered Jasper in and left closing the door behind her, but not before giving me a wink behind Jasper's back.

Well, Mr. Cullen," he said extending his hand. "It's a pleasure to see you again." I shook his hand hoping he couldn't feel how much it was trembling.

"I'm sure Emmett will be sorry to have missed you, but he is attending a meeting at the moment, and please, call me Edward."

"That's okay, I'm sure you can help, Edward. I just have a few questions." Jasper took a moment to look around the room. "Nice office you have here."

"Oh, it's not mine, it's Emmett's. I'm just completing some paperwork for a shoot we have tomorrow," I explained.

"Nice, well, shall we get down to business?" Jasper pulled out his pages of notes, and we spent the next hour hashing out some details for the storyboards. As we were discussing what type of action shots should be used as a central focus, my stomach growled.

"Excuse me, I didn't have time for breakfast and I guess it's getting close to lunchtime now." Embarrassment flooded my system.

"How rude of me, I should have realized the time. I was planning on inviting Emmett to join me for an early lunch, so how about you joining me in his place?"

After thinking about it for a moment, I decided to go for it. "That would be great. Let me just check with Patty and see if she can cover the phones for me."

"Why? Is your secretary out?" Jasper asked.

"No, I don't have a secretary. Patty is Emmett's secretary, but I cover my own phones, and hers when she goes to lunch," I answered.

"Wait? What? Why wouldn't you have a secretary when Scott had one?" Jasper demanded.

"Scott had a secretary because he was an account rep, I'm an executive assistant." I was confused at the anger on Jasper's face. "What's that matter? Surely you knew I was Emmett's executive assistant, and yes I answer my own phone. Does this mean your invitation to lunch is no longer valid?"

"You're damn right!" Jasper yelled. "How dare you lead me to believe that you were Emmett's right hand man and an account representative when you are a glorified secretary?"

"I never led you to believe any such thing! And I'm not a glorified secretary, I am Emmett's assistant and part of that is answering phones! In any case, what's wrong with being a secretary? I'm sure you have one." I growled out. By this point we were both standing on opposite sides of the desk glaring at each other.

"Nothing is wrong with it, but I don't appreciate them putting a multimillion dollar account into the hands of a glorified secretary who led me to believe he was qualified to discuss this proposal with me."

"I am qualified. I worked just as hard on that proposal as anyone else here. As a matter of fact, a lot of the ideas in there are mine. And, Emmett and Scott handled your account jointly. Since neither of them were able to attend the meeting with you, as Emmett explained to you, I had to go in their place," I snarled.

"He told me that his new account rep would be taking over my account and handling the meeting. Your name was not mentioned. Please let him know I'll be contacting him regarding the handling of this matter and the dissolution of my contract with McCarty and Newton," he snapped as he turned to leave.

I came around the desk and grabbed his arm to stop him. "Jasper, Mr. Whitlock, please, don't penalize Emmett because you are angry with me."

Jasper turned around, and pushed me back against Emmett's desk pressing his body against mine. I could feel his arousal against my thigh, that answered one question for me.

"Listen to me, Edward, and listen good. You might be a fine piece of ass, and maybe that's how you got to where you are today, but that's not going to work on me, got it?"

"But, you're wrong! I didn't get to where I am today by sleeping my way there, I worked for it!" I yelled, struggling to get out of Jasper's grip. All I succeeded in doing was rubbing my erection against his. His eyes flared with desire and anger as he pressed me further back on the desk.

The sound of the door banging open caused Jasper to let go of me and jump backwards. We both stood there looking at Emmett at he stared at us in disbelief.

"What the hell is going on here?" Emmett yelled.


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