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Chapter 1: Discovery

It was a normal patrol. Nothing out of the ordinary. The Turbokat was in top condition. Razor was playing with his radar as I guided the jet around the buildings of Megakat City. Nothing was wrong at all with this scene. And thats why I hated it. Where's all the action at? I thought to myself as I brought the Turbokat around for a second sweep of the city.

"T-Bone! Down there!" I looked to the streets and saw what looked like a shadow fighting off a bunch of goons.

"What do we do?" I asked Razor.

"The kid looks like he can handle himself. Maybe we should jump in and stop the fight though. Six on one deffinitely isn't fair."

I agreed and brought down the jet on the top of a nearby bank roof. Maybe they were robbing the place and the kid decided to be a hero I thought. The cockpit slid open and I, along with Razor, jumped out and strapped my glovatrix to my wrist.

Razor was revved up and ready to go. "You ready? That kid can't keep this up forever." he said as he jumped down from the roof. I followed and landed on a nearby dumpster. Razor was right. The kid was putting up a good fight, but he wasn't going to last much longer.

I aimed my glovatrix at one of the goons. He had just grabbed the kid from behind and was holding him by his neck. I launched an octopus missle and it propelled him into the wall, tightening its grip when it made contact. Razor was busy fighting off a few guys who decided to gang up on him. I was ready to fire into the group, but he suddenly broke free of the pile on, sending the three criminals flying.

"I'm not about to let a few troublemakers take me down."

"Good. Dark Kat would be a little disapointed if I showed up to a fight alone." I said as I blasted a net over the three goons on the ground.

I turned around and saw the kid handling two of the goons on his own. One of them decided to charge. One swift kick, and it was clear that that wasn't one of his best ideas. The second guy was ready to turn and run, but the kid pounced on him and plante a good right jab straight in the guys face. Kinda felt sorry for him, but the I remembered he probably deserved it.

The fight was over. "Well. That was fast." I said walking towards the kid. He took a defensive stance and looked straight at me with a piercing gaze that could freeze Dark Kat in his tracks.

"Don't move." He choked out, gasping for air as he caught his breath.

"Look, I don't wanna hurt you. I just wanna talk."

"Then start talking."

"What started this fight?" I asked.

"They were robbing the bank. I didn't want them to get away with it. I sneaked in, took out the leader, and ran out with the money. They managed to corner me. I hid the money behind a dumpster, and I tried to fight them off."

"Razor, grab the money." He nodded and and ran into the alley, reappearing with a sack holding at least three thousand bucks.

"You did well holding them back, kid." Razor said with a slightly admiring tone. "Are you okay? Do you need any medical attention? There's a first-aid kit in the Turbokat I cou-"

"I'm fine. I don't need your help." He cut in.

"Look, kid. We're just trying to help." I rebuttaled.

"Don't call me kid." he growled. I could tell he was afraid from the agitated sound of his voice.

"Well? What's your name?" I asked

"Fang." He says. Then he jumped up to the roof of the bank and ran off.

"Well. That was...interesting." Razor chuckled at my failed attempt at talking with this Fang character. Who ever that kid was, I could tell he was brave and strong willed. He could be a powerful ally. Or enemy, if we were unlucky.