Chapter 6: A Commander's Investigation

I didn't know what the hell was going on in the city, but I was going to find out. Appearantly, some new hero has been stopping crimes around here. The bank robbery was the first I heard of. A witness told me that a bunch of guys dressed in suits came in and pushed everyone out of the way. The leader pulled out a bag and a gun, and threatend the teller. The lady started putting money into the bag like the man wanted, and the others tied up everyone in the building.

The witness told me she was praying for a miracle, and suddenly a young man busted out of the vents.

"Stop what you're doing now!" he shouted. The man turned to fire, and the boy pressed a button on some machine on his arm. Suddenly everyone's guns started to malfunction. They would pull the trigger and nothing would come out.

The witness said a scythe came out of the boy's arm as he said, "I warned you." He cut the mans arm, and he dropped the bag to hold the cut. Then the kid kicked him in his face, and the man fell to the ground bleeding. Then all the men started to run at the kid. He fought off a few, slashing at faces, throwing nicely placed punches and kicks, and he grabbed the bag of money and ran outside.

She said she had a perfect view of the fight. She said she was surprised when the SWAT Kats showed up to help. After the fight, the kid ran off and the SWAT Kats returned the money to the teller.

This was only the first sighting. This young man also appeared during the Viper incident. He was seen slashing away at some of the monsters. One witness told me he saved her baby's life from one of the raptor creatures. I also recieved some info from a scientist at Megakat Biochemical Labs. He said that the boy stormed in just as he went into hiding. He fought off some of the mutated monsters, and met up with the SWAT Kats.

The scientist told me that they all ran in and he got into a fight with Viper while the others fought of more monsters. He said the boy had him cornered, but he escaped and ran off. The kid chased him down and eventually caught him in a net. Viper threw a flask containing an expiremental katalyst out a window, and the kid jumped out after it, succeding in retrieving and returning the flask back to the storage vault.

And that wasn't all. Hard Drive had a run in with this young man as well. He said his name was Fang. He said he wa attacked by the SWAT Kats, when this kid showed up and started hacking into the systems. He didn't know it, and continued to thwart the SWAT Kats efforts. Then, he suddenly lost control of the jet. He had no idea what happened. Next thing he knew, he was being rejected by the system. He looked down below the platform the mainframe was on, and saw Fang running towards him. He tried to escape, but Fang tackeled him to the ground, took the surge coat, and knocked him out.

I was surprised. A young man, maybe in sixteen at least, was taking down criminals with little help from those pesky SWAT Kats. I thought he could make a good addition to the enforcers, but after putting two and two together, came to the conclusion that he was partnered with the SWAT Kats. Worst decision of his life I thought. Its a shame I'm gonna have to bring him in one day, along with the other two nuisances. He could have been as good an enforcer as Christopher and Sheryl Luna. They were my best officers. I wonder, whatever happened to their child? He dissapeared after his mother's death. Maybe I could look into this. His father did train him in his spare time...

"Commander Feral. Could I speak with you for a moment?" I was interupted in my thoughts by Mayor Manx. That buffoon was always appearing at the worst time. "Sure, Mayor. Give me a moment to put away this paperwork."