I love Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust but I wish there'd been more on the relationship between Meier Link and Charlotte so I am writing a sort of sequel just for them. It's about their experiences going to and at the City of the Night.

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Save Her

Meier Link ran onto the ship and into the control room. Gently he set down his beloved Charlotte in the passenger seat and took his own position. Quickly starting up the engines he forced the ancient ship to its limits in a desperate attempt to get free from the collapsing structure that was Carmela's palace. The vessel slowly began to move upward and as their altitude increased so did their speed. Blessed be the ship still operates, thought Meier. Meier wasn't necessarily a pilot so he set the ship on autopilot for the City of the Night.

That taken care of Meier reached for Charlotte and carried her to the ships infirmary that was built for the instance that a human partner be injured. She was dead. Had Meier's heart beat it would have stopped the second hers did but he couldn't give up. As he laid her cold body on an operating table he couldn't breathe. To see her like this… it killed him inside. Oh Charlotte, I am so sorry! Meier reached into the medical cabinet and pulled out an emergency bag of blood that could be used in emergencies, such as if a vampire's control slipped. He set up an intravenous solution and inserted the connected needed into Charlottes arm. Meier knew that a human could be revived within a certain time period after death. He hoped that he could revive Charlotte and with the blood supply she could recover.

He just had to restart her heart. Meier found the defibrillator in another cupboard and prepared to shock Charlotte. By exposing her body to volts of electricity the main organs could be restarted. "I apologize my love but it's necessary if we are going to be together. I cannot lose you!" As he said this Meier rubbed the two paddles together and thrust them upon her chest. Charlotte's body arched and thumped back onto the table. Meier removed the paddles and checked her vitals. Nothing.

"Come on Charlotte. For me, come back for me, please!" Again, he thrust the paddles to her flesh and again her body jumped as a reaction. HE checked again, still nothing. No! It hasn't been too long. She can still be saved she's got to! "Charlotte!" He screamed. Tears began to leak from his eyes as he tried again to revive his only love, his heart, and his life. Upon contact Charlotte's body reacted the same as before. Meier desperately checked for signs of life. There! She had a pulse! It was faint but he could feel it beneath his stone cold fingers! "Oh Charlotte thank heavens" Hem pulled her into a hug. She was still unconscious because of the blood lose but after some time the transfusion would bring her out of it.

After rechecking to make sure the fluids were hooked up correctly Meier pulled forward a chair and took a seat next to Charlotte. For the next few hours Meier kept careful vigil and waited for his human to awake.

A Number of Hours Later:

Meier's eyes had begun to slide closed as fatigue set in. His battle with D and emotional trauma of almost losing Charlotte took their toll on him. He wanted to sleep but he wanted to be there when Charlotte awoke. And so he barely managed to stay focused as he watched charlottes face. At first he had worried that she still might not awake from such a deep slumber but recently he face twitched every now and then. Suddenly a moan escaped her lips. Meier's head snapped to attention.

"mmmmmm" she moaned again. "Charlotte, Charlotte can you her me dear?" Meier asked.

"Meier" She whispered, eyes still closed. "Oh Charlotte I'm here" he clasped her hand and brought it to her face and kissed her knuckle then rubbed the back of her hand against his cheek. "I'm here". It was obvious she was waking up and so Meier removed the needle from her arm and set it aside. Then he refocused on her face. He cupped her face in his hand.

At this her eyes snapped open and focused on Meier's face. "Meier?" She said hesitantly like she almost didn't recognize him. "Yes my love it's me." "Oh Meier!" she said enthusiastically and sat up suddenly and hugged him around his neck. "Meier, my Meier, oh Meier" she kept repeating. He gladly pulled her into his arms and hugged her back. "I'm here Charlotte, I'm not going anywhere! I promise!" He said. Her grip around him tightened and then she released him. She pulled back to look him in the eyes. Tears had begun to stain her still pale cheeks. "You saved me" she said.

Meier hung his head in shame. "No my dear, I didn't. I wasn't strong enough. I wasn't quick enough." He raised his head to look at her again. "You died." All she did was nod. "I know" He looked at her in confusion. "After you held me I was consumed by darkness. Everything simply ended. I was floating in a type of nothingness. I don't think I had fully succumbed to death yet but I had at least fallen into a limbo. And then everything changed. The world I was in was flooded with light. And then I heard you voice. I ran towards it. I called to you and called and called. And then it was almost like I ran right back into my body. Suddenly I could feel my limbs again, my lungs as they filled with air. I was too weak to move but I could feel again. And then you voice found me again and I managed the strength to open my eyes and I met the most beautiful sight, you." She smiled as she finished and could not help but return the smile. "You did save me Meier. You brought me back." He quickly pulled her into a hug again. He truly could not live without this wonderful creature.

"Come" he said. "You will need more blood transfusion to regain your strength but for now you need rest. Let us retire". She nodded "Alright". Meier then picked her up bridal stile and carried her to the ships master bedroom. She would be sleeping with him in the main coffin. If she preferred otherwise she could ask for it tomorrow but for now she was sleeping with Meier no matter what. She wasn't leaving his side. He opened the lid with one hand and laid Charlotte in the coffin being as gentle as possible. Then he got in himself. After lying down he pulled the lid closed. It surprised him when after everything Charlotte still moved closer and cuddled against him. This made him very happy and he smiled as he wrapped an arm around her slender body. She sighed happily and he smiled wider.

As Meier closed his eyes to welcome sleep Charlotte's steady heart beat reminded him that he hadn't eaten since many days before. He was hungry. But unlike before when Charlotte was this close he did not feel the temptation to bite her. Her body was pressed so closed to hers he could feel the blood pump through her veins with every heart beat and yet his fangs did not elongate. Seeing her die once had truly shocked his system. He doubted he would be able to resist her forever but despite the hunger gnawing at him now his only need was to hold Charlotte and be with her.

Despite the attempts of humans, damphirs, and vampires. Finally, they were together, at peace, high within the stars.

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