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Charlotte awoke slowly. Her mind was fuzzy as she tried to grab onto reality. Unfortunately, reality hurt. Her body was soar all over both from the loss of blood and the electrocution. She stifled a groan. Then she felt the strong arm wrapped around her. Charlotte turned her head upwards to look into the face of her vampire lover.

Meier's chiseled face was peaceful as he slept. The smallest sound or movement would wake him but for now, as the silence surrounded them both, he remained in a deep slumber. Apparently their ordeal had not been easy on him either. But he would never complain. No, he would always be her dark knight. Her fierce savior. And her deadly lover.

Why had she ever been drawn to him? Yes, on that first encounter she had been ever so scared and yet lured in by his handsome face and strong shoulders. But when, in the end, he did not kill her and in fact returned the night after to seek her company she got to know the vampire.

He was intelligent and inspired. He was lost. He was gruesome and yet beautiful. He was funny and (after a few more nights) romantic. They fit together so perfectly she could not deny him. Meier made her happier than she had ever felt before and she was even willing to give up her family and her life to be with him.

Actually the decision hadn't been that hard. At home she was a delicate flower to be desired and fawned over. But with Meier she had meaning, purpose. Meier had told her that he was lost in the world. He existed but did not live. He had no reason to go anywhere or do anything other than hunt…until he met her. For him it was love at first sight although because she was a human he had tried to resist his feelings for a time. But in the end their bond was too strong. Charlotte had to admit that she felt the same way.

To Charlotte, Meier was not a simple killing machine without feelings or restraint. To her he was an unfortunate soul who had landed in a powerful but cursed body. He fought against his urges to be with her. He showed her the beauty of the night.

He had also saved her more than once. The first time was to save her from a society which wanted to cage her. The second was from the damphire hunter who tried to kill their love.

Charlotte gazed at the face of Meier Link. Yes, no matter how insane it was she loved him with all her heart.

A small smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. She settled down once more against Meier's large chest. Her body welcomed the chance for more sleep. Her heavy eye lids fell closed and she drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

Hours later Meier opened his eyes. He felt refreshed and awake. He turned his head down to look at the top of Charlottes head. In her sleep she cuddled into him. He smiled. His dear Charlotte.

He bent down and kissed the top of her head. She stirred under the contact. Her deep brown eyes opened and focused on him. She smiled at him. "Good morning." She said. He chuckled realizing that for all intensive purposes it was now permanently night time.

"Good morning. How do you feel?" He asked.

Charlotte didn't want him to worry so she lied. "Fine" she said as her muscles ached.

Meier nodded his head and Charlotte couldn't tell if he believed her or not.

Meier pulled her closer against him, if that was even possible, and kissed the top of her head. Then, he raised his hand and lifted the coffin lid.

Meier helped Charlotte out of the coffin and she stood. She wavered on her feet and Meier came up behind her to support her body.

"You are still week, come I'll get you something to eat and then I will give you more blood so you may recover." Meier said.

Charlotte muttered a quiet thanks as Meier lifted her body easily into his arms and walked out of the master bedroom and into the small kitchen.

Being a vampire Meier was not used to a kitchen but Charlotte was in no shape to cook for herself. As she draped against the counter on a high chair Meier decided pancakes would be a good choice. Meier had experimented once or twice with food. He found it satisfying to provide for Charlotte and that meant in every way possible. Of course his many first attempts were absolute failures but in due time he had managed the art of pancakes.

He poured butter and syrup over the finished product and set it before her. He leaned on the counter as he watched her eyes widen and then she dug in. Charlotte was beautiful, petite, even fragile to him. But seeing her devour an entire plate stacked with pancakes would make anyone think otherwise.

"That was delicious!" she said with much more energy. He chuckled deep in his chest.

"I'm glad you liked it." He replied.

Charlotte beamed at him and nodded "Very much! Now what about you aren't you hungry?" She asked concerned. He worried about her so much he often forgot to take care of himself, but she wasn't going to let him forget. Especially after all that he had done.

Meier shrugged. "I can wait." He said but Charlotte only shook her head.

"I know there must be blood bags or something on this ship. Now show me where they are and when you do, you're going to eat."

Meier's smile widened. He loved it when she acted to commanding because quite honestly it was adorable. She was like a porcelain doll dressed for war. She acted as if she was the deadly vampire in the relationship instead of him. "yes ma'am" he teased and offered her his arm. She hoped of the high chair gracefully and entwined her arm around his. It was obvious the food had greatly improved her condition.

Meier led her through the halls to another room. Inside was what looked like a decorated armoire. The two stopped before and Meier reached forward to open the doors. Cool air greeted them and inside was rows of blood bags. The armoire was a decorated refrigerator.

"Is it still good?" Charlotte asked curiously. Meier only smiled down at her. "What? I don't know the details of vampire dealings. Can blood expire?" she defended herself against him amused look. He only chuckled.

"We have special means of preserving blood just for such occasions so yes, it's still good." Charlotte nodded.

"well, go on" She encouraged. Meier turned more serious.

"Charlotte I do not want you to see me like that. I can wait" but Charlotte shook her head.

"You hungry, I can tell. You deserve a good meal. And you know you what you are, what you eat does not make me love you any less. Seeing you drink will not change my opinion of you in the slightest." She vowed with all honesty.

Meier reached up his hand to cup her cheek and stroked her skin with his thumb. "My love, you never cease to astound me" He said.

"You're procrastinating" She accused. With a slight chuckle Meier shook his head but never the less reached for one of the blood bags. Once more he looked into her eyes more so to reassure himself than anything else. She did not back down, she didn't even flinch, as he tore open the bag and greedily gulped down its contents. With a needy gasp he dropped the empty bag and met Charlotte's eyes again.

His eyes glowed a fiery red as the new blood coursed through his thirsty veins. She was always shocked when she saw him like this, and the times had been few. But she kept her face pleasant. He didn't scare her, she was simply in awe of his power. It was a reminder of the restraint he always practiced with her.

She could tell that the small bag had not filled him, not after the ordeals they had just recently survived. "Have another" She instructed. Surprise flitted across his face but he reached for another. He smiled gratefully as he tore into the second bag and then a third and a fourth.

The whole while Charlotte stayed with him and never shuddered or pulled away while he drank his fill. When Meier felt completely sated he stood amazed before his love. She truly was an exceptional woman, one he knew he did not deserve. She saw past the bloodlust. She saw beyond the animal to the man. And yet she accepted and loved not only the man but the beast as well. And as she stayed with him while he drank she had once again displayed her utter acceptance and it humbled him.

Charlotte took a step forward smiling and reached up to wipe away a drop of blood that remained at the corner of his lips. Before she pulled her hand away Meier turned his head and caught her wet finger between his lips and nibbled ever so slightly and licked away the blood.

He watched as Charlottes eyes darkened at the erotic act. His licked at her fingertip again and her lips parted. Her chest heaved a bit as her breathing became uneven. Slowly he released her and he hand fell to her side. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her close. Meier leaned down as she tilted her face upwards and Meier took possession of her lips. Her arms reached up to wrapped around his neck and hold him closer. Charlotte moaned as Meier licked across her lower lip asking entrance.

She granted it and parted her lips and his tongue reached inside, to taste her and explore. She could taste him as well. He tasted of iron and masculinity and it made her swoon. She leaned against him and this time it was Meier who moaned. He wanted more but he knew he would no t be able to control himself if they went forward. Slowly they pulled apart but he did not release her. "I love you Charlotte." He stated and she could hear the emotion in his voice.

"And I love you Meier, my wonderful Meier" She said sweetly and reached up to peck him on the lips again.

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