Roman's car parks at Maisonette 9.

"Lets go" Roman told Niko.

"Remind me again why I allowed you to drag me here?" Niko asked with a complaint.

"Trust me cousin, it'll be fine" Roman said. He got out revealing the fancy suit he had at his wedding, and at the times he appears in TBOGT (The ballad of gay tony).

Niko revealed wearing the black suit and red tie, and black shoes, that can be found at Pursues.

"Stop, members only" Daises told the two of them.

"Come on man, It's me Roman Bellic" Roman said. "Not on the list, mister Bellic. "I come here everyday" Roman said.

Daises repeated himself.

Niko couldn't take it anymore. He punched Daises in the face, knocking him out cold. "Can we get this over with?" Niko asked in an annoyed voice.


"What do think?" Roman asked.

"I think, the radio choice of Electro shock is complete shit, Only drinks are alcohol, and this tie is itching my neck" Niko complained.

"Stop being so boring cousin" Roman laughed.

Suddenly Luis appeared.

Niko remembered Luis, because from the time Luis crashed the party and snagged the diamonds, and also when he appeared with Tony when they traded the diamonds for Gracie.

In the game Niko reveals remembering these things, when calling Roman after the orginal verson of the Gracie trade level, Niko mentions Luis appearing those times, and referred to him as 'the Dominican looking guy'. And Niko STILL remembers him now.

"LUIS!" Roman called to him.

'Oh shit, not him again' Luis complained to himself. But still pretended to be happy to see him, and came over.

"Luis, meet my cousin Niko" Roman said.

'Please god, don't let him remember me' Niko thought.

Unfortunately Luis DID remember him. "YOU!" He cried angrily.

Niko gulped.


Niko was shocked, he had no idea that Luis was there, and was unsure Luis how the hell Luis would of even recognized him under the ski mask.

"Do you have some sort of cloning machine… You're EVERYWHERE! Particularly when those demands where involved" Niko said.

"I was about to say the same to you… Plus you nearly banged into me after the bank robbery" Luis said.

Roman was happy that, things seemed ok between them so far. Unfortunately that was changed when Niko mocked his Mushroom cut.

Luis lost it, and tried breaking Nikos nose.

Niko dodged it, and hit him in the stomach. They continued fighting until security threw them both out. Roman ran over also. Luis got mad, and banned Roman from the Club.


The entire way back Roman was constantly yelling at Niko.

"SHUT UP! There's more to life, then overly priced parties with lame music, and a Dominican owner, with a stupid hair due, and overly large mussels" Niko cried out angrily.


"We are home" Niko said.

"That doesn't matter, I'm still mad" Roman said, and continued going on about why he was mad.

"GET OUT!" Niko screamed.

Roman nervously got out.

Niko drove off.