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Pairing: JJ/Hotch

Episode: Sacred (Season 4, Episode 15)


When they'd started dating, they'd never even imagined it would lead them to this exact point in time: Hotch standing at the altar, JJ walking down the aisle towards him. But here they were, sharing this sacred moment with each other and every single person who loved them.

JJ smiled at her soon to be husband wondering why the aisle had to be so long. She wanted to hurry towards him but the slower beat of the wedding march kept her pace to a slow stroll. She wanted to be next to him already.

Hotch couldn't take his eyes off the gorgeous woman who'd agreed to endure him for all of time. She liked to say love for all of time, but he knew he could be a handful sometimes. But she didn't care, she still loved him anyways.

The couple were grinning from ear to ear when finally they met at the altar. JJ eagerly took Hotch's hand, never wanting to let go. Hotch gave her hand a squeeze telling her that he would never let go. They stared at each other happily waiting to be joined in the sanctity that was matrimony.

"I love you," JJ murmured before the priest began.

"I love you, too," Hotch returned, whole-heartedly.

They both turned to the man that would join them forever, hearts bursting with joy; they listened to the Priest's words, and repeated them. But the only words they really heard from each other were the two that meant the most to both of them.

"I do," JJ proclaimed.

"I do," Hotch announced.

With the formalities over, they sealed the deal with a tender, loving kiss. Pulling apart, they smiled at each other with all the love in the world. Their reverie was broken when cheers came from their friends and family.

They walked off the altar and walked back down the aisle to the sounds of congratulations on either side of them. This time when they exited the church it would be as Mr. and Mrs. Hotchner.

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