Kat has been missing... For a year (takes place after the first heist.) When she gets back she's changed. New clothes, new personality, new team, new boyfriend? But there are reasons. She's been through a lot and she isn't going to talk even if she has to push up daisies so her family doesn't find out...

Cammie Morgan is wanted... By the Circle and by a team of theives. She, her three best friends, and the -super hot, super sexy- Zach. What will Cammie do when she finds out that there are more people after her? That's right, she'll change rules, flip people on their backs, and take names... Even if that name is Kat's.

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Chapter One...


(Author's Note: Okay, so the first chapter is just Heist. Second will be both but more Heist, and third is just Gallagher, kay?)

I looked for her everywhere, but I couldn't find her. Moscow, Australia, Switzerland… Any place in the world where Kat could have been and yet…

She wasn't.

"UGH!" Gabrielle threw the map down in disgust, "When you asked me for help I didn't think…"

"I know," I told her as we sat at the kitchen table of the house.

"She's been gone for a year," Gabrielle told me, "One full year and she hasn't been seen since the Heist."

The Heist was the one where we stole a painting… the one that I had to drag Kat back into the world she's been trying so hard to leave.

"I know." I sighed.

"And this is pointless," Gabrielle snapped, "It's like she's…"

"Gone?" I finished, "Dead? Lost at sea?"

"Hale I-"

"Don't say it," I warned her, "Or I'll kill you."

She said nothing as I continued to pour over a book.

"I don't think you'll find her," Simon said, sounding doubtful, "She's been gone for a year- A whole year and we hadn't found any trace of her at all."

"Don't bring her up at dinner," Gabrielle warned me, "It's been a full year since she's been missing today, it's her birthday, and all the family will be here."

"And if you do you just signed your death certificate," Simon added.

But who will carry it out? I have no idea.


Dinner was tense. We all glanced at the empty seat where Kat would sit.

This isn't like she didn't want to be in the family biz, or was unhappy.

She wasn't at some boarding school or off on a heist.

She was happy were she was.

We were supposed to go to France for fun.

Then she was gone the next morning (on her birthday) and we haven't heard a word since.

Then the door opened.

Uncle Eddie and Kat's father were to their feet looking at the only entrance to the dining room.

The sound of high heels clicked on the wood- sounding full of purpose.

Gabrielle, Simon, and I got to our feet also, looking at the door. Everyone's gaze was on the entrance.

Then we saw her. She walked right into the room, walk full of purpose… Like her footsteps.

She was five foot three, shoulder length hair, sunglasses on her face, and high heels that made, even Gabrielle, cringe at the sight. Plus, the girl was in a short red dress that was just as low as Gabrielle's taste; it was also just as tight and shorter.

She pulled the sunglasses off as she leaned against the flame of the door and hung them from her top middle of her shirt… the girl was hot!

She had a smirk on her face, "So," She said the voice hit us all like an anvil.

"Did anyone miss me?" Kat asked, winking at me.

Gabrielle, Simon, Hamish, Angus, and I were over to her staring at her.

"Aw!" She cooed, hugging each one of us lightly, as though it hurt her to do anymore, "You really did miss me!"

"Where were you?" Gabrielle demanded, pushing her cousin off her and glaring at her, "Where did you go?"

Kat pulled her bottom lip to a pout, "Now, is that what you ask someone when you first see them." She was so different.

"Where were you?" Uncle Eddie demanded, "Where the heck were you, Katarina?"

Kat sighed and looked into her uncle's eyes, "I was places."

"What places?" Her father demanded.

"Nice to see you too," Kat said coolly.

"Where were you?" Uncle Eddie and her father both demanded.

"I told you," Kat snapped, "I was places."

"You will tell us now or you'll leave," Uncle Eddie snapped. This meant that she would be an outcast of her family.

Kat shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal, "My pleasure," then, as loudly as she could she called, "LET'S GO TEAM!"


There were footsteps and two guys and one girl came and stood by Kat.

"Yeah, Katty girl?" The girl asked, she had some-what of a southern drawl.

"Diana, Jerome, Wyatt, let's roll."


"Aren't you going to introduce, Kitty Kat?" Gabrielle asked, fluttering her eyelashes, "I mean, we are a team."

"Sweetie, it was were," Kat sneered, "and it was when I played with little boys and their toys."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Hamish asked, looking at Kat as if he didn't know her. I'm not sure that any of us know her.

"Diana, meet Hale, Simon, Angus, Hamish, and Gabrielle," Kat pointed to each of us in turn.

"Family, meet Diana, Jerome,"- A buff dude with blond hair and green eyes-"and Wyatt,"- Ripped (as Gabrielle whispered) and had black, shaggy hair, and blue eyes ( 'Like diamonds' Gabrielle insisted.) "Bye!"

Kat walked out, just like that.

"Oh," She called, "If any of you want to say 'Hi' just stop by at the Lilac Hotel and call before," She tossed a piece of paper over her shoulder and walked out of our lives.

I snatched the piece of paper and looked at Gabrielle and the others, who nodded and we sprinted to the garage.

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