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"Sam Puckett! Detention after school!" Miss Briggs yelled at Sam who couldn't stop from laughing. Carly came around the corner at the scene and sighed.

"Sam, what did you do now?"

"All I did was put a pig and a cow into Miss Briggs classroom." Sam rolled her eyes.

"How did you ge-"

"My uncle."

Carly rolls her eyes but then smiles really wide.

"Guess what? I joined choir!" She squealed. Sam gave her a blank stare and opened her locker and grabbed a turkey leg.

"Woopie-doo?" Sam gnawed on her turkey leg.

"No! Its sooo much fun! Freddie joined too, and you should too! Since you got kicked out of Foods you need to take another elective!"

Sam gave her best friend a disgusted look.

"First, it's not my fault I didn't know we weren't allowed to bring chickens to class and try to cook it. It is a food class!"

"It was a live chicken! And it attacked Rebecca Burkhart!"

"It was her fault anyway," Sam mutters, "And second, I don't sing,"

Carly gave her doe eyes, "Please Sam! It would be so much fun! And Mrs. Tyler is so nice and cool!"

Sam's POV

Geeze Carly is getting on my nerves. I suddenly see Fredward come down the hallway and stand next to his girlfriend. Ya, him and Carly are dating. Long story short. It's was months since the lock in incident and a new school year was just about to begin. I said it was nothing to the nub, blah, blah, blah, getting to the point, one day I come into the Shay's apartment and then there they are making out on the couch.

I don't know what happened but I could care less. I think I kissed Fredwad was because I just caught up in the moment and I needed someone and there stood Frednub, and blah. The rest is history. This is there what second? Third time going for a couple? It doesn't really bother me, they won't last anyway.

"Whatcha chicas talking about?" He asks. What is with the Spanish chiz? It's so annoying.

"I'm trying to talk Sam into joining choir with us," Carly says excitedly. Fredo nods and looks at me.

"So are you gonna do it?" Ugh, for some reason I just have the urge to punch him.

"No! And I have to go, I got detention." And I stormed away. Every since they started dating I hate to be around them both at the same time. I just get so annoyed.

"Rupert! Buddy, what did Ted tell you I have to do this time?" I ask the janitor. Rupert looks at me and smiles then hands me a mop.

"Mop the cafeteria and you're free." That's it? Wow thank you Ted! I head up to the cafeteria and I plug in my parepad and click shuffle. The song The Little Things by Colbie Caillat came on. I move the mop with the beat. Yes, Sam Puckett listens to love songs! Don't judge unless you live by a hospital. I start to sing with the song.

`The little things, you do to me are
Taking me over, I wanna show ya
Everything inside of me
Like a nervous heart that, is crazy beating
My feet are stuck here, against the pavement

This song is really catchy. All of a sudden Carly pops in my mind 'You should join choir!' I laugh. I would never ever join choir. I start to sing the chorus.

(back up, back up) take another chance,
Don't you (mess up, mess up) I don't wanna lose you
(wake up, wake up) this ain't just a thing that you

(give up, give up) don't you say that I'd be

Why would Fredwad join choir? I don't even think he can sing. Carly is an amazing singer. When she sang at that one crazy wedding were the bride was in love with Spencer and almost had the wedding torn. But Carly saved the day and sang that one really nice song. No one wonder Fredo went back to her.

And every time, you notice me by
Holding me closely, and saying sweet things
I don't believe, that it could be
You speaking your mind and, saying the real thing

I got startled when someone poked me on the shoulder.

"What?" I turn around to find a young lady who was smiling at me. Mrs. Tyler? I pull out my ear phones.

"Sorry to bother you Sam, but I couldn't help hear you sing that song, you're really good." She smiled. Am I hearing this right?

"What's it to you?" I ask rudely. Hey I don't like people bothering me.

"I know you got kicked out of the foods class, and you're in need to find another elective, so I would be gladly to place you in choir." Oh heck no.

"Ah no." I turn away but she grabs my shoulder and turns me back with a frustration on her face.

"Look, we both know if you don't find an elective you can't graduate next year. We both know all the classes are filled up. We both know you can sing, and we both know that I can tell Principle Franklin that you disobeyed a teacher and you can get expelled." Is she… like… black mailing me? Can teachers do that?
"You can't black mail me!"

"But I can Samantha. You will come to choir tomorrow, or else you will be getting a talk with Principle Franklin, do I make myself clear?" She sounds like a mom. For a new teacher she knows how to talk to students. I didn't even know I nodded until she smiled.

"Great! See you 9th period!" And just like that she walks away. What just happened? Sam Puckett does not take orders! Especially to a teacher! I know for one thing. I am not going tomorrow. When I got to the Shay's and I told Carly she almost had a heart attack with excitement.

"Sam that's great!" How can she be excited about this? I just got black mailed.

"Carls, did you hear me right? Mrs. Tyler is so black mailing me!" I screech. She giggles and rolls her eyes.

"Sam I think it's for your own good. She is really nice! Tomorrow we get a music project. She is really creative on what we do, like how she chooses what we do. Sometimes we do a duet or solo. She has her own band thing, kids that need credits to graduate!" Yaaayy, I don't care! Carly keeps blabbing away and I zone off to space. I need food.

While Carly keeps talking I just nod and go over to her fridge and pull out some spaghetti tacos.

"I hope its a couple theme were we have to cover a long song. Or even write a love song!" Ugh, that's the most disgusting thing I ever heard in my life. I can't even sing. Well I don't want to sing at least. I do know how to play the guitar… but no one knows that.

"Tomorrow is gonna be so much fun! I can't wait for ninth period. You, me, and Freddie are all gonna sing together!" Okay, one thing I'm not showing up. Second I rather give up ham the sing with that nub of a nub. Just saying.

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