There is always a disappointment when you realize that you don't have any syrup for the pancakes you just made. Having pancakes with no syrup leaves you with a few options: You don't eat the pancakes; You could use another topping for your pancakes; You could eat your pancakes boring and plain; or you could go out a get some more syrup. The opinion to take is obvious, if you're the country that has a maple leaf on its flag.

If Canada wanted syrup for his pancakes, he would have to leave his kitchen and go out and find some. Canada wasn't exactly happy about having to reheat his pancakes later, but it would all be worth it. Having beautiful maple syrup on his pancakes would be a zillion times better than not having any syrup on them.

For some strange reason, and for the sake of fanfiction, there was an elevator on the way to the maple syrup. Canada got into the elevator with a random person. This random person was too random to be given a physical appearance that could be described in this story.

The location to buy maple syrup was on the eighth floor of the building, so Canada pressed the button for that floor. Apparently another passenger on the elevator also needed to go onto that floor, so he also pressed that button as well.

For some reason that bothered Canada, and caused him to act in way that was very out of character.

"Didn't you just see me press that?" Canada angrily asked the other passenger.

"Dude, what's your problem?" asked the random passenger.

"You're my problem! You pressed the button for floor number eight, when you just saw me press it!" Maybe Canada not having maple syrup in his system was causing him to act in a way that you could only see in fanfiction.

"Why does that even bother you?"

"The button is already lit up! There was no reason for you to press it!" Canada screamed. He waved his arms in a way that made him look like he was imitating a bird.

"Um… are you one of those people with anger issues or something?"

"No! I'm the nicest guy ever! In fact, I'm too darn nice! My idiot look-alike brother gives me the blame for everything he does!"

"Dude, don't take your family issues out on me."

"I'm not taking it out on you, because I'm too darn nice. I'm just keeping my peeves to myself, while I continue to let you take advantage of me!"

"I'm not taking advantage of you, and stop yelling." The random guy was really starting to regret getting into this elevator.

"I'm just too darn nice! One day, I'm going to give my idiot brother a piece of my mind, and all of the people that don't notice me!"

"Sir, there are a lot of places you can go to take care of your anger-" Sadly the random guy was cut off.

"And when they notice me, life will be better! Nobody will mistake me as America!"

The random guy didn't say anything to try and calm Canada down this time, because maybe the silent treatment would be the best way to make this guy shut up. The random guy was also starting to hate how long this elevator ride is.

"And no longer will I have to say 'I'm Canada'! Life will be less painful!" Canada's hand motions would have been amusing to the random guy if he wasn't being freaked out by Canada's crazy, out of character rant.

Finally, the elevator made it to the eighth floor. The random guy got out and made a run for it. Canada walked out of the elevator and proceeded on his way to buy maple syrup.


This idea came from my CCE teacher. For some strange reason this is one of his biggest pet peeves. I found it to be a stupid pet peeve and wrote a story about it.

Also big Thanks to Nutty Nerd for being the Beta Reader of this story.