Quinn had spent the better part of an hour clicking away on her laptop, ordering all the things she'd need for Rachel's baby make over. She had boughten diapers and onsies, and a crib, and much more all adult sized to fit her girlfriend's needs. She silently closed the lid of her laptop, treading out of the living room where she was doing her spending, and walked back into their bedroom where the secret was revealed an hour before hand.

She opened the doors to see Rachel's petite frame, still sucking the pacifier, but caught dead in sleep with a soaking wet diaper. She tiptoed over to the bed, and grabbed the shopping bag next to the bed. She pulled another diaper and proceeded to take the dirty one of of Rachel.

Once Quinn had gotten the front of the diaper off, Rachel's eyes darted open. She looked down to see she had wet the diaper in her sleep, her original plan, but now the thought of it made her sad. Her bottom lip began to quiver, and the pacifier that was in her mouth fell out. Before Quinn could stop her, she erupt into tears.

"Oh, don't cry, baby!" Quinn said, quickly taking off the old diaper and putting a fresh one on her, before sliding the pacifier back in her mouth. Rachel began to easily suck on it again.

"I wuv you mommy," Rachel said, her voice coming out lispy due to the pacifier.

"No, bad girl," Quinn said, slapping the front of her bottom through the diaper. "Baby's don't talk. The only talk they talk is gibberish. Goo-goo and Ga-ga. I'm sorry, sweetie, but that's the way it has to go."

"Goo-goo!" Rachel exclaimed happily.

"Good girl," Quinn said, running a hand up and down Rachel's leg. "I got you a ton of baby stuff you're going to love. You'll be my little baby girl, but of course we'll still put aside some times to make love and everything. I got you a nice big crib, and a comfy changing table so we don't get the bed stinky from your diapie changes, and a diaper pail. I even got you some cute little onesies and footie pajamas. You're going to love it baby!"

"Goo goo gah," Rachel said, having the pacifier fall out but she didn't care. She lifted up her thumb to suck on.

"That's my little girl, always sucking on things," Quinn smirked with the statement. "Now, it's getting late. We'll just curl up here," Quinn said, kicking off her boots and crawling under the covers, "and sleep." She protectively put her arms around Rachel like a mother would a daughter, before kissing the top of her forehead.

Quinn was awoken by the sound of the doorbell dinging. She let go of her grasp around Rachel and went to answer the door. Once she had opened the heavy wooden object, she stood face to face with a UPS man.

"Hello, I have several orders here for Quinn Fabray," he stated, holding his clipboard.

"That's me," she smiled brightly.

"Ok, just sign here," He said, holding his clipboard and pointing to a spot. She signed her signature, then walked with him to retrieve her packages. He put them on a red cart, before dumping them into the house. "Have a nice day."

"You too," Quinn said, nodding her head before closing the door. She looked at the boxes and squealed with anticipation. This was going to be so much fun! One by one, she took out each item in the boxes. A crib, crib mattresses, diapers, baby clothing, pacifiers, a high chair, bottles! She was so happy. She treaded off to the spare bedroom they had for when guests came over and started her remodelization of it. She painted it a light pink color, with green and purple flowers. She then built the oak crib, changing table, and playpen. The crib and changing table were in the left side of the room, while the pink playpen was placed smack in the center. To the north of the playpen was placed a giant TV filled with Baby Einstein, My Little Pony, Winnie the Pooh, and other childish movies. She finally finished with the high chair in the kitchen when she heard a cry escape from their bedroom.

She ran to see the woman, once a grown up, in a wet diaper, kicking her legs with her pacifier under the chin. She grabbed the distress girl, picking her up, and carried her to the new nursery. She placed her on the changing table, and quickly discarded of the old one, before powdering her up and putting a fresh new diaper on her. Rachel had been crying so badly, she didn't even notice she was laying on a comfy mattress. She stopped her crying and opened her eyes.

She was met with a whole new world. A paradise. A babyhood where she would be free to live her life.

"You like my craftmanship?" Quinn said, giggling at how much amazement covered Rachel's face. "Ok, so you got a fresh diapie on. What am I going to do with you? Ahh, I got it." Quinn picked her up from the table and put her down in the center of the playpen. She grabbed some toys from the toy box to the left of the TV, and grabbed some building blocks, a rattle, and a plush version of winnie the pooh, handing them to Rachel before turning the TV on and putting in Winnie the Pooh (a/n: the newish one out in theatres right now. This is set in the future, and I'm not sure if there is anymore winnie the pooh movies anyways.) and letting the girl watching. She mostly sat there and tried to stack the building blocks, but that hadn't worked, so she moved onto her raddle. She tried chewing it, slobbering on it, drooling on it. But nothing happened. That is until she threw it across the playpen in frustration.

It let out the tiniest little jingle. Rachel's eyes darted back over to it, crawling to go get it. She picked up with her two hands, unable to only use one with her mind at such ease like a baby, and started to shake it. It let out more noise. Rachel squealed happily. All Quinn could do was laugh from her place at the rocking chair. After the movie was finished, she planned on giving Rachel a bottle in the rocking chair, but for now she was breaking it in for all the good memories to come.