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I walked in to the house after Zim dropped me off.

"GAZ! Where were you? I was so worried about you!" Dib said as he ran up to me. I tossed him the camera and went up to my room to play more of the new game that Zim had made for me. It was called 'Irken Invader'. I thought it was funny because most people wouldn't know about how all of the planets you had to defeat are real planets out there. He even added 'Hobo 13' where he went in fifth grade so he could get new tanks or some thing. It was really fun. Because for every new planet you went to you became a different invader and you had to build a home and make a disguise for yourself and your SIR unit. I was working on planet Blorch. The rat people were really dumb.

Dib's POV

After Gaz handed me the camera and left I went to my room. I set up my lap top and plugged the camera into it. I started to look at all of the pictures. A few were of her and Zim in his outfit. But the newer ones should statues of what I assumed were past 'Tallest'. Than there was one of a shorter Irken that I thought was a guard. After a few more pictures I came to who I thought must have been the current leaders because they where next to another Irken who was much shorter. The last one was of Zim standing next to them talking about something. There was a Video after this on so I clicked it. Zim walked over to where the leaders were talking to a computer.

"What is it Tallest?" The computer asked.

"Um...We are not the tallest any more." The tall red one said.

"Than who is?"

"Zim..." The purple one told it.

"You mean the could have been great invader had he waited to get off of our planet turned into banished Irken? How? He was hardly over two feet during the great assigning!"

"We don't know. But he is now over a foot taller than us and we have the hover belts on!" The purple one said.

"Than he is the new leader of Irk!"

"WHAT?" Both of the Tall ones said at the same time.

"The tallest Irken is made the ruler. He is tallest now. He shall rule." It looked like none of the ones that were talking noticed Zim.

"Um, Yea. You see... I have gotten used to live on Earth and you know having more than two emotions and I don't think that I would want to rule this stink pit after these two." Zim said right as the video cut off.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! PROOF FINALLY!" I yelled. I finally could proof that Zim was an alien. Although it really wouldn't be fair with the fact that he quit trying to take over the world ten years ago. I didn't know what to do now.


I had just gotten up from a rather good nap when the video phone turned on. I didn't bother to sit up but rather stayed laying down with my eyes closed.

"Zim? What are you doing?" So it was the tallest.

"I am resting."

"But why? Irkens don't need to." That was Red.

"Because ten earth years ago you told me that I was a defect. There fore my PAK has allowed me to feel emotion and also makes it so I have to rest. And I was having an excellent nap till you called."


"I know Gir, I am talking to them." I yelled back.

"Well the control brain said that you have to be the new figure head." Purple said.

"How bout I just stay here with Dib-stink and Gaz-human while you morons stay and rule."

"BUT THE BRAINS!" The two yelled. I shrugged.

"Computer, cut the feed." The video ended. "Now computer make it so all Irken calls are put on an answering machine. Unless it says that they are coming here."

"Sure Zim, What ever." I rolled my eyes. Some times my 'minions' were not very helpful.


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