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BoyXBoy, homosexuality or whatever you want to call it

Coarse and vulgar language (AKA Romano's mouth)

Smexy times

Don't like? Don't read.

Main Pairings:

France X England

Prussia X Austria


Germany X N. Italy

Spain X S. Italy

England X America

And implied crosses between listed pairs.

I do not own Hetalia.

Thank you to my darling Anonosity, my Prussia, who got me back on track and for editing my writing and

keeping me positive through these times. ~Love you darling~

Please excuse my grammar.

Chapter 1

We're going where?

"Why are you in my room anyway?" The bottle-green-eyed man asked quietly as he pulled a pair of jeans out of the drawer and reached for a t-shirt that was covered in the scrawl of some obscure English boy band.

"I was bored." The Frenchman answered casually in his accented drawl as he lent back against the head board and gazed at the smaller nation. It had been a long time since he'd seen Arthur neither drunk nor angry at him. The English man slipped his sports jacket off and dropped into the chair by his bedroom door and his head fell into his hands. "Hard day mon cher?"

"You have no idea." The Brit replied with a sigh.

"Do you want to go out for a drink?"

"Absolutely not. Last time I did that I woke up next to Alfred." Francis's eyes widened.

"Really? I didn't hear about that?"

"You wouldn't have, you damned frog." The Englishman stood and headed for the adjoining bathroom. "I'm planning on having a quiet evening at home tonight, a good movie and a good sleep."

"What a shame that isn't going to happen." Arthur froze in the doorway then turned back to the man lounging on his bed.


"We're going out."

"We're going out?"

"Oui." The Frenchman pulled himself to his feet. "It just so happens we're meeting the others downtown."

"The others?"

"Gilbert, Antonio, Ludwig, Alfred and whoever else they manage to seduce or bring along." Arthur's eyes closed for a long moment.

"I just said I was staying home tonight Francis."

"But your plans have changed, haven't they?" Francis began to walk slowly towards him and the Englishman backed up, his eyes never leaving the Frenchman's deep blue ones.

"I want to stay here."

"Here specifically?" his lips twitched into an alluring smile as he caught the man's wrist. "Because I can think of plenty of things we can do in this room." Arthur snatched his arm away and glared at the man.

"Listen, I'll go out, but only until ten. hen I want to be back on my door step. Alone. Without you. Get it?" Francis beamed and stepped back.

"I knew you'd see my logic." The smaller man could do nothing but shake his head. And within ten minutes he was seated next to Francis in his car on the way to meeting the others.

"So why are you taking me? You know I'm a horrible drunk. Couldn't you have taken Mathew or someone?"

"Well to be honest I'm not expecting you to get drunk. But to answer your other question I like being with you, you're beautiful and amusing." He glanced over at the man next to him. "Besides you never disappoint me after we have a few drinks." That got a reaction from the blond.

"Well excuse me." He muttered crossing his arms and looking rather put off. "I didn't realize you though me but a cheap ho." Francis laughed.

"A prostitute? Non, non mon cher. More like a stunning companion."

"Well that's not what you just said." The Englishman huffed and a hand slid from the steering wheel to his leg and patted him in a comforting manor.

"It's not what I meant, I promise." Arthur sighed and turned to look out the window at the flashing lights that passed in a blur of color standing out in the night. The frog was sweet in his own way.

"Take your dirty hand off of me you bloody git."

"I'm not leaving!" Gilbert grabbed the Austrian's hand and reefed him off of where he's fixed himself to the door jam and out into the night.

"Just shut up will you, you'll enjoy yourself."

"I will not, I never do when you say that." he pulled himself away and glared at the red eyed man. "Where are you even taking me?"

"We're meeting the guys at the bar, now stop being a pansy."

"I am not a pansy."

"Prove it…pansy." Roderich's violet eyes narrowed and his lips pursed. Gilbert stepped past him and closed and locked the door much to the Austrian's protest.

"Seriously, go home. You've got to have some beer there. Or here even, I know I have some in the cellar, just stop this rubbish. Or go without me, it's not like I enjoy being pulled around."

"Come on, loosen up. You always seem there's a pole up your ass."

"You are impossible and cut the language if you please." He reached up and rubbed his temples "I've got a headache, can't you just leave me alone tonight?"

Gilbert rolled his eyes at the man standing before him in the dark. "What can I do to convince you to come along?"

"Absolutely nothing, now go away. Leave me alone and enjoy yourself Gilbert, I'm sure you'll have more fun without me." Suddenly he was being pushed back, and there was a thud as he was slammed into the door. "G-Gilbert!" fingers cupped his chin and he was forced to look into the Prussian's ruby eyes.

"Why don't you like me?" there was a mournful tone to the Prussian's now quiet voice as he moved forwards so there was a leg between the Austrian's. He struggled but the silverette was much stronger than the smaller Austrian. "You never want to have anything to do with me." His other hand slipped up to the brunette's thigh.

"Gilbert let me go."

"You don't sound serious about that." He moved closer and the Austrian tried to tip his head farther away but there was the door behind him.

"Okay… alright, I'll go. Just please get away from me." The Prussian stepped back and gave the blushing nation his best leer as his fingers slid down his leg.

"Right, we should save that for later." The Austrian sighed in exasperation but let the young man take his hand and lead him towards the waiting car. "We'll have to hurry now or we'll be late. Mein gott, you are such a pain Roddy." The Austrian tried to hit him but he dodged it with a laugh. "I like it when I get you angry, you're so much less of an aristocratic bastard."

Stupid Prussian

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