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Chapter 6


The first thing Gilbert noticed when the sun slipped through the curtains and woke him was the lack of another body next to his. He slid from the position he had been prior to a sprawl across the entire empty bed, dragging the blankets up and over his head. They smelt faintly of cleaning detergent, Roderich and another smell settled over him, one faintly of flowers. He smiled and arched his back, relishing in the slight ache from where Austria had dug his nails in the night before. Where was Roderich at such an early hour, but then again, what time was it? He sat up groggily and searched the room with his eyes for a clock, finally locating one on the bedside table. He ginned in spite of himself as he noticed the bottle of lube placed carefully beside it. Oh Roddy, he was such a clean freak, he couldn't have a thing on the floor. It was eight-thirty, he was normally an early riser the he was a little disappointed at himself for not awakening before Austria. The Prussian scrubbed at his eyes and dragged himself out of the warmth, finding his clothes, all but his shirt, neatly folded on the end of the bed. He jammed on his boxers and pants and threw the door open to the hallway. The smell of apple muffins carried up from the kitchen and he grinned. If there was one thing he could say about Roderich, and it had nothing to do with beds, it was that when he put his mind to it he was a fantastic chief. He hurried down the steps, pausing once to make a pose in the full length mirror by the door, before bursting into the room.

"Well look who's up." He glanced over at the voice and leered. Roderich sat with his glasses perched on the end of his nose, before him he had the morning paper which he had obviously lowered to see who was entering his kitchen. His hair was still wet from the shower he had taken earlier and he was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a long shirt. Nothing else. Prussia was rather pleased.

" 'Morning Specs." He said and Roderich tipped his head towards the tray of warm muffins by the stove picking the paper back up.

"Help yourself." He did. Taking two and shunning the poor plate that sat beside the tray. He flopped himself down into the chair across from the brunette and took a bite from one muffin.

"Delicious." He mumbled around the mouthful of crumbs.

"Swallow before you speak." He didn't even look up from the paper. He was such a parent. But Gilbert did as he was told and swallowed the muffin before continuing.

"I wasn't taking about the muffin. Sore this morning?" Violet eyes glanced up and an eyebrow was raised as Gilbert took another bite, flinging all the spite he could at the man across from him. "I mean, from how you acted last night I'd think you'd have died. You're such a quiet fuck until it's all over, then you never stop complaining out how bad it was."

"I'm afraid that I don't remember complaining." Gilbert gave him his best lustful look and Roderich looked back down a slight tinge of pink coming across his features as he realized he had just admitted to enjoying it.

"But really, how are you feeling? Have you eaten?" Roderich smiled slightly and looked back up.

"I'm just a bit tired, as you can well imagine. Aren't you?" Gilbert shook his head.

"Nope, not me. I can just go and go and go and go…" Violet eyes were rolled and he reached over, taking the uneaten muffin from Gilbert's hand. "Mumfp… " he muttered, swallowing again. "I'm going to need my car keys back, bitch." Roderich swatted at him with the newspaper and he laughed quietly as the Prussian faked a dramatic death.

"I'm embarrassed to know you." He said, still smiling and the Prussian grinned.

"The feeling is mutual I assure you." Austria broke off a piece off of the muffin, they still smelled delectable, and popped it into his mouth, looking back down at the paper. There was something angelic about how he looked this morning; a slight glow over his skin, that or the smell of the pastries was getting to the albino's head. But none the less he stood slowly and made his way, almost carefully, over to the man's side. He gazed at the article he was reading for a moment, something about a tree planting mission in Switzerland. Then a hand slipped onto the brunette's slim shoulder. He looked up, not at all surprised, and the Prussian's other hand cupped the man's chin as he bent to kiss him. Roderich didn't fight it. I mean, after last night there was little he wouldn't let the Prussian get away with. For now at least. He drew back after a second but a strong hand pulled him back into the embrace, one hand on his cheek and the other on the small of his back. Teeth grazed his lips, nibbling and sending shocks down his spine. It felt wonderful. A tongue invaded and he tried to pull back again. This time Gilbert allowed him and he sat back in the chair, flushed and embarrassed looking. "You enjoy that."

"Shut up." He stood and as his shirt settled down around his legs it looked like he wasn't wearing anything but the shirt. Gilbert found it a rather pleasing image. "Your keys are in the bowl on the table by the front door." He said hurriedly, not looking the albino in the eye. "I'm going to go get changed." It was as much a goodbye as Gilbert was expecting. Roderich turned but a hand caught his fleeing form by the arm.

"Wait." He turned and in a strangely chivalrous way Prussia lifted and kissed his hand. Letting his breath play over the long white fingers and he smiled. "Do you want to go out for lunch or something this afternoon?" Austria knew that this was just Gilbert's way of saying he wanted to spend the day together and the brunette smiled.

"Fine. But you're paying." Gilbert grinned and muttered something about frugal pansies before following the man up towards the bedroom.

Arthur was lying splayed across the couch when Francis stepped in. Still naked.

"Put the kettle on, as well as some clothes." He hadn't even opened his eyes and yet he knew that when Francis could help it he'd prefer to be unclothed. But Francis was Francis clothing or not.

"Tired mom cher? The Englishman managed a quiet noise and he heard the blond give a slight chuckle as he tucked the blankets around his tired companion a little tighter. For all Arthur knew it was probably just to feel him up. "You sleep, I'll make breakfast, oui?" he gave another tired mumble and Francis kissed him on the forehead. "Sweet dreams." And he knew they would be. As long as the Frenchman was out of the room. But them again things could be rather pleasant when the Frog was around.

Damn it. Now he was thinking about last night. He hadn't realized how nice a body Francis had. He lifted his head and slammed it back down into the sofa a few times. Don't think, don't think, don't think, don't think… damn it. Well that was impossible. He tipped his head so he could see into the adjoining kitchen. Francis hustled back and forth, grabbing flour and baking-soda. Heavens knows what he was making. He'd put on a pair of boxers but they rose low on his hips, not at all helping to clear the Englishman's foggy mind. Oh well, they were his thoughts, Francis didn't have to know that he had a fabulous ass. Had he really just thought that?

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