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Ivan Braginski wasn't crazy.

Everyone thought he was, but they didn't know. He had a reason behind everything and everything behind a reason.

He made sense in his own right.

His purple aura and "kolkolkol" were nothing. He could glow other ways, he could laugh like a normal man.

He just didn't want too, because that would be boring.

There was more fun being different.

His heart would fall out of his chest periodically, but it wasn't his fault.

He just had nothing to make it stay.

Its own feelings weren't enough.

He said he wanted others to "become one" with him, but it wasn't for power. Not really.

He wouldn't be alone, then.

Safety in numbers, after all.

He didn't deny his sister because he didn't love her.

He just didn't want to ruin his family.

They were all he had.

Ivan Braginski wasn't crazy.

He didn't make sense to others, but that was okay.

It was just a misunderstanding.

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