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So...It was fabulous. I absolutely loved it and I've watched it several times already and...alskjflkasjflk. it could not have been more perfect. And it honestly reminded me as to why Klaine is my OTP. Because they're perfect and so in love, and they're going to grow up and get married and have gaybies with plenty of soft focus sexing. (thats from Jim C's gleecap, in case you care.)


But there was nothing i would change.

OH, except for sebastian. He can leave.

BUT I LOVED THE WARBLERS UPTOWN GIRLS. I MISS THEM SO MUCH AND I WANT THEM TO COME BACK. I came up with a solution - Blaine can bring them all over to McKinley, and then they can be a McKinley choir and the New Directions can slowly fade into the background and Klaine will join the warblers again and it will slowly become the Warblers show :p

And, if you follow me on tumblr, you'll know all about how i'm slowly starting to obsess over Darren's arms...

This started as a prompt for tumblr drabbles, but then it got long and I haven't updated this story in ages and…



Prompt: I would love for Kurt and Blaine to be having a movie night with Rachel and Finn and when Rachel and Kurt get up to get food, Finn asks Blaine for relationship advice on how to date a diva. Kurt and Rachel overhear and then you can finish the rest with your awesomeness! – ilovegleethemost

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Kurt was slightly irritated. He'd invited Blaine over for a movie night, thinking that, since their parents were out on a date and Finn was headed to Rachel's, it would be the perfect opportunity for some alone time with his boyfriend.

However, as Finn walked through the living room to exit the house, the movie the two were watching had caught his attention and he all but flew himself onto the nearest chair and pulled out his phone, calling Rachel to inform her that there had been a change in plans and that they were now having a movie night with Kurt and Blaine.

"Okay, seriously," Kurt huffed in irritation, his gaze set on his stepbrother and his girlfriend. "Could you two please tone down the PDA? We don't really want to see that." However, as Kurt spoke, he snuggled himself closer into Blaine's side, his boyfriend wrapping his arm tighter around his waist.

"Look who's talking," Finn retorted as Rachel played with his hair. "You two are always so…cuddly. It's disgusting."

"No," Rachel piped in. "It's adorable and you know it. You know, my dads are always like that, and I always told myself that someday, when I grew up and got married and eventually had sexual relations which resulted in children, my gay son and his boyfriend would act just like that, and –"

"You want a gay son?" Blaine asked blankly, interrupting Rachel's rant.

Rachel nodded. "Yes," she responded. "I mean, of course chances of me getting one are slim, but still. Imagine the publicity I would get. Because, in twenty-five years, this country will be completely accepting of all sexual preferences, and –"

"Wait," Finn interrupted Rachel this time. "Twenty-five years?"

"Yes," she said again. "In twenty five years, I plan to have a fifteen year old son."

"So that means," Kurt could practically see the gears turning in Finn's head as he talked. "That you're not going to have sex until your thirty-one years old?"

"Well I'm not getting married till I'm twenty-nine," Rachel huffed as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I mean, just imagine what being tied down would do to my career. And, god forbid, if I were to have sex before marriage and get pregnant – my life would be over. I wouldn't be able to go to Broadway, or Julliard, or NYADA, or –"

Kurt snorted, and Rachel abruptly stopped talking and gave him a quizzical look. "What?" She asked, wondering why Kurt of all people had just interrupted her.

"Nothing," Kurt said in between chuckles. "It's just that – I'm just glad that I don't have to worry about getting pregnant and ruining my career. I could have as much sex as I want and continue on with my life normally."

The room fell completely silent after that, all eyes trained on Kurt. Blaine just gazed at him wide eyed, the only coursing through his mind being Oh, I didn't even know he thought about those kinds of things.

Finn, however, wasn't so stealthy with his thoughts. "Oh, jeeze," he spluttered a few moments after Kurt's little outburst. "Dude, you're my brother. I don't want to know things like that, man. Especially not when your boyfriend's here."

Blaine blushed again, because, yeah, he wasn't the only one who had made the connection.

"Well I'm not talking about the present," Kurt explained, rolling his eyes in the process. "I'm talking in the future, like when I'm in my twenties and living in New York, with a successful fashion franchise and a leading role on Broadway."

Blaine grinned at Kurt. He loved that Kurt had such big dreams, and, because he was Kurt, he would stop at nothing to make them come true.

"What I was saying was that having a family would take a toll on my career," Rachel went on, obviously not wanting the conversation to be turned away from her. "And you all know that my career is my number one priority in life. I have been singing Broadway songs since I was in the womb, you know."

Blaine rolled his eyes and was about to say something before Kurt spoke.

"Well, I've been singing the Beatles since before I was conceived," he said passively, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. "So, as impressive as singing in the womb sounds, I believe that I beat you for one, Miss Rachel Berry."

Rachel laughed and tightened her hold on Finn's arm, while Blaine smiled fondly at Kurt and ruffled his hair slightly.

"Hey," Kurt groaned. "Not the hair."

"Sorry," Blaine whispered into Kurt's ear. "You're just adorable and I couldn't resist."

Kurt grinned at Blaine and leaned in to give him a peck on the cheeks. He pulled away a moment later, much to Blaine's disappointment, and stood up.

"Rachel, can you help me make some snacks?" He asked her. "I can hear Blaine's stomach growling."

Rachel laughed and stood up, following into the kitchen.

Blaine sat there awkwardly, his hands in his lap as he pretended to watch the movie.

However, a moment later, he felt the couch cushions shift abruptly. He turned to see Finn sitting next to him, staring at him with confused eyes.

"…Yes?" Blaine asked tentatively, not sure what was going on the lanky boy.

"How do you do it?" Finn asked quickly, his words coming out rushed.

"How do I do what?" Blaine had no idea what Finn was talking about, but, from the multiple times he'd talked to Finn, he knew that whatever Finn was about to say would be something Blaine honestly never would have thought of.

"Date a diva," Finn explained. "I mean, yeah I've gone out with Rachel before, but I actually want it to work this time, and you and Kurt have literally had no fights, and –"

"Wait," Blaine held his hand up and quirked an eyebrow at Finn. "Are you asking me for relationship advice?"

"Well, yeah," Finn's cheeks tinged a little. "I mean, I know Kurt's your first relationship and stuff, but still. You're just good at the boyfriend thing, and –"

"And did you say Kurt was a diva?" Blaine asked him, because he hadn't even considered that before.

"Yeah," Finn nodded nonchalantly. "Because he is. Haven't you noticed that he's like the male version of Rachel?"

Blaine didn't respond instantly. And, now that he thought about it, the similarities between Rachel and Kurt were numerous.

"Alright," Blaine replied a moment later. "So you have a point. But I still don't understand why you need my help."

"Because," Finn huffed. "I never seem to do anything right. And you heard her – her career is the most important thing. And then there's Kurt, who's practically Rachel's twin in every way, who's career is still important to him but it's obvious that you're more important, and you always do everything right, and –"

"How do you know all this?" Blaine interrupted him again.

"Kurt never stops talking about you when you're not around," Finn explained, as if it was completely obvious. "Blaine this, Blaine that, I love Blaine, Blaine's perfect, Blaine's – ya da da."

Blaine felt himself blushing slightly as he downcast his eyes.

"But seriously," Finn said a moment later. "Teach me your ways."

Blaine sighed and looked back up at Finn. "I don't really know what to tell you," he said honestly. "I guess you just need to figure out what it is she likes, and then constantly tell her things she likes to hear. And, if she's as much like Kurt as you say, that would include telling her that she's beautiful, and how much you love her."

Finn nodded and continued staring at Blaine as if he was some kind of professor. "Go on," he encouraged.

"Err," Blaine thought for a moment. This was just not something he was prepared to ever have to do. "Well, Kurt likes to be cuddled. And given everything he wants."

Finn nodded again and signaled for Blaine to continue.

"I'm not sure what else," Blaine admitted. "I guess just tell her that you understand her passion about her career, and that you won't hold her back."

Finn seemed as if he was about to say something, but Kurt and Rachel chose that moment to walk back into the room.

Blaine glanced up and over Finn's shoulder – seeing as how he couldn't quite see over his head – and saw that the two 'divas' were standing there with their hands on their hips, the food having already been set down on the coffee table.

And Blaine knew immediately what was wrong with them.

They had heard.

They had heard that whole conversation.

"Uhh…hi," Blaine said, giving Kurt his sweetest 'please forgive me' smile.

Kurt shot him a small glare before striding over and sitting down next to him, as close as he could get without giving Blaine any physical contact.

"Finn," Rachel broke the silence. She was glaring daggers at Finn, who looked panicked and unsure as to what he should do. "You think I'm a diva?"

"Well you are," Finn probably would have gone on, had he not caught Blaine's warning glance. "Well you are…beautiful," Finn improvised, hoping that it cleared the air a little.

And it must have, since Rachel's cheeks tinted pink and she went to sit next to him on the already almost full couch. "Thank you," she murmured as she placed a kiss on his cheek. "And you are important to me. I'm sorry if you felt like you weren't."

Finn nodded and the two talked for a moment before leaving the house, Blaine presuming that they were going on the date that they had originally planned.

Which left him and Kurt. On the couch. Alone.

Usually Blaine would be thrilled to be alone with Kurt on the couch. But not when his boyfriend was sitting about an inch away from him, being careful not to touch him in the slightest.

"Err," Blaine started before stopping, realizing that he had no idea what to say.

"It's okay," Kurt stated softly a moment later. "I know I'm a diva. It's just – I don't like to be compared to Rachel. Because we're alike, yes, but we're different too. And I know people have trouble seeing those differences."

Blaine nodded and reached out for Kurt's hands, glad that his boyfriend let him take them. "If it helps, I didn't even realize you qualified as a 'diva' until Finn brought it up," he murmured.

Kurt chuckled. "Blaine, I did many diva-offs when I was at McKinley," he told him. "I don't do them at Dalton because I would automatically win, and where's the fun in that?"

Blaine laughed softly before pulling Kurt closer to him, so that he was leaning against his chest.

"And just so you know," Kurt whispered into Blaine's shirt a moment later. "You are way more important to me than my career. And I know that I don't have to pick one or the other, because I know that you'll support me with whatever I want to do with my life."

Blaine nodded and leant in so that his face was inches away from Kurt's. "You've got that right," he whispered before closing the distance between them and pressing his lips to Kurt's. "I'd do anything for you."

Kurt felt his eyes pricking a little at how he had such a loving boyfriend, but as he brought his lips back to Blaine's, he couldn't bring himself to say anything about it.

Because when they were together like this, words weren't needed. All of their thoughts, all of their emotions – they just knew.

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