Katara woke startled from her nightmare. It had all felt so real to her. She had wanted to do something so badly, but couldn't. The water bending master stood and wrapped herself in her coat before exiting her tent.

The sun had barely risen over the horizon. Ice and snow glistened when the light hit them. Katara breathed in the cold air and smiled a little bit. The feeling of being home chased away the worry of her nightmare. She didn't have time to worry about what was going on in the Fire Nation when there was so much work to do rebuilding the Southern Water Tribe.

Katara returned to her tent, washed, and changed before setting off to begin her day. Since her return, she had been using her water bending to help create thick walls to surround her village. Not only would it be a good defense in times of trouble, but also was a barrier to the harsher elements.

She was meeting Master Pakku at the entrance to the village to continue with the construction of the wall. They were working on making the thickness of the wall even.


A sliding mess of blue and snow slid down and settled at her feet. Sokka climbed out of the cold mess and wiped it from his face and hair.

"Sokka, what are you doing?"

"I think I saw Appa. Have you seen Aang?"

"No, are you sure you saw him?"

"Of course I saw him. You can't miss Appa. He's huge."

Sokka arms stretched far apart and waved them up and down. Katara gave her brother a weird look before sighing.

"I'm heading to the village gate to meet up with Master Pakku. If Aang is here he might be there."

"I'm coming too. We haven't seen Aang for like a month and I think Gand-Pakku is finnaly warming up to me."

The duo walked to the gate when a white fuzzy creature flew by them. Momo landed on Katara's shoulder and made a noise as if to greet them.

Katara giggled, "It's good to see you too Momo."

"Katara. Sokka," Aang yelled as he came into sight.

Appa followed Aang and roared out his greeting. Aang had been on a trip back to the Southern Air Temple. He had been in talks with Zuko and the Mechanist about possibly referbishing the temple and making it into a haven for refugees. They would be doing the same to the Eastern Air Temple and aiding the Northern Air Temple's refuges with their construction. The Southern Air Temple would have to be made more accessable before they could use it for refugees.

"How did it go?"

"Zuko's got a lot on his plate as Fire Lord. He wants to help the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes first, but he was all for it. The Mechanist was excited about the possibility of working at the other temples. He and Teo have been wanting to see the other temples and said they would be happy to work out some of the plans to make the temples more livable. So...I think it went well even if we won't be able to start on the project for a little while."

"That means you have some spare time and you decided to come see us," Sokka said.

"I thought I could help with the wall and..." he paused looking at Katara, "I want to continue my training."

Katara looked puzzled. Aang had just about mastered water bending. Why would he need additional training?

"Anyway, I told Master Paku that I would help so let's go Katara," Aang said as he summoned his air scooter and took off towards where Master Pakku was standing on the wall watching them. Katara watched her boyfriend fly up the wall and chatted animately with his first water bending teacher.

"Hey, I promised dad that I would help him repair the ships today. We can continue this party when we get done."

"All right, I'll see you later Sokka."

Katara watched her brother leave with Momo flying off to join him before turning to get to work. Repairing the wall was grueling work, but with Aang there, the drying process would occur faster. Katara, Pakku, and other benders that had come from the Northern tribe would bend the water up while Aang blew air on the water, freezing it to the wall. After a few hours of work, Pakku wiped his brow and looked at the progress.

"I think it's time for a break. Let's go get some lunch."

They all agreed and began to decend down the latters. Katara slid down and nearly ran into Aang. He was looking up at the sun. Katara smirked and put her gloved hands over his eyes and giggled.

"Guess who?"

Aang smiled, "Katara, what are you doing?"

"You look distracted. Is everything all right?"

The two of them began to walk towards the cook fire. Katara was quiet as she waited for Aang to answer her.

"Yeah, just a little tired. I stopped and saw the Kiyoshi warriors. Ty Lee and Suki both had a gift for Toph's birthday so I went to Toph's parents house only to learn that she had gone to Ba Sing Se."

"Why is she in Ba Sing Se?"

"Iroh had sent for her. I don't know what for, though. They didn't want to talk about it, but Iroh said not to worry."

"...But you are worring about it."

"I trust Iroh, but something doesn't feel right. I don't think it has anything to do with what he and Toph are doing, but something else is going on."

Katara held her breath. Flashes of her nightmare came to mind. She didn't realize she had stopped until Aang called her name.

"I'm sorry. Did you say something?"

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I was just thinking..."

When she didn't continue, Aang prompted, "About what?"

"Last night I had a nightmare...when you said that something wasn't right. I guess it just reminded me of that."

"What was it about?"

"It's kinda crazy."

Aang opened his mouth to respond, but Sokka beat him too it.

"We're a part of team Avatar. Crazy stuff happens to us all the time," he said before pausing, "Now what crazy things are we talking about."

After getting Sokka up to speed Katara continued, "I had a dream that Azula got out of jail and she took over the palace. Mai had died and Zuko was forced to run...It was just a dream you guys."

"Yeah a creepy dream," Sokka muttered.

"The monks used to say that dreams were the keys that showed us things that have already happen or things that could happen. I've never believed in it, but I know Monk Gyatso did," Aang said. "It wouldn't hurt to check it out."

The trio sat lost in their individual thoughts. Aang stood up allowing Momo to climb on his shoulder.

"I'm going. I think my bad feelings and Katara's dream are too much of a coincidence."

"I'm going too. I have to tell Master Pakku, but I'm sure he'll understand Katara said.

"We're going on Avatar intuition and Katara's vodoo dream. Okay, someone has to come along to keep us sane," Sokka agreed.

After lunch Katara and Sokka set off to talk to Pakku and their Father. Both men understood and wished them well on their journey. When they returned, Aang was packing Appa and speaking with Gran-Gran. She was handing Aang some food for the journey.

"I hope that you can return to visit soon," she said turning to her approaching grandkids, "It feels like you've just returned, but I know that you need to do this. Just promise me you will look after each other and return home."

"We will," Sokka said dryly as Gran-Gran hugged him.

"Don't worry Gran-Gran. We watched each other's back the last time we traveled with Aang. We'll take care of each other," Katara said as she hugged her grandmother.

The elderly woman pulled back and smiled with pride on her face. Aang finished packing Appa's saddle. He leaped down next to his friends.

"All right we're all packed and ready to go."

"Wait, I have to go get my boomerang," Sokka yelled.

"Don't worry Sokka, Gran-Gran helped me to pack your things. I made sure to get your boomerang and your club."

"Oh...well then let's go."

The trio climbed up on Appa. Momo came flying through the air and landed on Katara's lap. The flying leamur curled up to get some sleep. Aang took hold of Appa's reigns and with the traditional 'Yip Yip' the trio was on their way to the fire nation.