Also just a small dabble have no idea if I will continue it, I just love the idea.

It's an Alternate Universe story more focused on Scotland raising England, watching his baby grow up and date people and yeah.

This whole Idea is based off a clip, go to You tube and look up Blackpool White Wedding

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Ch. 1. – It's A Nice Day To Start Again

Arthur sighed as he sat on the couch, his older half brother Scott sat in the kitchen in their tiny apartment that they shared. Scott was seven-teen and paying for his youngest brother's schooling, at least that's what young Arthur grasped when ever he glanced over at his brother who looked at bills disgruntled. Their mother had placed Arthur's older half brother in charge of the young Brit who had been in the care of his mother while they lived in London where Arthur had stayed for a majority of his life, while his brother had been in Scotland living with his father much to his mother's dismay.

Scott swirled his scotch around in the shot glass. His forest green eyes looked over at his six year old brother who sat on the banged up faded tan colored couch. Scott slung the alcohol back as he looked at his little brother's school bill. He let a sigh pass his lips, he was thankful Arthur's father offered to pay for his schooling until he graduated college. Scott leaned back watching the thin wisps of smoke float away from his hand rolled cigarette. He looked over at Arthur who had started to cough. Spiky blond hair he noted, "It woods swatch loch mom's if he grew it." He thought tossing another bill aside. He felt his anger grow. He had to be stuck with the runt simply because he was the oldest and his mother trusted him. He flicked the ashes into a nearby ashtray. He listened to the TV drone out some distinct Doctor Who lines making the Scotsmen growl. His little brother would be curled up against his side whimpering about daleks and other nonsense monsters coming to get him tonight. The sounds of the ending credits alerted the teen that his baby brother's show was over. He stood stretching his lanky arms high over his head he snuffed his cigarette.

"Alrecht time fur scratcher brat." Scott said coming into their tiny living room. He scooped up the trembling six year old who gripped his greasy dull red auto mechanics uniform tightly.

"Wa' if the daleks get me!" The tiny Brit cried sniffling gripping his brother's uniform tighter; he had lived with his brother for two years in the tiny one bedroom apartment. He had grown used to thick accent that he could barely understand and the sounds of foreign languages arguing and people crying. He would often go over to his new Spanish friend's home where the boy's mother would feed him exotic food that tasted better than his brothers often burned or "interesting" looking food.

Scott hefted the boy up a little higher in his arms " Does it blimp like ay care about a fuck'n dalek comign ter get yous?" Scott hissed bitterly as he dropped his brother on to the bed. He sat down on the thick blue blanks. He began to remove his shoes " Dat creepy russian scallie 'as a scutty chance o' gett'n yous dun a blt dalek." He spat as his thick black leather shoes dropped to the ground with a dull thud. He messaged feet scowling; he hated breaking in a new pair of leather shoes. The work shoes had been a gift from Scott's father's mother. The old hag had thought the boy need better working shoes. She was trying to turn the younger male against his drunken idiot father. He scuffed standing and unzipping his dirty uniform, "If de owd 'ag wants ter be 'elpful she should ellp brass fe this damn rent." He thought bitterly pulling back the blanket looking at his trembling younger brother who had been in his pjs after he his brother had told him to bath for the night. "Bowl ter attack te mattress yous blt brat." He muttered sliding into bed. He tucked his arm under a pillow he had stolen from a hotel he had stayed in during his mother's funeral. Scott closed his eyes, his lips twitched annoyed when he felt his younger brother's arms curl around his arm.

Scott opened his eyes; he let his tired eye slide over to his clock, in bright red the time flashed at him. "Thee am?" Scott hissed his eyes narrowing two hours before he had to wake up. He reached his hands up touching the blond locks of his brother's head. The tiny boy has sought safety in Scott's chest while he was asleep. Scott sat up cradling his baby brother's head to his chest. He pulled the stained blinds down a bit in order to look at the desolated neighborhood he called home. He watched as the police across the street began to shove out a gangly looking man. A woman as crying into the chest of an ambulance as another wheeled out a stretcher which held a tiny body bag. Scott scowled gripping his baby brother's head tightly. He had known the neighborhood was dangerous, yet it was the only place he knew his and Arthur's father wouldn't throw a fuss. Not with his twin brother's both being the top opposing gang leaders. No one in the neighborhood dared to touch him. Scott smirked as he laid Arthur down. He stood stretching his arms high above his head. He pulled the covers over his brother. He walked to the shower "It's a braw day tae start again." He sung softly closing the bathroom door.