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Ch. 6 – Next Contestant

Scott stared at the Russian who stood there smiling. A low laughter rumbled out of the scot as he regarded the question.

"I wish to date your little brother." Ivan repeated firmly. "I am best suited for him." He said watching the Scotsmen stand and walk towards him.

"Are you now?" Scott asked removing his cigarette from his lips blowing smoke in the face of the Russian. From behind the Russian crept two familiar twins. He took another drag of his cigarette, he looked at the embers. He released the smoke slowly "Ye think ye're qualified coz ye ur strang an' lonely?" He said making Ivan jump when the biting laughter of the brothers echoed in the park. "Ye are naethin' but a whiny wee bitch."

The Irish twins grabbed Ivan's arms. "Let's give 'imself a test brah'der!" Connall suggested smiling. Scott looked thought before nodding in agreement.

"Pest this test an' ye can date Arthur." Scott said smiling as Ivan perked up.

Arthur stumbled as he followed his brother down the steps. "Aeron wh-where are we going?" He asked as he was led out to a car where his brother's Swedish and Finnish friend sat in a rental car.

"We are going clubbing Arthur. There is someone I want you to meet. An old pal of yours." He said smiling as Arthur sat in the back of the tiny car. He was dressed in a tight short sleeve shirt with knee high old Doc Martens and gray skinny jeans.

Tino Väinämöinen turned around smiling at Arthur "Hello Arthur how are you?" He asked his light finnish accent coating his words. "I heard you had a break up."

Arthur looked away "Y-Yeah." He said gulping. He winced as Tino petted his head. As short as Tino was compared to his boyfriend Berwald Oxenstierna, the male was a mother hen. Whenever Arthur would go out to bars with Aeron and him the man was known for punching drunken men that came up to touch his friends in an unfriendly manner.

"Don't worry we are meeting Lukas at this new club with his old friend." Tino smiled "You remember Mathias don't you Arthur?"

Arthur blushed looking away. That stupid Dane was going to be there? He thought his fingers digging into his palms. He hadn't seen the boy since they were ten when the Dane had declared in front of their class that he would be the king of northern Europe. Arthur remembered being the boy's only firend out his desperation to find someone to be friends with. The boy had been controlling and disliked it when the Brit would walk to Antonio and his friends. "Yes I remember him…" He said remembering watching the Dane declare he was moving but he would still achieve his dream. Arthur remembered writing letters to the boy before his Brother banned him from writing letters saying it cost too much.

"You and Mathias can catch up Arthur. Isn't that nice?" Aeron said ruffling his brother's hair.

"Yeah…Nice." He said gulping looking out the window.

Mathias Køhler ran his hands through his spiked blond locks. "Norge what the hell is taking them so long!" He asked his friend annoyed as he tapped his military boot covered foot on the cement.

"Be patient Mathias." Lukas Bondevik said his voice keeping an even tone. "Tino and Berwald had to pick up Aeron and his brother Arthur…"

Mathias perked up "Artie is coming?" He said his lips pulling back he hadn't seen the runt since they were kids and the boy had come running to him when Francis was chasing him around the playground. It was the only time he got to clock the French bitch and gain a new friend.

"Yes, apparently his brother Scott wasn't doing the best to cheer up the boy after a nasty breakup." Lukas said watching as a car pulled up. Tino came out first, he ran up to Lukas giving the platinum bland haired male a tight hug. Mathias watched as Aeron helped Arthur out the car. He smiled taking in Arthur's figure. The boy certainly had changed since they were kids. He walked up to Arthur who looked red at the sight of the Dane.

"Hey Arthur…Wow man you sure grew up!" He said rubbing the back of his head. "So I heard about you and your break up." His arm wrapped around Arthur's shoulders "Come on man I'll help you forget about this whole day." He said taking Arthur's hand tightly leading him into the club. Aeron smiled when he saw Arthur blush gripping the Danish man's hand tightly. Surely this Mathias could stand up to Scott and his brothers. He tucked a lock of brown hair back, after all the boy could be just as brutal as Scott.

Tino giggled "Lukas it looks like Mathias has a crush." He said excitedly as the Norwegian man nodded

"Perhaps this relationship will last." Lukas said watching Arthur move closer to his friend. The group didn't notice a familiar Asian man who looked worried at the sight of the Brit and the Dane holding hands. The man ran off as fast as his legs could carry him.

Scott stared down at the shaking Russian. The man's arms were held down by the Irish twins. Ivan looked up at Scott who had begun to hum "Gille beag ò, leanabh lag ò" Scott started to sing taking out his dirk. "Gille beag ò, nan coarach thu;" Scott continued, the way the man sung it made Ivan feel relaxed.

"Gille beag ò, gille lag ò" Scott sang taking out his zippo lighter "Gille beag ò nan caorach thu." He held the blade over the tall yellow flame.

"This is Arthur's favorite song." Connor whispered in Ivan's ear. Conall snickered softly.

"You shud fale 'onored to 'ear Arthur's song." Conall said holding Ivan's hand on the wooden park bench.

"Gille nan caorachan," Scott sang getting down on his knees "gille nan caorachan" He smiled closing the lighter. Ivan's eyes widen as the blade was stabbed through his hand. He opened his mouth to scream but instead felt Scott's hand over his lips. "Shhhhhh," Scott smiled "Gille nan caorachan, gaolach thu." He finished smirking.

Connor watched as Scott twisted the blade "Brah'der, yer man 'as learned 'is lesson yer can stop." Connor said watching the blade be pulled out. Ivan looked up as Connall started to pull up Ivan's dark red shirt.

"Nae, thes feckin' brat needs tae ken who we are." He spat, this Russian was like his father, a controlling drunk who would only harm his brother. Scott swore he wouldn't let someone hurt his brother like their mother had been hurt. Scott stopped as he heard the sounds of hurried footsteps. He turned his head seeing the long brown hair made Scott turn around.

"Y-Your brother aru." The man panted gripping his knees. "H-He's going into the Black Box Club w-with some guy with wild blond hair aru!" the Asian man cried gripping is stained white chefs work shirt.

Scott felt his anger boil over; on the outside he calmly put his beloved blade away replacing it with one of his cigarettes. He lit up and took a long drag; he held it for a moment before releasing it. The Asian know as Wang Yao shuddered, the smoke pouring out of the man's mouth remind him of dragon getting ready to burn thieves alive for touching their treasure. Scott looked at Ivan who glared suppressing his need to cry from the pain in his hand. A fist made contact with Ivan's face "Fuck!" He cursed loudly pulling the platinum blond locks back as he snuffed his cigarette out on the side on the Russian's cheek.

"Lit's go gie Arthur." Scott hissed kicking Ivan in the stomach as his brother's shoved the Russian to the ground.