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Summary: Buffy is home alone it storming outside and the last person she wanted to see knocks on her door and she realizes maybe she does want to see him

Author note: Review Hope you like it but plz feel free to comment on it if don't it set in season Five Spike has not told Buffy how he feels but it after Joyce died hope you like

It was cold and wet outside, but there was nothing Buffy could do about it after her mother died she had the whole house to herself, but none of her friends wanted to come over due to the stupid storm so she was alone and bored! Suddenly there was a sharp tapping on the door Buffy open the door and on the porch in the pouring rain drenched from head to toe was Spike

"What do you want Spike?"Buffy asked

"Could I come in pet?" he asked but said it in a gentle seductive tone that despite herself Buffy found rather Sexy

"Yeah, sure come in" she said stepping out his way and beckoned him in with a wave of her hand she may not like the bleach blonde vamp very much but she pitied anyone caught out in this freak storm

" Thanks, Pet you wouldn't happen to have anything I might change into would you?" he asked tilting his head a bit to the side

" If you don't mind wearing stuff from my exs' pile", she says

she started climbing the stairs after a few seconds spike follows smiling to himself

"so" Buffy begins as if they were in the middle of a conversation

"why, where you out in that anyways", she asked glancing over her shoulder as they reached her room

"walking back from Willies', got caught in as it just began to stop here because it closer " he replied

he watched her dig through a couple of drawers finally she threw him a pair of old faded pair of sweats that had belonged to 'Captain Cardboard' and a black shirt that had belonged to 'peaches'.

"These are the only thing that might fit you," she said apologetically.

She turned around but quickly looked away from the wet shirtless Spike boy did he have nice well tone and muscular abs She had a brief memory of what it was like to be held in his arms and against his chest first Willow's I will it so spell before Oz had come back then every time she seems to fall he always caught her Buffy felt color flush her cheeks as relished she actually had a crush on the half naked vampire behind her

"Spike?" Buffy asked

"yeah, luv?" he said in what sounded like a loving tone

"I kinda of have a crush on you" she blurted out

' What the hell was she thinking blurting her feeling out like that especially to a vampire even if the that said vamp had confused to love her' She thought mentally slapping herself

He suddenly was right behind snaking and arm around her and spinning her where she is facing him their lips inches apart

"Is that so pet well I guess what I have a crush on you too" he chuckled then their lips met in a fierce and demanding kiss then it turned soft their tongues searching each other's mouths Buffy finally broke the kiss needing oxygen "Spike" Buffy whispered

Buffy woke up but didn't open her eyes she just listen to the sound of the thundering rain on her window when she finally brain started to clear she felt that she was the only one in the bed

"Spike?" Buffy asked in a small voice

"Right here pet" he replied

Buffy felt an arm snake around her waist she rolled over meeting his piercing blue eyes then scooting closer putting her head on his chest as the arm around tightened in a reassuring squeeze

"Why did you get up" Buffy pouted jutting out her bottom lip.

He chuckled at the sight kissing her forehead

"I woke up feeling a bit hungry you were asleep if I knew you were going to wake up I would not have even bothered moving" he chuckled again

Buffy gave him a small smile

"Oh, it just well the other times I woke up it never ended well" Buffy whispered trying to hide the pain in her voice.

"WANKERS!" he growled fiercely pulling Buffy closer to him

"Buffy I really am sorry" Spike apologized concern coloring his voice

"It not your fault" Buffy he smiled in amusement

" Sleep pet I promise to be here when you wake up," he said kissing the top of her head Buffy gave a deep sigh.

"Well I can leave if you want," Spike said his voice covered with pain

"NO!" Buffy found herself yelling at him freezing him in the task of getting off the bed

"I was just thinking that it was kind of obvious you being here," Buffy said quickly in a panicking voice

She felt him relax and lay back down pulling even closer to him she yawn again then fell asleep with her head on his chest then after a few minutes sleep took spike too. Spike woke reluctantly he was having the most wonderful dream him and a certain blonde slayer were at his crypt the he felt Buffy stir beside him a huge smile spread across his face.

"Morning pet" Spike purred

"Morning, " said as she yawned and stretched

"What do have to do today pet?" Spike cocking his head to the side and running his eyes up and down her body in a quiet suggestion

"Well, I'm supposed to go to the Magic Box and, train with Giles. Then help the gang with some research, then finally head out and try to find a job. Then finally go on patrol then come shower bed" Buffy said sighing.

"Sounds exhausting love, but do think you have a few minutes to spare? For us to talk about what happened and where we stand" Spike said in a dead serious voice hope shining in his eyes.

Buffy sighed and look at Spike

" Spike use your brain! Last night I told you that I have feelings for you….Which means..if want..you being my boyfriend" Buffy said looking at a spot of the wall avoiding his gaze.

" A man would be bloody mad if he said he didn't, " he said laughing quietly.

"How much longer till you have to leave?" Spike ask

"I don't know what time is it?"Buffy asked

"It's time for me to kiss you, " he said leaning closer to her.

"That was really corny, and you really are a cocky son of a b-"She began, but her cut her off by kissing her feverishly.

Buffy broke the kiss gasping for air and glancing at the clock

"I should really be going to the magic box" she huffed he kissed longer and more passionate.

"You should really go to the magic box," Spike said reluctantly

"Do I have to?" Buffy said with the whine and jutting out her bottom lip like a five-year-old.

"Well I could go with you and we could tell your mates and watcher about you know...us" he said hope flaring in his eyes Buffy stiffened

"I don't think that's a good idea" she mumbled

Spike was about to reply, but the phone ringing stops them Buffy welcomed the distraction Buffy turned and picked up the phone.

"Hello this is Buffy Summers speaking," Buffy said and scowled at Spike who snorted and was biting his lip to hold back a grin

. Buffy face drained of all color

"When?" she asked in a voice filled with mixed emotions

She turned and slammed the phone on the receiver, her green eyes filling with tears as many emotions crossed her face.

"Buffy what's wrong sweetheart?" Spike asked voice colored with concern

Buffy scooted so she could bury her face in spike chest breathing deeply

"Pet, what's with the water works?" he tried again in a more frantic voice this time.

"I feel really confused, " Buffy said.

" About?" Spike asked

"Stuff" She mumbled. Despite himself Spike chuckled

"Well I'm glad my pain is humorous to you," Buffy said through the tears as she got up and got dressed

"Pet, I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you, " Spike said sincerely as got his clothes on when they reached the living room and she turned to look at him.

"I'm sorry, " He said so gently and sweetly that Buffy walk and put her head on his chest.

"Now, what's got you so confused Love?" He asked wrapping his arm her.

" It just supposed to hate each other instead I find I really like you, and you feel the same. My friends are going to be upset and… Oh god, what will Giles think of me and now! God why NOW!" Buffy babbled

"Now luv just calm down, and tell what's going through that pretty head of yours." He said soothingly

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