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Buffy was absolutely seething as she tied Riley and other up. If Willow hadn't had stopped she would beat Ethan and Riley into a bloody pulp, well mostly just Riley.

"You don't belong with him Buffy he's an evil soulless thing! He got under some kind of mind control!" Xander told her urgently from his spot beside Riley he also tied up.

"No, He doesn't and the sooner you two figure that out the far less bruise I will give you too" Buffy spat at them.

" Buffy….Honey, I know why you are doing this…..but you don't have to pretend to move on I won't think less of you." Riley told her sweetly.

Buffy didn't stop herself as she lunged forward letting her fist connect with Riley's nose. She smiled sweetly at him when she heard a crack and his scream of pain.

" I moved on from you a long time ago… Agent Finn, it was actually easier than I thought since I never really loved you in the first place!" Buffy said hatred plan in her voice.

"Now you're going to tell where Spike is and what the hell you did to him, OR… That broken nose I gave you will be the least of your problems" She growled eyes narrowing.

" I don't think so," Riley said coolly as he met her steely gaze " You could never really hurt me though deny it you still love me," He told her in an icier voice than before.

" I was hoping you'd say that now I get the pleasure of showing how wrong you are," Buffy said an evil smile forming on her face that started to scared everyone in the room.

Spike woke his head was still pounding slightly, but most of his wounds had healed. He stood up slowly and only wobbled a little bit as soon as he caught his balance though he grabbed a few thing and was out the door in 7 seconds flat. There was only one thing on his mind…Buffy he had to get to Buffy and as fast as he could. He'd check the magic box then follow her sent from there. If found Captain Can't Take A Hint and The Whelp well in four words THE CHIP BE DAMNED!

Buffy kicked him again though she was starting to breakdown she had to find him before dawn or it would be too late.

"Were is he!" she yelled again kicking him in the stomach long ago he had fallen from the bed into a crumpled mess upon the floor.

" Admit Buffy you love me" Riley replied spitting blood upon the floor his face was blood and swollen he had to black eyes along with the broken nose. His shoulder was dislocated and he was covered in multiple bruises all over his body.

" Riley when will you get through your thick skull I don't love you I never love you!" She said pissed off and kicking him again another kidney shot.

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