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It had been 3 months since Spike had left...61 long days pretending to be the girlfriend to the man she loathed. It was all Spike's fault Buffy had come to this conclusion on that night. If hadn't of got stuck out in the freaking rain! Other nights when Riley had left she rant to anyone who would listen how it was all her fault. If she had just stopped him leaving. Those days were nothing compared to the days when she was just outright pissed, taking it out any and every vamp who had the misfortune of coming across her. They all sat around the table talking about nothing really.

Buffy sat scribbling in her notebook, Riley sat next to her his arm slung casually around her chair. Anya and Giles were having some kind of argument behind the counter while Jenny restocked the candle display. No one looked up at the door jingled, it wasn't til Anya's gasp did they glance up.

He stood there in the sun shining off his back, the dark roots of his hair showing through what-what remained of his bleached hair. It was curly and hung a little in his face. He was still wearing the normal attire black shirt and pants. The same worn combat boots on his feet, his leather duster that he was rarely ever seen without. Buffy felt her mouth go dry she stood slowly the notebook slipping to the floor than he turned his brilliant blue eyes on her.

" Hello, Cutie," He said with a smirk

Buffy was numb head to toe, it wasn't till she felt Riley place one of his hands on his shoulder did realize that he was actually standing there.

"You" She hissed narrowing her eyes at the not so bleached vamp.

Spike felt the smile slip from his face as he saw Buffy icy glare, he felt the weight of the eyes him, but he never moved his eyes from hers. He didn't see the first blow coming it wasn't till her fist connected with his jaw that he saw the pain and hurt in her eyes. Riley came behind her and put his hand on her back, that's when Buffy swung around and clocked him too.

" That's it I can't take this crap anymore, If I want a freaking drama, I still be with Angel, Riley there no longer an us...Hell, there wasn't one to begin with I just trying to find out what he did to Spike's chip!" She exploded than turning her gaze on Spike

" And, you...ha oh how I'd..." She said through her teeth before turning and storming out of the magic box. Where she left the pair looking after her dumbfounded. Anya turned to the group, not liking the uncomforting silence.

" Did anyone else notice Spike is standing in Sunlight?"

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