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Everyone couldn't tear their eyes away from Spike, as he leaned against the counter in a little patch of sunlight.

" OK, explain yourself," Giles said glowering at Spike.

Spike raised an a scared eyebrow but sighed taking a deep unneeded breath

" After I found about Buffy and Captain cardboard, I figured the only way I was going to get her back was to find a way to get the bloody chip out of my head. So I went to this demon guy I knew in England since he owed me a favor. Well, he got the bugger out, well he offered me something better I couldn't refuse." Spike said calmly glaring at Riley who was scowling back at him.

"What did he offer?" Willow asked.

"The Gem of Amora," He told her not takes his eyes of Riley.

"That's impossible!" Giles exclaimed

" Angel destroyed it," Oz said.

" Yeah, That what I said I thought the bloke was off his rocker myself till he explained to me that it wasn't the real one but a knock off, and work almost the same" He said

"What?" Giles asked taking off his glasses and cleaning

"Apparently The bloke who created the first the gem tried to make another but this one turned out differently, it only allows me to walk into sunlight, " He told them

"And he just happens to give it to you, " Xander said sarcastically.

" Well, Whelp it came with a price" He growled turning his glaring eyes on him

" What price?" Willow Asked

"He asked me for a favor" , Spike said cryptically

"What kind of favor?" Anya asked curiously

" I'd rather not say" Spike replied standing straight up.

" Now if you'll excuse me I got see about my girl" He growled heading for the door.

"Oh, no you don't!" Riley yelled jumping up to his feet.

" Oh, it the overgrown hall monitor gonna try and stop me?" Spike said with mock terror.

" You bet your ass I am" He snarled charging toward Spike.

"Just try it!" Spike snarled morphing into game face.

Riley lunged but before he got to Spike ran into an invisible wall knocking him on his butt.

" What -the" He exclaimed looking around as Spike began laughing his ass off.

" Leave h-him alone," Tara said giving Riley her best glare.

"That's my girl!" Jessie says smiling make Tara blush

"Go Spike.."Tara says shyly

"Thanks, Glenda", Spike says then leaves.

Buffy stormed down the street till she reached her house, she stormed in slamming and locking the door behind her then head up her room. She flopped on her bed screaming into her pillow, she couldn't help think of Spike and could not stop herself from feeling happy that he had returned. True she was mad, but she had missed him so much when he left, Buffy realized that she completely and hopelessly in love with him. She fell asleep with head buried in her pillow till there was a knock at the door. She ran down hoping it would be Spike but when she open the door it was someone else entirely.

"ANGEL!" Buffy yelled in surprise.

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