Here, at last, the final chapter. Yeah, still suck at Grammar….

Spike stood in the doorway of Buffy bedroom, their eyes locked onto each other. Both lost in the depth of emotion swimming in their eyes. Buffy was the first to break the silence.

" Look, we both did stupid stuff, and we'll get to that...but can we skip to the part where you kiss me?"

Within seconds she in his arms, their lips meeting in a fiercely passionate kiss.


" I'm heading back to L.A," Angel said hurrying towards the door, trying to ignore the sounds from upstairs. No one seemed to pay attention, all to busy celebrating Buffy's recovery. He shook his head with a sad smile and left. Awhile later Spike and Buffy emerged from upstairs, to find the house full of their friends. Willow had called everyone to tell them the good news, Each person took turns hugging Buffy, and saying how relieved they were that she was alright.

" So, Spike man are you gonna finally tell us what the favor was for your ring?" Jessie asked. Everyone turn curiously to look at Spike all eagerly awaiting his answer.

"No," Spike said firmly, that was until he looked upon Buffy's pleading eyes and pouty lip. Then he sighed before saying. " I gave out temp tattoos at his daughter birthday party alright!".

Everyone stood frozen for a minute processing what he just said, then the room burst out in laughter, which Spike scowl and grumble under his breath about everyone being "bleeding wankers". Buffy noticing his grumpiness, quickly kissed him. Like a switch he a happy purring vampire. Xander mimed a whipping motion at Spike, who raised an eyebrow at him. Nodding towards Anya's hand on his thigh, and he shrugged.

" Who's up for a movie?" Buffy asked. Everyone agreed enthusiastically, except Giles who said in a tired voice.

" I'm am ready to go home curl up with a cup of tea and a good book," He said his goodbyes and was out on the porch. When Spike caught up with him.

" Just a sec, Watcher," He said. Giles stopped and turned to look at him, taking off his glasses to clean them.

" Yes?" He asked in a weary voice.

" What did you do with that Ethan fellow?" Spike asked. Giles looked up at Spike with a glint in his eye.

" There will be no need to fear him returning. If that is what you are implying" He said a cold edge to his voice. Spike nodding deciding it best not ask the man for further detail.

" What are going to do about Captain Cardboard?" Spike asked with a growl, just thinking of that overgrown oaf had him fighting back his demon face. Giles though gave a very mischievous grin.

" I would think we by now he will back with the military since a couple well placed calls informed his superiors that Agent Finn AWOL as well fraternizing with the enemy". He said

" Impressive" Spike smirked.

" Not my plan, it was Buffy's' plan," He said, walking down the porch steps and getting in his car and driving off. Spike smirk expanding to an all-out grin. He turned and went back inside just as Xander, Buffy, and Tara came from the kitchen arms full of snacks for their movie night. Soon as Buffy set the stuff on the coffee table, Spike picked her up and spun her around. Which caused Buffy to laugh, then he turned her around, and kissed her. When they broke apart but was beaming at him.

All the couples snuggle together either on the couch or in one of the armchairs, as the lifts were flipped off and the first movie put on. Buffy head was resting on his shoulder, his arm around her shoulders. He turned his head to whisper in her ear.

" How did I get so Lucky?" He asked, kissing her temple. Buffy smiled before replying

" Blame it on the Rain"

….The End

I hope you all enjoyed this fanfic