Title: Respect
Author: Sage SK
Date: 6/27/11
Genre: General
Warnings: None
Rating: K

Comments: Because Kris double-dog dared me. I will have my revenge. It appears a triple-dog dare is in order! ::beat:: Oh, wait... ::evil grin::

Colonel Mustang's office door had suffered a lot of damage before. Nothing new, considering it was how the Fullmetal Alchemist always announced his presence. Riza Hawkeye had expected the door to be kicked in that afternoon, just like it always was whenever Edward Elric returned from a mission.

The salutations Edward reserved for Roy Mustang always came with a profanity or two, so it amused her to see him kick the door in and freeze mid-sentence when he saw her sitting at the Colonel's desk. But, her lips never twitched.

And, before she could get a word in, Edward meekly turned to fix the door. The task was done quickly, and the door had never looked newer. What did amaze her was that this time it didn't have one of Edward's signature grotesque art pieces. Instead, it boasted breathtaking details of trees and vines. She almost wished she could take that door home.

"Thank you, Edward."

Shyly, Ed turned back to her and asked the inevitable. "Uh... where's...?"

"Reassigned to the West," she returned, explaining Roy Mustang's absence. "I was put in charge."

Speechless, Ed never moved from the door. That is, until she spoke.

"Do you have your report?"

And, with a voice tone so soft and a pitch so high, Ed managed a, "Yes'm!"

She nodded. "Very well. Leave it on my desk. If you have nowhere to be, I can read it now if you want..."

Ed slowly walked to her desk and handed her his report. "Uh... well..."

"Although I assume you haven't eaten since you arrived. Do go get some lunch, Edward."

"Ma'am, thank you, Ma'am." With a sharp salute, Ed turned to go, slowly walking out and closing the door gently.

Watching the young boy leave, Hawkeye smiled softly. It really was rare to see Ed so polite in the office. She then sighed and rested a hand against her chin. "Sir..."

Behind her, Colonel Mustang emerged from his hiding spot in the curtains. "And, that's why when I'm Fuhrer you'll be granted permission to handle even the toughest subordinates."